Best Loadouts for Nøkk in Rainbow Six: Siege

Become a nightmare for roamers by mastering one of the most haunting Attackers in the game. Find out the best loadouts to pair with the champion of stealth.

Updated on Nov 25, 2022
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Best Loadouts for Nøkk in Rainbow Six: Siege

Hailing from the Royal Danish Military Academy, Nøkk served in aditional special operations training leading upto arctic warfare. With that said, it is no surprise to see that she is one of the best Deep Cover Specialists in the game. In fact, it is said that the scariest situation you can ever find yourself in Rainbow Six Siege is turning around to be met with Nøkk's hooded figure. Well, fortunately for you, that can’t happen if you pick the maestro of silence for yourself, one fit for avoiding even NATO confidential security clearance.

Nøkk is one of the most terror-inducing and best Attacking Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Her HEL Presence Reduction ability allows her to bypass surveillance gadgets like R6 Melusi’s Banshee Sonic devices or R6 Valkyries cameras. On top of that, she can mask her footstep audio to add to her surprise factor, all at the cost of distorting her own audio cues in Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Nøkk Loadout

Nokk's ability allows her to fall into any role that demands stealth. Hence her loadouts are also centered around that aspect.

Here are the different flavors you can try out with Nøkk in Rainbow 6 Siege.

Best Anti-Roamer loadout

Ah, the Roamers terror. No Defending Operator will feel safe when they see a Nøkk on the opposing team. You can capitalize off her HEL Presence Reduction with a few adjustments to her loadout to efficiently execute enemy roamers.

  • FMG-9 equipped with a Holographic Sight and a Suppressor
  • D-50 Handgun with a Suppressor
  • 2x Frag Grenades

The first thing to highlight is the utilization of the Suppressor on both our weapons (though that should be self-explanatory). We can double down on our stealth factor and destroy enemy surveillance without being spotted. However, you should be careful of the latter as a Nøkk player. The reason is that destroying enemy utility depends on the situation in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Since most Operators get notified when their gadgets are destroyed, sometimes it’s better to bypass their utility using your unique ability and give them a false sense of security. This is particularly effective against Defenders who have too many utility pieces to babysit since you have a much greater chance of catching them when they least expect it.

Getting into the efficacy of the primary weapon, the FMG-9 is the definition of a jack-of-all-trades SMG in Rainbow Six Siege. It has a decent fire rate, a decent magazine, and above-average damage per shot. The only downside to it is that you can’t attach a grip to it, hurting its prospects in the recoil and agility departments.

Using your HEL unique ability wisely, you can easily tail roamers. Once a roamer makes their presence known, you can sneak around them to create a counter-flank. Just ensure you don’t sprint since that glitches out your HEL Presence Reduction and makes your position known.

Best Loadout for Close-Range Engagements

Nøkk's utility allows her to close the distance between herself and the enemy more easily than other Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. This element of her kit makes close-range weapons much more deadly in Nøkk's hands.

  • SIX12 Shotgun with the Holographic Sight and the Laser(optional)
  • D-50 Handgun with a Suppressor
  • 2x Frag Grenades

Once again, Ubisoft has tried to balance Nøkk’s utility by giving her slightly average primary weapons. But don’t let that ruin your impression of the SIX12, this loadout's primary weapon. Even an average shotgun can one-shot enemies at point-blank ranges. With Nøkk, you can easily take advantage of your ability to get into the shotgun's lethal range and eliminate enemies in an instant. But how exactly are you supposed to close the distance? The key is, again, to feed a false sense of security into your opponent. Activate your HEL at critical moments to make Defenders feel as if a particular portion of the map is clear while you’re stealthily roaming to get behind enemy lines.

You can usually tell whether enemies are unaware of your position when they’re being irresponsible with their footstep audio. Defenders mostly only walk around loudly when they’re certain no one else is nearby, so loud footsteps are usually your cue to make your move and shotgun an oblivious Defender from behind.

Regarding your secondary, the D-50 is a fantastic weapon to deal with enemies at range when they’re not looking at you in Rainbow Six Siege. The Suppressor also comes in handy when you want to destroy Defenders utility, whether it’s traps or surveillance - those can't counter Nokk.

Best Loadout for Long Range

While it may be unorthodox, Nøkk players can often run into situations where having a weapon suited for a more extended range is desired. This situation can come in the form of a late lurk when you want to use already damaged walls to get pixel peeks or to pick off a roamer since you can’t sprint after them

  • Vector .45 ACP SMG with the 1.5x Scope alongside the Flash Hider.
  • D-50 Handgun with a Muzzle Brake
  • 2x Frag Grenades

The key attachment here is the 1.5x Scope. This sight allows you to challenge enemies at long ranges while still being able to flick onto enemies if they show up point blank. Additionally, the flash hider also masks your muzzle flash in situations where you’ll be abusing pixel angles.

Another important piece of utility here is your frag grenades. Being arguably the best sources of explosive damage in the Rainbow Six Siege, you can chuck these at a Defender’s general vicinity while they’re busy trying to get a line of vision on you via their cameras. Additionally, these are great tools to blow open walls and hatches, which you can use to engage in long range gunfights.

However, some things should be kept in mind while going for this loadout. While the Vector boasts quite a moderate recoil, the lack of grip attachments make it difficult to control at longer ranges. A good rule of thumb is to tap fire when engaging in distant gunfights, so that you aren’t penalized as much for subsequent shots.

Nøkk General Tips and Tricks

  • Be mindful of glitching. Glitching is when your HEL fails to mask your presence, and happens primarily when Nøkk starts sprinting (alongside certain Operator interactions). Glitching can give your position away and cost you rounds if your lurk is caught.
  • Induce a false sense of security. This has probably been touched on a few times now, but that’s because it’s that important. Defenders are used to relying on their cameras, gadgets and traps to catch Attackers, so when you identify a piece of utility, always try to sneak around it with your HEL to get behind enemy lines.
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