The Best Game Modes In Rocket League

Rocket League has a lot of Game Modes to choose from. Let's check out some of the best modes and see if your favourite one is on this list!

Updated on Oct 17, 2023
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The Best Game Modes In Rocket League

What are the different categories of Game Modes?

The Game Modes (not to be confused with Rocket League Mods) in Rocket League can be played in two ways, either Casual or Competitive.


The Competitive category is for the hard-core players who love competing with players who are on the same rank and want to improve their Rocket League performance, and in some cases even turn pro. The following are the various Game Modes available in Rocket League under the Competitive and Casual categories. 


  1. Soccar- 1v1 (Duel) 
  2. Soccar- 2v2 (Doubles)
  3. Soccar- 3v3 (Standard)
  4. Soccar- 4v4 (Chaos)


  1. Soccar- 1v1 (Duel)
  2. Soccar- 2v2 (Doubles)
  3. Soccar- 3v3 (Standard)

Competitive Extra Modes:

  1. Snow Day- 3v3 
  2. Hoops- 2v2 
  3. Dropshot- 3v3
  4. Rumble- 3v3 

Let's take a look at some of the best Game Modes in Rocket League. 

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Soccar 3v3 and 2v2

This is the best and most popular Game Mode compared to all other Game Modes Rocket League has to offer. This Game Mode is the main reason why players download and get into Rocket League in the first place. Soccar 3v3 and 2v2 modes are extremely fun to play, both with randoms or friends, but players prefer to play with a friend to strategise and win more often.


The Soccar Game Mode in Rocket League with both a Causal and Competitive option. The casual playlist allows you to play up to 4 players a team, however, the competitive playlist allows up to 3 players. It works just like real-life football with some exceptions like the time limit for example. The team with the highest number of goals scored within the time limit of 5 minutes wins the match. If the result is a draw the game continues to extra time where the first to score wins.

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This Game Mode is a fan favourite because of the total chaos that it brings. Rumble works exactly like the Standard Game Mode Soccar, except each player gets a random ability or power-up, which can affect the ball, the player and the opponent. It is like playing Rocket League with superpowers.


The Power-ups include- The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Grappling, Hook, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Power, Hitter, Spike, Swapper and Tornado. Each having a unique ability makes this Game Mode extremely fun to play! This Game mode was added to Rocket League on September 8th, 2016.

3 /7

Soccar 1v1 (Duel)

This is usually for the hardcore players who love to depend on themselves only to secure wins. A lot of the time, the teammates you get paired with will try to ruin your Rocket League experience by being a bot or toxic towards you or the opponents.


This is a reason why a lot of players love to duel 1v1 and level or rank up. Some of the best freestylers have really high ranks in the 1v1 category because they take a lot of time alone to grind and learn some crazy mechanics in the game. That being said, if you want a nice quite session to blow some steam, this is the game mode for you.

4 /7


For all you Basketball fans out there, this is a Game Mode worth trying out! As the name suggests, Hoops is a Game Mode where instead of having regular goalposts to shoot the ball into like in Soccar, you have Basketball Hoops instead. The Hitbox of your car can also help you play this game mode a lot better.


This is another fun way to play Rocket League as instead of shooting your ball straight into the goalpost, you have to dunk a Basketball over your opponent downwards into a hoop in order to score points and win. It features a Stadium called Dunk house and was introduced to the game on 25th April 2016.

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Snow Day

Snow day was one of the earliest Game Modes to be introduced in Rocket League, after Soccar. The rules of this Game Mode work just like the ones in the Soccar Game Mode, except for a major difference. The Giant ball which is usually used is replaced with a Hockey Puck.


This is a unique but fun experience in Rocket League, especially if you're a fan of the Ice Hockey Sport. You can play this Game Mode on Snowy maps such as Mannfield (Snowy), Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) and DFH Stadium (Snowy)

6 /7

Heatseeker - Honourable Mentions

This was a limited edition game mode, making its appearance for the first time in April 2020. This mode was really fun to play and because it was a hit, it keeps making an appearance from time to time in Rocket League.


In this game mode, the ball acts as a heat-seeking missile, which targets the goal. The only way to stop the ball from reaching your goal is to touch it. Even slightly touching the ball will automatically make it charge towards the opponent's goal and vice versa. The ball travels at an extremely high velocity, making it really hard to hit when it's coming towards your goal. Some might even say that this game mode is inspired by Tennis.

7 /7


If you have ever played TNT run on Minecraft, this Game Mode works in a similar manner. The objective of the game is to break the floor, which is made of tiles and dunk the ball into the void, once the floor is broken to score points. These tiles can break after they have completed three stages of being hit by the ball.


The Ball also works differently in this Game Mode. The ball is used to destroy the tiles and more tiles can be destroyed depending on how charged up the ball is. The ball gets charged each time somebody touches it and the more charged it is the more tiles it will destroy.

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