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How to Build a Warrior in Smite for the Coming Boogaloo

Warriors in Smite are an interesting bunch. I'm pretty sure most of them are mad from spending all that time in the jungle. Let's see what they can do.

Updated on Dec 09, 2022
How to Build a Warrior in Smite for the Coming Boogaloo

Warriors in Smite like to get face-first into the thick of it. They can be played either as a solo lane, an adc, or as a jungler. Smite warriors are as broad as it gets! None of the other gods and classes can compete. This is where a lot of beginners mess them up with hunters. But as we discussed in our how to build hunters in Smite guide, the role of the hunter isn't to stay in the jungle. Not that they can't, it just isn't very optimal for them to do so. 

With that said, today we'll be taking a look at two builds. One is for dealing damage, while the other one is built for jungling.

How to Build Warriors as Junglers

All warriors can fit comfortably in this position, but there are some that excel at it more than others.

Cu Chulainn Smite

Take Cu Chulainn for example. We previously talked about him when we looked at the sexiest gods in Smite (don't judge us). But other than being sexy, he's a really nice jungler. His abilities allow him great mobility for traversing the map as well as ganking, both offensively and defensively. His passive also really speeds up the tedious process of killing the different jungle monsters.

As a jungler, you want to build items that primarily help you to quickly take down an enemy, be it a jungle monster or enemy god. So with that in mind, you should focus on items that allow you to deal a lot of burst damage quickly. Here is an example.

Warrior Jungle Build in Smite

It's important to note beforehand that a lot of junglers, depending on their abilities, benefit from different items. Other warriors might not benefit as much from the following build as Cu Chulainn does. These are just some items that work well for Cu Chulainn.

Warrior Jungle Build Smite

Start off by grabbing Bumba's Dagger and evolve it into Bumba's Spear as fast as you can. For once, I don't recommend selling your starter item, as Bumba's Spear is a really good item even later on into the late game. You can also pick up Sundering Spear as a relic as it's helpful for ganks. You should probably pick up Hand of the Gods and a Ward for consumables. The idea here is high risk - high reward. Clear and cover as much of the map as fast as possible.

Starters Cu

 From here on, pick up Golden Blade and Devourer's Gauntlet. These two are as close to universal jungler items as they get. These should be your core items. The first one makes your attacks AoE, aka they give you area damage, as well as giving you movement speed. While the latter increases your power the more stacks you get for it. 

For damage items, you want to focus on burst damage. To that end, Hydra's Lament & Atalanta's Bow will help you a long way. Although The Crusher & Qin's Sais are also great picks depending on the situation at hand. All of these items will help you deal decent damage, as well as giving you an imposing stat buff.

Core and Damage Items Cu

And for defense, well. The Void Shield never failed me, and it'll probably never fail you too. It's that cherry on top that will further help you achieve maximum burst damage. There's a reason we keep putting it in our "how to build's - especially for how to build assassins in Smite.

Defensive Cu

But depending on the situation you might want to pick up any of the following. Either Mail of Renewal if you require flat-out survivability to stay alive. Mantle of Discord if you find yourself being targeted constantly, especially by a powerful counter-jungler. Or the good old Gauntlet of Thebes. It's especially potent for your role, as you get to kill a lot of minions. And in ganks, you get to benefit from either kills or assists on enemy gods. So the stacks will build up easily. 

How to Build Your Warriors for Laning

This is a more general build that is suitable for most warriors, but for today, let's take an example again.

Tyr Smite

Ahh, Tyr. Personally, I believe that Tyr has one of the coolest myths. But enough about that, let's focus on the topic at hand.

Tyr is a pretty capable all-around god, though, this comes at a cost, as he is one of the hardest gods to play. His first ability helps him get in the team fight face first, and his other abilities help him live to tell the story later. All things considered, he's a pretty aggressive god. Let's take a look at a build as an example. 

Lane Warrior Build in Smite

Oh, and if you're curious how we're creating these builds, it's by using god builder. We discussed how to use god builder in Smite previously, so go check it out if you want to familiarize yourself with this handy tool.

Lane Warrior Build Smite

This build is more focused on solo laners, but it can easily be adapted to an ADC.

For starters, grab Warrior's Axe. If it wasn't obvious enough by the name, every warrior should have it at the start. It helps your basic attacks, and its effect is really good for 1 v 1's. You can sell it later, but don't pass it up at the start. Follow that up with a Horrific Emblem. This is helpful for when you engage enemies or when your jungler comes to gank, you want to disable and deal damage to the enemy as fast as possible. 

Starters Tyr

As you're probably a solo lane, take Devourer's Gauntlet. As your farm won't be contested, you should be able to build up the stacks easily. Pair this with Jotunn's Wrath, and you're quickly becoming a formidable opponent. Of course, you might want to sell this later on for something more specific.

After your initial items, it's smart to invest into something with a little more "oompf". Heartseeker is a great option as it increases the damage you do through your abilities. You should also pick up Atalanta's Bow, primarily for the stats, rather than its passive. But its passive can also come in handy. Especially paired with Stone Cutting Sword. It increases your movement speed, as well as lowering the enemy's physical protection. The speed boost is rather splendid. And as a cherry on top - pick up Dominance. That extra physical penetration is useful. 

Core and Damage Tyr

For defensive items, I recommend Mantle of Discord for Tyr, as was mentioned earlier, Tyr likes to get into the middle of the enemy team and stay there. This helps a long way with that. 

Defensive Tyr

Alternatively, you can go for the good ol' Void Shield or even the Gauntlet of Thebes that we mentioned earlier. You can also go for a Shifter's Shield, this bad boy will serve you both in your initial engagement and through the course of the fight.

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