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Best White Fortnite Skins

Readers who want to experience these characters can read below & learn about the Best White Fortnite Skins available.

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Best White Fortnite Skins

Combative warriors & legendary martial artists have enrolled on the Fortnite Battle Royale, allowing gamers to enlist playable characters like Street Fighter’s Ryu or the MCUs Black Widow.

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Command the talents of Ryu & uncover his supernatural capabilities by purchasing the Street Fighter Set on Fortnite for 1600 V-Bucks. In return, players acquire the White Karategi Robe and Blackbelt worn by this legendary fighter. This emphasizes an expertise regarding various martial arts, leaving opponents to cower before their death.

Fortnite’s Item Store released the Ryu Skin on February 21st, 2021. That timeframe coincided with the 5th Season of Chapter Two & allowed participants to procure multiple characters from Street Fighter, including Chun-Li and Ryu. Fortunately, this bundled package remains relevant today. That’ll mean participants still maintain access to the V-Trigger Vector Glider and Signpost Pummeler Harvesting Tool. Therefore, the Ryu Skin Set remains popular today.


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Double Agent Wildcard

An undisclosed superspy has arrived in Fortnite & is looking for various targets. However, this operative isn’t trustworthy once his objectives change. He’ll begin working towards the best interests of certain gamers. But you’ll need to spend 2500 V-Bucks to procure his assistance. Why? Because this playable character is unlocked through the Double Agent Set on Fortnite’s Item Store. In return, you’ll receive three playable characters, including the Double Agent Wildcard.

The Double Agent Wildcard Skin provides gamers with an attractive outfit. You’ll notice a three-piece suit adorned in white & gold pigmentations, which become complemented by his masked disguise. As such, there’s a sinister impression felt towards Double Agent Wildcard. That menacing essence will become heightened when equipping the Mayhem Scythe Harvesting Tool. It’s the Double Agents secondary weapon & will assist tenfold with executing your downed enemies.


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Black Widow Snowsuit

Natasha Romanoff returned to Fortnite’s Battle Royale on November 15th, 2020. This time she’d arrive wearing her latest superhero costume for snowlike environments. Since then, gamers have maintained authorization to purchase the Black Window Snowsuit Skin for 1500 V-Bucks. In return, they’ll receive the white-leather snowsuit worn by Natasha Romanoff before the events of Avengers: Endgame. She’ll reappear on the Item Store with monthly rotations, meaning consumers have regular opportunities to procure this playable character.

The Widowmaker Glider and Widow Fangs Harvesting Tool are unlocked after gamers have bought this Skin Set. As such, you’ll soar downwards onto enemies & eliminate them without challenge. This combination has allowed the Black Widow Snowsuit Skin to flourish into popularity since launching into the 4th Season of Fortnite Chapter Two.


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Metal Mouth Arctic

An unknown mercenary with remarkable skill sets is provided to gamers that procure the Metal Masq Set. Those individuals are awarded the Metal Mouth Arctic Skin, which distributes a playable character that the US Marine Corps formally employed. That employment enabled Metal Mouth Arctic to become an extraordinary soldier capable of eliminating any enemy. Those skillsets are transcended onto the Fortnite Battle Royale after purchasing this bundled package for 1200 V-Bucks.

Camouflage uniforms within the US Marine Core – Arctic Corps are adorned by this playable character. Therefore, he’ll phase into snowlike environments without any challenge. You’ll notice different saturations of white & gray plastered throughout his uniform. Moreover, tactical pouches and pistol holsters are additionally found on Metal Mouth Arctic. He’ll also disguise himself by wearing a tactical mask with scarred imprints & glowing eyes. As such, enemies experience an ominous sensation after being eliminated by Metal Mouth Arctic.


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Ghost Enforcer

The robotic businessmen of tomorrow have arrived in Fortnite’s Battle Pass with the Ghost Enforcer Skin. Players who purchase this cosmetic outfit are provided with a three-piece suit adorned in shimmering white complemented by a robotic head. However, the dress shirt & tie worn by Ghost Enforcer have been saturated in black. Therefore, color spectrums found within this playable character flatter one another.

Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn’t introduced a Harvesting Tool or Glider with the Ghost Enforcer Skin. That’s because this cosmetic product was released for 800 V-Bucks. This is considered the lowest denomination available on Fortnite’s Item Store. Despite that cost, Ghost Enforcer became ranked amongst the rarest outfits after launching on Fortnite’s 7th Season during Chapter Two.


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Cozy Chomps

Explore the lakes & oceans of Fortnite as Cozy Chomps, an adorable character that was released for 1200 V-Bucks during the 3rd Season of Chapter Two. She’d launch alongside the Feeding Frenzy Set, providing gamers with cosmetic products themed around sharks. For instance, the Sail Shark Glider and Sharky Slapper Harvesting Tools are unlocked alongside Cozy Chomps. But it’ll be her distinctive costume that makes this bundled package valuable. Why? Because enemies are thwarted when fighting against the Cozy Chomps Skin. One second, she’ll appear adorable & the next, she’ll seem horrific as enemies are murdered by her gruesome teeth.

The Cozy Chomps Skin is constructed as a full-body costume with white & gray saturations. You’ll notice white tones throughout her underbelly and jawline. Therefore, environments with an identical spectrum of whites become favorable when employing the Feeding Frenzy Set.


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Zadie Arctic

For 1200 V-Bucks, you’ll procure the Metal Masq Set and Zadie Arctic Skin in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. She’s a playable character released in February 2020 for the 1st Season of Fortnite Chapter Two. There’d be three cosmetic variations available, including the Default, Jungle, and Arctic styling. You’ll want to select the Zadie Arctic Skin because this variation has a demonic yet frigid presence.

Camouflage pants & tactical vests with white palettes are distributed throughout the Zadie Arctic Skin. She’ll also have tactical armor plating & weaponry pouches that match her combative mask, which resembles demonic creatures with glowing eyes. It’ll be noted that the Spiked Mace Harvesting Tool is additionally unlocked with the Metal Masq Set. Therefore, opponents should fear oncoming attacks when sighting Zadie Artic on the horizon.


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Wisdom & knowledge acquired throughout a lifetime is inherited by gamers that purchase the Wise Warriors Set. Those individuals receive the Shifu Skin, which provides a playable character reminiscent of older men. He’ll adorn a protruding beard & hairline that descends towards his robbed outfit. Moreover, it’ll be noticed that Elder Shifu has whitened hair & robbing. As such, an angelic sensation is experienced when utilizing this playable character.

The Wise Warriors Set launched on January 27th in 2020, for 1200 V-Bucks. This timeframe corresponded with Fortnite’s 10th Season during the 1st Chapter. Since then, the popularity associated with the Shifu Skin has expanded tenfold. That’s because gamers procure the Wisdom’s Edge & Rogue Wave Harvesting Tools after their purchase. As such, effective methods of eliminating enemies are provided to gamers.


As such, gamers maintain a wide selection that extends to the Best Fortnite Purple Skins. This assortment guarantees gamers can utilize numerous characters within their overall experience. When advising which outfits are ranked amongst the Best Fortnite White Skins, we’d suggest Ghost Enforcer or Zadie Arctic.

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