Where to find your Epic ID and how to add your friends with it

If you want to know how to find your EpicID and how you can use it to add friends from other platforms then you’ve come in the right place!

Rocket League has built its success off the back of excellent gameplay, varied and well-rendered design, excellent customization options and a brilliant core concept. Though arguably, the most important factor to Rocket League’s success been the community that it has garnered since release in 2015 and the multiplayer options that have been constantly improving since then.

Players all over the world have fallen in love with the ranked gameplay, varied game modes and most importantly, the ability to share these experiences with their friends.

Being able to team up and take on the world has always been such an excellent reason to play Rocket League. Though if your buddy played on another system, it was for a long time sadly not a possibility.

The cross-platform update that brought RocketIDs

Though this would all change in February 2019 when the friends update would make it possible for cross-play within Rocket League.

This would be allowed through the introduction of Rocket IDs.

What is the Rocket ID?

It is a code that allow you to add friends that play rocket league on different platforms. This allows you to invite them to parties, play matches together and see their online status.

This code consists of your display name within Rocket League followed by a hashtag and a four-digit code. For example, if your name was Rocketboy, then your Rocket ID may be Rocketboy#9765. Though be aware that if you have a name that isn’t suitable for the language barrier text filter, then the game will most likely assign you a random name based on in-game assets such as Dominus#3755 for example.

How to find your Rocket ID in Rocket League

So, you have some pals you want to link up with on console and need to find your Rocket ID. Thankfully it isn’t too hard to find. What you need to do when you’re on the main menu screen is simply hit the R2/RT button on the console or click on the friends’ tab on the bottom right of the screen on PC. This will open the friends’ tab which shows your list of friends and also your details at the top.

This will show your display avatar, your display name and below this, you will see your rocket ID.

How to change your RocketID

There is also the option to change your rocket ID to something you specifically want. Making it easier to remember and a touch more personal if your name is auto-generated. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the friends’ tab and select “change rocket ID”.

This ID can only be altered once a minute so bear that in mind before you select your new ID.

It is also important to consider the requirements for your Rocket ID if you choose to customize it. We will provide a list of them below:

  • Must be between 3-16 characters long
  • Accented characters are allowed
  • Numbers are allowed
  • Can’t start with a number
  • Spaces are not allowed
  • Symbols are not allowed

How to add friends with a rocket ID

So, you’ve located your rocket ID and adjusted it so that it is to your liking. Now you need to add a friend that plays on another platform and perhaps you don’t quite know how to do that.

Don’t worry, it’s not a stressful process at all. We have included a step by step guide on how to add friends via their rocket pass. Here it is below:

  1. Launch Rocket league and get yourself to the main menu
  2. Open the friends tab and select ‘add a friend by Rocket ID
  3. Enter the players’ Rocket ID, press search and find them, then select add friend

It is also worth mentioning that if you are added by any friends via your rocket ID, this will show as normal in your friend requests within the notification menu.

Can I link my Rocket League Accounts

You may be wondering if it is possible to transfer your level, items, stats or other in-game credentials to another platform version of Rocket League. You may own both a console and PC version and want to swap over. Sadly though, this is not something that is possible at this moment.

Players can add their other account as a friend. Though this offers little use as trading is also a function that is restricted with cross-play.

So sadly, if you want to obtain the same level and items on another platform, you will have to earn them for real.

Play on all platforms!

Cross-play is something that has become popular within the gaming landscape over the last few years with many titles opting to include the feature. So it is pleasing to see Rocket League and Psyonix follow suit in this respect.

It allows players to link up and enjoy all the wonderful multiplayer aspects that Rocket League has to offer without the need for all players to have the same gaming systems.

It’s a service that is easy to use and incorporated seamlessly into the game. Plus, the game is so accessible that there have been little balancing issues from platform to platform. Allowing for a fair experience for all players participating in matches. Sadly there is no trading allowed which is a shame but overall, this system only further enhances Rocket League’s excellent multiplayer infrastructure.