How Good is Bronze Rank in Rocket League? [MMR, Tips, More]

Bronze rank in Rocket League is the lowest tier, placing you among new players and beginners, but it's an opportunity to learn and improve your gameplay.

Updated on Jan 29, 2024
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How Good is Bronze Rank in Rocket League? [MMR, Tips, More]

Bronze is the lowest rank tier in the game, and this is also where most Rocket League players start. 

It includes three ranks — Bronze I, Bronze II, and Bronze III.

  • In Bronze I, you will be playing against new players or those who are still learning the basics of Rocket League. This is the lowest rank in the game, placing you in the bottom 0.05% of all ranked players.
  • Bronze II is a small step up, but you're still playing against people who are just starting out. If you climbed out of it from Bronze I, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are on "another level" now; it basically means that you won some ranked games.
  • By the time you reach Bronze III, you're surely getting better and starting to understand the game more, even though you're still in one of the lower ranks, and you are still far away from being a Supersonic Legend.

But hey, cheer up! Every game at this rank is a chance to learn the game properly and get ready for a Silver rank, which I personally consider differing very much from a Bronze rank, even though it's just one tier higher.

What is The MMR For Bronze Rank in Rocket League?

In Rocket League, your MMR is a main factor that defines your rank. 

Here's the MMR range for each Bronze rank across different game modes:

1v1 Mode


Divison I MMRDivison II MMRDivison III MMRDivison IV MMR
Bronze I57 — 114117 — 127129 — 140142 — 154
Bronze II153 — 158162 — 177178 — 195198 — 210
Bronze III215 — 218220 — 237238 — 256257 — 274

2v2 Mode


Divison I MMRDivison II MMRDivison III MMRDivison IV MMR
Bronze I

-100 — 118

120 — 137141 — 156159 — 174
Bronze II166 — 178182 — 197207 — 215217 — 233
Bronze III234 — 238247 — 254258 — 276277 — 292

3v3 Mode


Divison I MMRDivison II MMRDivison III MMRDivison IV MMR
Bronze I-100 — 117119 — 137140 — 156157 — 173
Bronze II175 — 178185 — 196202 — 216217 — 234
Bronze III235 — 238241 — 257258 — 276277 — 294

Is Bronze Rank Good in Rocket League?

Being ranked in the Bronze tier in Rocket League means you're at the very beginning of the competitive spectrum, and it is actually the lowest rank tier to have.

In the Bronze rank, you are virtually learning how the game actually works. But hey, every player has to start somewhere, and being in the Bronze rank is an opportunity to learn, grow, and gradually improve your gameplay. 

Rocket League Bronze Rank Distribution

How To Improve from a Bronze Rank in Rocket League

Improving from the Bronze rank in Rocket League is all about building your foundational skills and gaining confidence in your gameplay

That said, here are some tips to help you climb through the Bronze rank tier in Rocket League:

  • Get comfy with controls. Make sure you know what each button does. Sounds simple, but knowing controls is key when it comes to your reaction time. Later on, you will learn how to develop muscle memory, but that's for your Gold rank days.
  • Focus on ball contact. Aim to make contact with the ball with every attempt. Ball control and accuracy will improve over time with practice.
  • Try learning all roles. Don't just focus on attacking and scoring goals. Practice playing different roles on the field to become a more versatile player; this will also help you decide a playstyle that you might want to go for when climbing Rocket League ranks.
  • Enjoy the game. It's a process, you won't become the best player in the world in a day. Enjoy playing and learning, and don't be too hard on yourself.
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