How to Make a Horse Stable Minecraft

Want to make a horse stable in minecraft? Here is a quick guide on how to make a horse stable with easy steps!
How to Make a Horse Stable Minecraft

Want to keep your horses safe? Stable is the best building to do that. You can also use a stable to keep extra stuff like hay bales and pumpkins. There are enormous numbers of horse stable designs, We will teach you how to build horse stable with step by step guide. So read on and get started!

Things You Will Need

This is the list of some essentials to build a horse stable in Minecraft:

  • Dark Oak
  • Spruce Log
  • Birch Planks
  • Grass Blocks
  • Red Stained Glass
  • Birch Fence Gates
  • Birch Gate
  • Iron Bar
  • Stairs
  • Door
  • Slabs 
  • Redstone Lamp
Things You Will Need

How to make a horse Stable

Step 1: Make The Layout

Make The Layout

Like every building, you have to decide on the map first. In our case, we have decided to make 21 x 16 blocks stable with 6 x 6 spaces for the horses. This area size is fit for your horses and the hay bales and will allow you to keep more horses. 

Start by building the foundation of your horse stable. Make sure that the foundation has enough space to accommodate all the horses that you want to keep in the stable. 

You also have to fill the 6 x 6 space with the grass blocks as the horses belong to the plains and savanna biomes. They mostly feed on self-grown grass and hay that's why you have to use the grass block. The horse also loves the dirt floor or coarse dirt, that's why the grass or dirt blocks are the best options. 

Make The Layout

Step 2: Create The Pillars

Create The Pillars

Create pillars to decide the height of your roof. So, create 10 blocks heigh pillars in each corner of the simple stable. This will help you to make proper walls without any uneven sides. 

Pillars also help you to make exact windows and wall designs as you don’t have to count the blocks again and again.

Step 3: Fill The Walls & Roof

Fill The Walls & Roof

The most important work that needs accuracy is the wall designing and filling. Before filling the wall, you can count the blocks to place a window or design on the side walls. 

It is recommended not to use any glass windows or fragile materials to make windows. You can use grills for this purpose. As the stable needs to be covered from three sides and don’t have any space for mobs to crawl in. 

You can either make a flat roof or a sloped roof, it's up to you. We have created a flat roof as it's easy and quick to make.

Step 4: Front Design

Front Design

For a horse stable, it is best to make big glass windows as they will allow you to see what’s going on inside the stable. Also, keep the door small to restrict any mob interference. 

Make a design using different color blocks. You can make a ventilator window using these blocks. Add some slabs on each block to make it look amazing.

Step 5: Adding Fence & Fence Door

Adding Fence & Fence Door

Add fence on the 6x6 spaces inside the stable. Keep a fence door in the center block. Select different color wood for the fence and doors. Do not add any torch to the fence we have an amazing idea for you. 

You can also add an extra fence block on the top of any fence to tie the horse if you are using a lead.

Step 6: Place Food For Horses 

Place Food For Horses

Always place a hay bale in front of each horse's stable space. Avoid placing it inside the stable space as the horse may escape using this one bock-high hay bale. 

Step 7: Decorating the Interior

Decorating the Interior

For interior decoration, we have used the lantern and grill. This grill helps to support the lantern. It also adds a classic look to your stable. 

Place the grill on the central block of each 6x6 horse space. Place two grills side by side and the lantern on the end of each grill. 

Step 8: Decorating the Exterior

Decorating the Exterior

You can add the Redstone lamp in front of your stable to keep the mob away and lighten the front. You can also place a lantern on the door of the stable to add a nice touch just like the Minecraft house. 

For covering the sides of the door and stairs, we have used birch planks which are a great combination with the dark birch. 

Step 9: Keep The Horses

Keep The Horses

Now bring your beautiful horse inside and place each in its personal space. Now that you have everything set up, caring for your horses in Minecraft is a breeze. Just check on them every now and then to make sure they're happy and healthy, and give them food.

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