How To Make Time Go Faster In Minecraft

Playing Minecraft for any amount of time shows time ticking on, whether farming on the surface or mining deep underground.
How To Make Time Go Faster In Minecraft

How Do You Make Time Go Faster In Minecraft?

To change the time in Minecraft (or speed up time), you need to enter certain game commands. It can seem a little complex, but it's certainly not impossible to adjust the time in your Minecraft world.

In Game Sleep

When a player sleeps in their bed, the in-game day-night cycle will speed up time in Minecraft to the next daylight cycle (or dawn).

This works both in single player and in multiplayer, but only activates in multiplayer if every player is in their beds. If one person is out and about, every other player will have to wait until the night ends and dawn breaks.This will speed up the night cycle and fast forward to dawn, however it wont speed up any processes that rely on tick speed.

A bed built up on a ladder with a desk underneath, shelving a lantern and a book.

Tick speed is what the Minecraft in-game clock runs on. Tick is what dictates time and how certain processes are measured and advanced, such as crops growth. 

In order to speed up time for processes like crops decay, smelting etc you need to change the tick speed.

Changing Tick Speed

To change the tick speed in Minecraft, you need to have cheats enabled in your game or on your server, and open the chat window. Changing random tick speed is available once the player level increases at least once. 

The chat window will allow you to type in various commands to control all sorts of mechanics, including game tick. The default tick speed in Minecraft Java edition is set to 3, whilst the default tick speed set in Minecraft Bedrock edition is 1. Keep this in mind when choosing values to switch to when changing tick speed.

What Is A Tick?

Ticks are the game’s way of “refreshing” and triggering or controlling certain processes. One tick is one cycle of the game loop which advances game simulations and processes. 

They advance the elements of the game slightly with each tick, so one tick advances player health and when they need to eat, when animals need feed, crop and plant growth etc a small amount each time.

Ticks synchronize closely with time in minecraft as each game loop is fixed at 20 ticks a second and an in-game day is 2400 ticks- or 20 real time minutes.

Changing the tick speed in Minecraft (with game rule random tick speed ) is the only way to speed up time and allow processes such as crop and plant growth to continue on and time to lapse. 

You can check tick speed by pressing ALT & F3 to show TPS value - Ticks per second.

Change Tick Speed In Java Edition 

  1. Open the chat window by pressing T  on Windows
  2. Type in /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value>, for example /gamerule randomTickSpeed 9
  3. Press enter

What this does is speed up time in Minecraft by increasing the tick speed and forces the game to assess and carry out these functions more quickly. 

Be cautious not to increase random tick speed too much. This can cause lag in your game and setting tick speed too high can make the game impossible to play.

Image showing in-game changes to tick speed settings

An example of this would be entering the command: “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 15” to make the tick speed 3X fast.

Change Tick Speed In Bedrock edition - The Command Block

Another way to change tick speed and speed up time (apart from using chat commands) in Minecraft Bedrock edition is by using a command block. Command blocks are exclusive to Minecraft Bedrock edition and are given to the player using the following command: /give @p commandblock in the chat window (if cheats are enabled in the Minecraft world).

Tick speed being changed using game rules in chat with a zombie pig man in the background

Command blocks function as an in-game version of the commands available in the chat window and can be set to function with or without the use of redstone. They can run commands or chains of commands, including those used to change or speed up time.

  1. Open up the chat window by pressing right on the D pad
  2. Type “/give @p commandblock” in the chat window 
  3. Either use the command block itself to execute commands, or use the /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value> command

When placing a command block, it’ll always be pointing towards the player. Ensure the command block is connected to a Redstone powersource, unless the “Needs Redstone” setting is set to “off”.

An example of changing tick speed via commands would be entering the command: “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 3”to make the tick speed 3X fast.

Other Commands That Can Change Time

Time can be manipulated in your game using a few other commands that do similar but different things.

/time add <time>(Java) or / time add <addAmount> (Bedrock) Adds time to your game, increasing the age of the world
/time query <day/daytime/gametime>Queries the current time
/time set <setValue> (Java) or /time set <setAmount> (Bedrock)Sets the game time to a specific time, e.g a number, day, night, noon or midnight

Setting the time to daytime for example can be done by entering /timeset 0, so if you're in the middle of the night cycle and want to fast forward from midnight, entering timeset 0 will set the game time to dawn. 

Using /timeadd 24000 will set the game time to midnight.

The sun rising over a Minecraft game world

Minecraft game time runs from 0-24000 with mid day (noon) being 6000.

Using /timeset day/night/noon/midnight will also change the in-game time to what’s specified, however these only skip time, they don’t affect ticks and therefore do not affect the speed of processes.


You can also use Mods to change time in Minecraft. Mods such as the Timestop mod by Tanmanny13 on Curseforge works by accelerating, freezing and slowing down time. It adds an all in one tool to the player inventory with time manipulating abilities, removing the need for players to have to change any tick speed settings (please note, this mod requires the mod “TickRateChanger” by Guichaguri to work).

Image of a crafting table filled with various crafting components in Minecraft

Alongside the tool, players using this mod can also freeze entities in their tracks (like bothersome Creepers) and allows the player to slow down time around them whilst they speed up. Other features such as a decay item (which turns everything around it to dust when deployed) really up the ante for players who want to make time go faster in their Minecraft world.

How Long Is A Minecraft Day In Real Life

Time in Minecraft is always very apparent. The sun and moon rotating across the sky during the day and night cycle let the player know when to expect the light to fade, the dark to rise and the mobs to come out.

The daylight cycle (one Minecraft day)  lasts 10 real life minutes and is the longest part of the day-night cycle, although the night can seem longer!

1 Tick3.6 Seconds
1 Second1 Minute 12 Seconds
1 Minute1 Hour 12 Minutes
1 Hour3 Days
1 Day2.4 Months (72 Days)

Time in the game is exactly 72 times faster than it is in real life. For example to grow a crop to full maturation using normal time, it takes 52 minutes of real time, or 2.5 in game days. This is why speeding up time and knowing about tick speed is so useful!

Day And Night In Minecraft

Look out the windows in any game of Minecraft and you’ll see the sky. Day and night cycles are an interesting and useful part of the game, providing players with an indication of in-game time- and how long they have until the zombies rise.

A split image of daytime and night time showing the sun and moon in a Minecraft world

There's a 20 min long lapse between each phase of the day/night cycle, and each is programmed to occur at a certain set time of day. This allows players to track the sun, moon and color of the sky to fairly accurately check the time without the use of commands- or a clock.

Light levels are important to consider for crop growth and Mobs.

08:00Villagers begin their workday
12:00Sun is at its peak- Noon
15:00Villager workday ends and they begin to socialize
18:00Beginning of sunset, Villagers go to bed
18:32Beds are able to be used by players, Bees go into hives, Undead mobs spawn and don't burn
19:00Beginning of Night
00:00Moon is at its peak- Midnight
05:00Beginning of sunrise
05:27Beds no longer able to be used, Bees leave their hives, Undead Mobs start to burn

For example, at noon, any blocks in direct view of the sun receive maximum light levels, and conveniently any undead mobs (e.g. zombies) will catch fire and burn if they're not in shade, water or wearing a helmet. 

Night time is the time of terror in the game, where hoardes of undead mobs rise roam the surface. Crops will continue to grow despite the lack of light as long as the player doesn't sleep. 

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