Best Current Brawlhalla Giveaways Available

Are you looking for the Brawlhalla giveaways but can't seem to find them? We've compiled them for you!
Best Current Brawlhalla Giveaways Available

If you're a Brawlhalla player and have been looking for a way to get some free stuff, then we got good news for you: there are plenty of Brawlhalla giveaways out there! This includes redeemable Brawlhalla codes that can get you free skins, legends, in game items, and more. We're aware that Brawlhalla Store goodies can be pricey, so we did some research and found the best sources of Brawlhalla giveaways on the internet.

So here’s a list of all available places where you’ll be able to find them.

Our Brawlhalla Giveaway

Here at The Global Gaming, we'll always have Brawlhalla giveaways open for our readers! Unlike other places that provide you with one-time Brawlhalla giveaways, we keep our giveaway active to reward all of you that visit our website.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to win this giveaway. That's why you should enter every Brawlhalla codes and other giveaways you can find to increase your chances of winning.

Giveaways On Other Platforms

Current Brawlhalla Giveaways On Twitter

The first platform we've thoroughly researched, so you won't have to, was Twitter, which is surprisingly full of gaming giveaways, including Brawlhalla giveaways. Keep in mind that you'll need to have a Twitter account in order to participate in the majority of these giveaways, as they will require you to retweet, like, and follow a profile to join.

If you're already on Twitter, make sure to check out these accounts:

Twitter Handle

Giveaway Link


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway

Current Brawlhalla Giveaways On Reddit

If you're looking for Brawlhalla giveaways, Reddit is not the perfect place for that, as they don't occur that often. Still, there are several subreddits that are well-known for gaming giveaways, including the official Brawlhalla one.













Current Brawlhalla Giveaways On Discord

Brawlhalla giveaways on Discord appear suddenly and unexpectedly, so it's important to be active in the server and check notifications regularly, so you don't miss any of the latest Brawlhalla giveaways out there. So far, we've managed to find only four Brawlhalla-related servers on Discord, including the official one, so here they are:

Discord Server


Brawlhalla (Official server)

Join the server

Brawlhalla And Chill

Join the server

Bad Wolves

Join the server

Brawlhalla LFG

Join the server

Current Brawlhalla Giveaways From Other Sources

Finally, there are a few gaming websites, along with several Facebook groups where you can look for Brawlhalla giveaways. Sometimes you'll be able to find Brawlhalla codes that you can immediately redeem, while other times, you will have to join sweepstakes and rely on your luck.

Nevertheless, this is where you can also find Brawlhalla giveaways besides Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.



Gaming website

Gaming website

Gaming website

Facebook group

The Brawlhalla Community

Facebook group

Brawlhalla Players

Facebook group


Tips & Tricks For Finding The Brawlhalla Giveaways

The same general giveaway tips apply to Brawlhalla as they do to other games. First, make sure that you're joining a giveaway on a reliable website that won't ask for any personal data or sensitive information. There are too many fake websites out there that claim they can generate in-game currencies, items, and such, but these don't work at all.

Other than that, Brawlhalla giveaways don't appear very often, so keep your eyes peeled! But if you don’t want to rely on giveaways, you should know that you can get Brawlhalla items for freeusing various methods.

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