Best Rocket League Player Anthems (Awesome Sounds)

What are the best player anthems in Rocket League? Learn here and become the life of the (Rocket League) party
Best Rocket League Player Anthems (Awesome Sounds)

Players may choose from a growing selection of songs included in Rocket League by using Player Anthems, a new personalization tool included in the Season 2 release. When you score a goal, make an epic save, or win MVP at the end of a game, your Player Anthem plays throughout the Arena for all players.

In this article, we are going to pick our best Rocket League Anthems.


"Angel Wings" - by Mike Ault feat. Avianna Acid

Released in Rocket League season 2, this is one of the first songs featured by Psyonix in the official game soundtrack vol. 1. As such, it is not one of the premium tracks. This Mike Ault feat. Avianna Acid masterpiece is not one of the new Rocket League player anthems, and yet the popularity doesn't seem to wane.

Angel Wings has a hyper-pop sound, repetitive vocals that are simple to recall, and an upbeat, highly addicting vibe. Although the song's direction is less constant than some of the others on our list, many fans consider it to be one of the finest Rocket League songs because of its upbeat and cheerful tone.

Angel Wings

Players are met with catchy female vocals that are sure to make you feel wonderful with each breakdown in the album. In addition to being popular in Rocket League, many lovers of techno and hyper-pop music keep the song on repeat.

Bonus points if you have angel wings as a car topper equipped at the same time when this song plays.


"Flying Forever" - by Mike Ault feat. Morgan Perry

A slightly more tame and smooth player anthem than the previous pick and an official game soundtrack released in Season 2 as a free part of Rocket Pass, Flying Forever is still a fast-paced, upbeat song. Mike Ault definitely knows how to utilize the vocals of Morgan Perry in his techno melody.

Constant melodious synth sounds throughout the whole song drive the primary theme, and are accompanied by steady drum kicks, and a build-up to a major drop that occurs gradually and repeatedly. The percussion rapidly shifts to a more intense EDM style, and as new layers are added, the synth melodies become sharper and more prominent.

Flying Forever has a seemingly constant rise in dynamics that lasts almost to the very end. Its regular synth melodies, crisp frequencies, and deep percussion keep players on their toes, and it pairs perfectly with Rocket League's fast-paced gameplay.


"Drift Away" By WRLD (X Monstercat release)

Rocket League's songs aren't all loud synthesizers and pounding bass, and "Drift Away" is a player favorite since it offers a good change of pace from the soundtrack's usual fare. The record's melodies are generally rather gentle, yet there are times when the dynamics change but the melodic direction remains fairly peaceful.

The song's soothing melodies are not diminished by the percussion, which is constant but not unduly forceful. Many Rocket League gamers favor WRLD as it is well-known for its many ethereal electronic tunes.


"My Love" By Koven

This is one of the greatest Rocket League songs on this list, in our opinion, just based on the production value and uniqueness alone. It features stunning vocals, explosive verses, and really strong choruses. Without a doubt, Koven is a master at creating transitions. The buildup in the song is perfect for a stylish goal in a Rocket League game, and the hooks give a good joyful vibe.

Rocket League player anthems that are only instrumental can get a little boring after a while, but the voices are a great break. One of the numerous Rocket League fan favorites that continues to be a top pick for many gamers.


"We Speak Chinese" - by Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival

We know, we know. Mike Ault is dominating this list, but it's with good reason. We Speak Chinese is a song you could play at a techno club today and nobody would bat an eye, it is just that good.

A common trap with tracks like this is that it can sometimes turn out like a bad computer remix, but fortunately this doesn't happen here. In fact, this track is famous for people clicking next song again and again until this song arrives.


While it's one of the songs featured that doesn't have vocals, trust us when we say that it doesn't need them. Speak Chinese, which maintains a rapid speed and introduces future bass is the ideal route for the excitement that Rocket League gamers are seeking for. While it has a terrific building and drop that mirror the adrenaline of every Rocket League battle, it is lighter in tone than some other recordings.

A steady percussion pattern, intermittent 8-bit plucks, and a bassline that keeps your blood pumping are combined with hard electro synthesizers. The song's breakdowns are fantastic for a little period of relaxation, but it rapidly resumes its high-octane character (get it wink wink), which is essential for a team to thrive.

Other Things To Know About Your Player Anthem

How To Get Rocket League Player Anthems

Every player account is pre-loaded with five tracks from the Rocket League OST Vol. 1 album. Other than those, you may increase the number of Player Anthems in your collection through challenges, the Rocket Pass (which offers both free and premium songs, how’s that for motivation to get Rocket Pass), or simply buying them at the Item Shop.

Anthems are considered an item like any other, so as such have different tiers of rarity. Consequently, you can expect that rarer anthems will require more in order to obtain them, such as completing harder challenges or paying more in the item shop.

New anthems are regularly being introduced along with new Season updates and can even take the form of season rewards, so look alive when those come.

How To Equip A Rocket League Player Anthem

The process is very straight-forward. When in the main menu, simply go to Profile.


From there, navigate to the option Choose Player Anthem and click on it.

Choose Player Anthem

And voila, you will be able to choose your anthem. Be mindful that there is no Save / Save progress button or anything similar. Once you pick your anthem, you will simply need to click anywhere on the background to exit the window, and your anthem will have automatically been saved to your profile. Now, whenever you score a goal, make an Epic Save (not to be confused with a What A Save quick chat option), or are crowned with MVP honors, everyone in the arena will be listening to your anthem for a few beautifully sweet seconds. Combine that with an awesome engine sound, and you won’t need a music player on your computer anymore, you can just enjoy the Rocket League music sounds!