The Best Way To Buy PlayStation Gift Cards

If you’re a PlayStation gamer, you just need to get familiar with GAMIVO!
The Best Way To Buy PlayStation Gift Cards

Sony PlayStation consoles have been a choice for millions of gamers worldwide since 90s. If you’re one of these gamers, you surely spend some money on gift cards or PS Plus membership from time to time. And we think that these days, you should totally consider doing it through GAMIVO.

What is GAMIVO?

GAMIVO is a gray market platform where you can buy game keys and prepaid cards for affordable prices. Even though people don't usually trust gray market websites, there are plenty of reasons to trust GAMIVO. The site has over 20,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, and is registered as a legitimate business in Malta.

However, before you say, "oh, it's just another gray market website for gaming" we'd like to talk to you about the benefits you can get from using this site as a PlayStation gamer.

Using GAMIVO for PlayStation Gift Cards Cards

Apparently, most GAMIVO users are into PlayStation gaming, and it’s not a coincidence! GAMIVO can boast a huge collection of Playstation Gift cards, so every PlayStation gamer should find something for themselves, regardless of their region, console model, or games they play.

As you can see, you can save nearly 50% on your PlayStation prepaid cards. Moreover, it's not only the case with the cards – GAMIVO also offers loads of new PlayStation games for next to nothing. Plus, besides the most popular payment methods, the site also supports PayPal and PaySafeCard, which are trendy methods of payment among gamers.

How To Claim a PlayStation Gift Card from GAMIVO?

The entire process is straightforward and will take you no more than 4 minutes! Here are the entire step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your PSN account
  3. Click on your account icon in the top-right corner of the site
  4. Select “Redeem Codes
  5. Enter the code you have received from your GAMIVO order (you should find it on your e-mail after the purchase)
  6. Select “Next

And that’s it, enjoy your funds!

So, as you can see, GAMIVO is clearly a service that every PlayStation gamer should keep in the back of their mind. Not only is it safe, but you can also save some cash, and everything is a pure breeze. 

Honestly, GAMIVO should be a no-brainer for any PlayStation enthusiast. Much like PlayStation Visa card - which will grant you rewards for buying Sony products.

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