[Solved] How to Fix Roblox Studio Encountered an Unrecoverable Error Roblox (6 Working Methods)

Are you frequently running into "Encountered an Unrecoverable Error" while using Roblox Studio. Well, this guide will help you troubleshoot the error in no time

Updated on Dec 30, 2022
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[Solved] How to Fix Roblox Studio Encountered an Unrecoverable Error Roblox (6 Working Methods)

We know all too well about the myriad of error messages that Roblox Studio loves to hand out. This can make for quite a tumultuous experience. Creating and coming up with ideas for a bleeding edge new game mode is stressful as is, but the addition of errors such as the "Roblox Studio has encountered an unrecoverable error Roblox Studio'' or the "Roblox Studio errors are missing or corrupted" really does dilute the creative process. If the latter is your issue, follow the guide “How to fix Roblox Studio errors are missing or corrupted”. 

In this guide, we're going to show you how to fix the aforementioned "Roblox Studio has encountered an unrecoverable error". I would like to preface this guide by saying it is of paramount importance that you're on a user that has administrator privileges. This ensures that the files that might need to be modified/deleted are able to be modified/deleted. To ensure smooth sailing, from here on out, make sure that administrator privileges are granted. Hence, without further ado, here begins the guide.

Method 1: Run Roblox Studio as an administrator

Running Roblox Studio with administrator privileges should be the first item on your agenda.

Running Roblox Studio with administrator privileges allows the system to access the files that might be causing the "Unrecoverable Error".

To run Roblox Studio with administrator privileges, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click the Roblox Studio icon on either your desktop or your system files.

  2. Click the option "Run this program as an administrator".roblox administrator
  3. Run Roblox Studio 

If you find manually running Roblox Studio as an administrator every time you launch cumbersome, you can follow the below steps to make it so that Roblox Studio launches with administrator privileges by default.

  1. Right-click the Roblox Studio icon on either your desktop or your system files.

  2. Click on the compatibility tab.

  3. Check the box that says, "Run this program as an administrator".roblox always run as administrator
  4. Apply the settings and exit.

Method 2: Empty the contents of your antivirus software's quarantine.

It might be quite a localized issue, but antivirus software tends to flag some of Roblox Studio's files as false positives. This means that the antivirus software mistakes the legitimate Roblox Studio's files as malicious, causing them to be placed under quarantine.

As per Reddit and other sources, the most likely culprits are a select few. Most notably: Avast, Mcafee.

As there is a variety of antivirus software that basically do the same thing, we can't go into detail on how to restore the contents of every single respective antivirus quarantine, but the methods are nonetheless the same.

The steps below detail the exact way to restore the quarantine contents of Windows Defender, since the majority of the users do not run external antivirus software.

  1. Right-click the windows defender icon in your system tray.
  2. Click on the "View security dashboard" option.

  3. This will take you to the Windows Defender dashboard.roblox always run as administrator
  4. Click on the "Virus and threat protection" option.

  5. Under "Current Threats" there should be an option named "Protection History"

  6. Click on "Protection History"roblox protection history
  7. Locate any and all Roblox Studio-related files present.

  8. Once located, click on the drop-down menu for the respective file and allow access.

Disclaimer: It is always advised to check the legitimacy of the files that you are restoring.

If you're worried about the legitimacy of a file that you're thinking of potentially restoring, Google is your best friend.

Websites like MalwareFixes are also a great tool whenever it comes to self-diagnosing any potential Malware.

Hackers are quite crafty fellows, and they love to disguise malicious files as legitimate ones. The cat-and-mouse chase between hackers and the average user is a never-ending one. So when restoring anything that you have a suspicion of, tread with the utmost caution.

Method 3: Flushing DNS cache

Network problems are also a known cause of the issue as well. A bad or moderate internet connection causes the issue, so ensure you have a good uninterrupted signal when launching the game. The uncleared DNS cache causes this issue and can be fixed with a little command. The steps are labeled below.

Preamble: When you're considering proceeding with the steps below, make sure to close your Roblox Studio Player and Roblox Studio. This ensures that when you're flushing the cache, it actually flushes.

  1. Search for "Command Prompt" in your windows search barOpen Command Prompt
  2. Right-click on the "Command Prompt", and grant administrator privileges.

  3. Once the Command prompt is open, enter the command "ipconfig /flushdns"Roblox Flush DNS
  4. Restart your PC

This command resets the contents of your DNS cache. If you've implemented any prior network settings, make sure to double-check, as they might be rendered incompatible.

Method 4: Changing the DNS server

This method makes it so, instead of using the ISP-provided DNS server, it routes the game's traffic through Google's DNS server.

  1. In your windows search, search for "Network Status".

  2. Click the "Change Adapter options" setting.Roblox Change Adapter Options
  3. Once you're on the Network connections page, find your default connection (The one without the red cross next to it)

  4. Right-click the Adapter and click on "Properties". If you are having trouble accessing Roblox properties follow the article “Roblox Studio how to open properties”.

  5. Click on the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and hit properties.Internet Protocol Version 4 Roblox
  6. Check the option "Use the following DNS server addresses".

  7. Enter the DNS servers "" and "" respectively.DNS servers Roblox
  8. Click Ok

  9. Restart your PC

This is quite universal in most games since Google's DNS is used on quite a number of devices. Keying in this address prevents any incompatibilities as far as DNS is concerned.

So if you're ever having network-related problems in games other than Roblox Studio, you can apply the same settings. The DNS server change solution is quite versatile.

Method 5: Removing underlying Proxy Server Settings

If you are using a proxy and/or proxy settings, then deselect the proxy server settings as this may cause an interruption in launching the Roblox and show the error message ’.

Certain proxy settings do not bode well with Roblox studio’s odd system architecture. Proxy settings are not innately harmful in nature. However, they are extremely prone to system instability. This system instability is what causes the error message “Roblox Studio encountered an unrecoverable error”. To fix the error, follow the steps stated below. 

  1. In your windows search bar, type “Internet options” to enter the network status window

    Roblox Internet Properties

  2. Once you're in the “Network Status” window, choose the connections tab

    Roblox Internet Properties

  3. In the connections tab, click on the “LAN settings”

  4. If you have any previous proxy settings, deselect them and uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option 

    proxy server  Roblox

  5. Restart your PC

Disclaimer: This does wipe all your network settings as a whole, so make sure that if you have any port forwarding restrictions, this might exacerbate them even more. So, as a rule of thumb, whenever you’re applying any network settings, it’s always wise to consult with your ISP. 

Method 6: Re-installing Roblox Studio

If you’ve tried all the methods above, all had little to no effect on the error itself; there might be a problem with the installation of Roblox Studio itself. The problem might indicate a problem with the files themselves. 

To fix this problem, follow the steps stated below.

  1. Navigate to the control panel. If you are having trouble finding it, right-click your windows icon, and the option should be present.

  2. Click on the "Uninstall a program" option.

  3. Scroll until you find Roblox Studio.

  4. Right-click and uninstall the game.

  5. If Roblox Studio for Admin is present, it is imperative that you uninstall that as well.

  6. Restart your computer and reinstall Roblox Studio.

When you're reinstalling Roblox Studio, make sure to install it from the Roblox Studio official website. The size of Roblox Studio is debatable, so check out the Roblox Studio size guide since Roblox is a game catered toward children. There is an abundance of fake websites that inject malware into computers.

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