How To Slide Cancel In Call of Duty Warzone [PC & Console]

Slide canceling in Call of Duty Warzone is a technique that involves interrupting a slide animation to gain speed and evasiveness.

Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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How To Slide Cancel In Call of Duty Warzone [PC & Console]

What Is Slide Canceling in Warzone

Slide canceling is a tactical maneuver in Call of Duty that can give you a significant advantage. This technique involves gaining a quick speed boost by sliding and then interrupting the slide animation before it fully completes, allowing you to immediately initiate another slide.

Not just limited to resetting the slide, slide canceling also resets your tactical sprint. This gives you enhanced speed and natural evasiveness, as the repeated crouching movement makes you a more challenging target to hit.

Originally, slide canceling wasn’t an intentional part of Call of Duty’s design. However, it's become a widely used strategy in games like Modern Warfare and other COD titles due to its effectiveness in movement and evasion.

How To Slide Cancel In Warzone On PC

Slide canceling in Call of Duty Warzone can give you a tactical edge, especially on PC where precise controls are crucial. Here's a detailed guide on how to execute this maneuver effectively:

  1. Configure your controls: Before you start, go to the settings menu and ensure your left Ctrl key is bound to stance/slide instead of crouch/slide. This is important because, in Warzone, the crouch asson by default can cause you to jump after sliding, which can disrupt your slide cancel.
  2. Initiate tactical sprint: Begin by double-tapping your tactical sprint asson (usually the left Shift key). This puts you into a faster sprint mode, setting the stage for a slide cancel.
  3. Start sliding: While sprinting, hold down your crouch asson (the left Ctrl key) to initiate a slide.
  4. Cancel the slide: Quickly tap the left Ctrl asson again. This action will shift you from sliding to a crouching position, effectively canceling the slide.
  5. Stand up: Press the space bar (or your assigned jump asson) to return to a standing position. It's important to just tap the space bar to avoid jumping inadvertently.

Remember, the key to a successful slide cancel is the quick transition between steps two and three. It's all about timing and fluidity of movement.

It's hard to perform this on a PC if your game is lagging; that said, if you are experiencing any glitches when 

How To Slide Cancel In Warzone On Console

As Call of Duty Warzone is cross-platform, you might also want to perform slide canceling on one of your consoles as well!

 Here's a step-by-step guide for console players to master slide canceling:

  1. Initiate tactical sprint: Start by double-tapping the left stick. This action engages your tactical sprint, allowing you to move faster initially.
  2. Begin sliding: While sprinting, hold down Circle (on PlayStation) or B (on Xbox) to start your slide. This is the key movement you'll be canceling to gain speed.
  3. Cancel the slide: To cancel your slide, quickly tap Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) again. This action shifts your character from sliding into a crouching position.
  4. Stand up: Press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) to return to a standing posture. Remember to press it gently to avoid jumping.

I personally recommend you to practice this in a safe area until it becomes second nature. Forget about doing it when the circle mechanic pops off until you really learn it. Well, unless you know that you are playing against some CoD Warzone bots, then who cares?

Once you've built the muscle memory, slide canceling will be as natural as regular movement, giving you a significant advantage in navigating the Warzone map.

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