How to Build out an ADC in Smite (For Maximum Damage)

We all like seeing big numbers flashing on the screen and the ADCs in Smite are the gods who make that happen.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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How to Build out an ADC in Smite (For Maximum Damage)

ADCs are an interesting group. They consisted of a few of the classes that we looked at so far. Specifically, our best hunters in Smite and best assassins in Smite articles respectively.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the beauty of the ADC role is that you get to have a lot of fun making all those shiny numbers pop up and seeing the enemy melting away as a result. Your job is to deal damage, and nobody deals damage quite like an ADC.

But hold on for just a second. This comes at a cost. ADCs is one of, if not the hardest role to play in Smite. So you better get in there prepared. These next builds will help prepare you for the journey ahead and give you an upper hand.

How to Build Ranged ADCs in Smite

This basically means the hunter class. Why get up and personal with an enemy when you can take them out from the other neighborhood?


Hachima up above is the perfect example. His abilities buff up his existing attacks, while his ultimate gives him nice mobility and utility. He's like that annoying mosquito in your room, just deadlier. With him (and similar gods to him) you want to build out his natural attack speed. That's his strong side - so play to your strengths! That's how you get as much damage potential as you can.

Anyways, here's how you should build him.

Ranged ADC Build

The focus of this build is boosting up the already impressive attack speed stat to an astronomical amount. The other builds will focus on different stats.


Start out the early game with a Leather Bowl and upgrade it into a Hunter's Cowl ASAP. It's one of those starter items that are actually good throughout the entire game - even into the late game. From there you want to build the stacks on Devourer's Gauntlet. And grab Atalanta's Bow along the way. You should achieve this by the mid game. The general boosts in stats as well as that increased attack speed from the effects is a nice cherry on top.


After you've set up your core items, it's smart to start building crit items. Wind Demon & Deathbringer are just perfect for that. While Silverbranch Bow and Qin's Sais both serve to increase your damage by their added effect. Though personally I usually go for Silverbranch Bow with its specific build, as the damage increase that they offer is better IMO.


And for defense... bahh. Who needs defense! But, in the case that you do need some survivability. Void Shield and Mail of Renewal always have your back. They're the go-to defensive items for ADC, as they're great for any god who wants to enjoy the benefit of smashing face - without getting their face smashed in return. We mentioned them before in many different guides, from how to build assassins in Smite to how to build warriors in Smite.

How to Build Melee ADC in Smite

These guys prefer to make things personal, and they like delivering a message up close. They excel at melee combat.


Look at Fenrir for example. Isn't he the cuddliest? No... no he isn't. And don't try to pet him ( Tyr tried, and look where it got him.)

Depending on the god, usually, maximum crit is the way to go. Fenrir already has great mobility thanks to his abilities. So, that isn't as much of a priority for him. Let's look at an example though.

Melee ADC Build

You'd be surprised how many items appear on this build as in the previous one. That just goes to show how effective those items are.


Here, you're gonna want to start with a Death's Toll and upgrade it into a Death's Temper. That's another starter item that stays useful till the late game. From here, grab a Wind Demon and Qin's Sais. The first one is essential for any crit build, while the second one is an essential anti-tank item. You're the role that deals the most damage, so it's your job to take down the tank as well.


Dominance is a useful item to pick up here because of that added mana and mana regen. You need your abilities for mobility and getting around, and if you can't cast them - you basically hamstring yourself. Follow this up with a Deathbringer to increase your crit damage even further. And finish all of this out with a Silverbranch Bow, that way, you get more out of your basic attacks. An alternative you might want to consider for one of these items is the Stone Cutting Sword. But in reality, you don't need the movement speed as you can cover a lot of ground easily, the effect is kinda useful I guess.


For survivability, as was said before - who needs it!? But in case you do, grab a Void Shield or Mail of Renewal.

How to Build Mage ADC in Smite

Mages are the final class that can be an ADC. We looked at them in our best mages in Smite article, check it out if you want a better understanding of the class itself.


Look at Sol for example. Look at her smug face, she knows she's good. In quite a literal sense she can make you melt away.

Some mages deal their damage through their spells, while others deal it through their attacks. Sol is part of the latter category. What's cool is her 2nd ability helps make her attacks aoe. Here's how you can build her out.

Mage ADC Build

Mages are like hunters in many regards. Just instead of dealing their damage through physical attacks, they deal their damage through magical mumbo jumbo.


In the early game, start off by grabbing a Mankin Scepter and upgrade it into a Mankin Hidden Blade. The Mankin Hidden Blade is a must-have item if you're going to go down a basic attack ADC as a mage. From there, you should also grab a Polynomicon for that effect. With these two items combined - you'll hit like a truck just with your basic attack damage.


From there on out, it's a good idea to grab a Warlock's Staff and start building those stacks. Followed up by a Spear of Magnus for that debuff. And round it all up with Typhon's Fang and Telkhines Ring. You need the first for survivability granted by the magical lifesteal (as well as damage) and the second for maximum damage output from your basic attacks.


For defensive items, the same goes as in the previous two builds. Yet, this time it's a bit different. For mages, you can either pick up the Witchblade or a Breastplate of Valor.

What should I do at the start as ADC?

This is a bit general, but here's the gist. At the start of the laning phase, get your support and go clear the jungle camps for their buffs. After which, you can return to the battlefield and keep killing minions as they come wave-by-wave. Protect your support players! And don't get in a fight too early, as the enemy ADC might have out-farmed you at the start. Wait for the right moment.

What is my goal as an ADC?

Your goal should be to kill enemies as fast as possible in a team fight. As well as attacking the enemy towers and structures when the time is right. 

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