How to Play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac

In this article, we will be guiding you through the process of how you can play COD Mobile on Mac.

Updated on Dec 03, 2023
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How to Play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac

Whether through PC or mobile, Activision Publishing, Inc. never came up short when it comes to thrilling action-packed first-person shooter games. All Call of Duty titles are popular among players. With Call of Duty Mobile's rising popularity as one of the most downloaded games in both the Apple App Center and the Google Play Store, some gamers have considered playing the game on a larger screen.

Can I play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac?

It wouldn't be surprising if people wanted to do this because having a larger screen, keyboard, and mouse would make playing FPS mobile games much effortless. Through an android emulator or a screen mirroring app, gamers will be able to play their favorite game modes like team deathmatch and kill confirmed on iconic maps in Call of Duty Mobile without having a hard time.

However, if you believe that foul gamers will be able to exploit this method, you are mistaken. One of the best features of Call of Duty Mobile is that it can recognize players who are on a mobile device, an android emulator on a computer, or when they are connected to a controller and matches them with other players in the same position to maintain the game fair and square.

To avoid being banned, follow these two rules.

  • Any third-party application, such as crosshair apps or apps that allow the keyboard and mouse to dock, may result in the players being banned.

  • Any questionable emulator or emulator that bypbuttes restrictions in order to play against mobile users will result in your ban.

Best Ways to Play COD Mobile on Mac

There are several ways for players to play COD Mobile on Mac, but in this article, we have condensed the list to the most effective ways to experience Call of Duty Mobile as if you were playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Black Ops III on your Mac computer.

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Through Gameloop

Hands down this is the best emulator that you can use for the Mac and any Windows computer to play Call of Duty Mobile. This is because Gameloop used to be called Tencent Gaming Buddy and was officially created by Tencent (COD Mobile Developer) themselves.

Here are the steps you need to do to be able to play COD Mobile on your Mac using Gameloop:

  1. Download Gameloop application on their official website:

  2. Once downloaded, install the Gameloop application.

  3. After installing, in the search bar type Call of Duty Mobile and download the game.

  4. Launch and play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac!

Players shouldn't have any fear of getting banned because this is an official app that a lot of streamers and even Call of Duty Mobile's official tournaments are run on.

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Through Bluestacks

This application is probably the most known out of all on this list. Bluestacks has been one of the top choices when it comes to android emulators up to date and this is because of how efficient it is even when you have a weak PC. One of the outstanding features this emulator has is that it can be optimized for better RAM consumption for a better gaming experience.

Here are the steps you need to do to be able to play COD Mobile on your Mac using Bluestacks:

  1. Download Bluestacks application on their official website

  2. After downloading, install Bluestacks application.

  3. Launch Bluestacks

  4. Go to the settings option and optimize Bluestacks for your computer. If unsure, search and visit Bluestacks' official support site or Youtube for a more detailed guide.

  5. Open the Play Store and install Call of Duty Mobile.

  6. Customize and configure the keyboard control to your liking in the settings option.

  7. Enjoy playing the Call of Duty Mobile game!

Unlike the Gameloop application, there have been a few instances of players getting banned for playing Call of Duty Mobile in both the Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale mode. The bans span from 1 day to 10 years.

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Through Nox Player

Nox App Player is an Android emulator that allows you to run virtually any app from this operating system from the comfort of your computer. Even the most popular apps, such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, and Tiktok, are included. With Nox Player, you can easily customize the resolution and graphics, change the device model, and even the keyboard control mappings.

Here are the steps you need to take to be able to play Call of Duty Mobile on your Mac using Nox Player:

  1. Download the latest version of Nox Player

  2. Install Nox Player on your Mac

  3. Search and download Call of Duty Mobile on the Google Play Store

  4. Configure the keyboard controls to your preferred keys.

  5. Play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac

Just like Bluestacks, there have been multiple instances where players have been banned for playing in an unofficial emulator.

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Through M1 Mac

The M1 processor is definitely more powerful than the earlier iPhone and iPad CPUs, resulting in a substantial improvement in the overall game performance and graphics. With the arrival of the new M1 Mac computers (the most recent Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and iMac), gamers may now use the MacOS to run iOS apps and mobile games.

Do the following steps to download and play Call of Duty Mobile on M1 Mac:

  1. Download Call of Duty Mobile on your iOS device.

  2. Go to the Mac App Store and select your profile from the bottom left corner.

  3. Select iPhone & iPad Apps from the Account section.

  4. Start playing Call of Duty Mobile on your Mac today!

Although this will make any game operate more smoothly, we do not encourage players to use this method because there have been several cases where players have been banned when using this in Call of Duty Mobile.

That completes our guide on how to play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac. Moreover, you can also do other things like changing your avatar, your name, and similar things. Players can now gain experience playing Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes on their Mac instead of using their phone or iPad. For a more detailed guide do consider visiting their official support websites for more information.

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