2 Best Elements to Bring Against Dendro (100% Effective)

Mother Nature has its own weaknesses in Genshin Impact. Burn and shock them down to their roots for an easy time out against dendro enemies.

Updated on Oct 03, 2023
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2 Best Elements to Bring Against Dendro (100% Effective)

About Dendro Element

Dendro Hypostatis

Although dendro (represents nature) only recently became playable and made its debut into Genshin Impact in version 3.0 as the seventh and final element, its introduction to the game has made a very big shift in the mechanics and meta.

Dendro elemental reactions are regarded as one of the strongest elemental reactions that players can make, mainly revolving around elemental mastery (because of this, people argue on what is the best element in Genshin Impact). This includes the reaction damage from the following dendro related reactions:

  • Bloom - applying hydro and dendro together (creates a dendro core)
  • Hyperbloom - applying electro to a dendro core (creates homing sprawling shots)
  • Burgeon - applying pyro to a dendro core (causes AOE dendro damage [Area Of Effect])
  • Aggravate - applying electro to a quickened enemy
  • Spread - applying dendro to a quicked enemy

As we can observe, there are two main elements that can cause powerful dendro reactions - pyro and electro. As a matter of fact, dendro enemies also have similar weaknesses. Dendro enemies are more vulnerable to pyro and electro attacks as opposed to all the other elements and their respective elemental reaction present in Genshin Impact.

Currently, there are a few notable dendro enemies that you need to familiarize yourself with in case you have to fight them. They are:

  • Jadeplume Terrorshroom
  • Dendro Hypostatis
  • Consecrated Fanged Beast
  • Dendroshrooms (both big and small)

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Bennett Xiangling Team Composition Example

Have you made a campfire before? Well, if you have, then I'm sure you know that you need something called fire to burn the wood!

Executing a pyro attack on an enemy or object with dendro element can cause the "Burning" reaction. Burning afflicted enemies suffer from continuous pyro damage. This same element when interacting with dendro cores can also cause the "Burgeon" dendro reaction, another form of dendro attack that does considerable damage to enemies.

With a lot of pyro characters to choose from, here are some personal favorites that I like to use against dendro enemies:

  • Xiangling - elemental skill and elemental burst
  • Bennett - elemental skill and elemental burst
  • Thoma - elemental burst

These three characters are usually seen in either meta teams or burgeon teams, and are commonly chosen for a good purpose - they are just that strong. Make sure to pair the Guoba God Master Xiangling with a good support like Bennett and perhaps another dendro character like Dendro Archon Nahida to maximize her damage output while also depleting dendro enemies' shields!


It seems that the heavens punishes all that is on the land, and plants are no exception. Genshin Impact min-maxers have tested and proven that Genshin Impact dendro element is indeed top-tier main DPS (what does DPS mean in Genshin Impact?) material.

The two elements (electro and dendro) have such great synergy. Applying the electro element one time to an enemy with the dendro element can result in the "Quicken" reaction. Make sure to reapply electro when dendro enemies are "Quickened" in order to deal huge damage, thus defeating dendro elements with ease.

Personally, if you are trying to ensure you are getting all the freebies from the Abyss (a PVE PVP Genshin Impact), make sure that you have your electro characters well built as the most common team compositions definitely have at least 1 electro character. If I were to recommend a select few of electro characters to build, they would definitely have to be:

  • Raiden Shogun - elemental skill and elemental burst
  • Yae Miko - electro-infused auto attacks, elemental skill and elemental burst (with elemental mastery playstyle)
  • Kuki Shinobu - elemental skill (extra extra points for survivability utility in her kit!)

These three electro characters are extremely versatile. They can be put into a lot of team compositions, and although it may sound like they are a jack-of-all-trades kind of character, they actually are keystones to the success of each and every team they are part of.

With dendro being a new playstyle, it's common to search how to know what artifact to use. However, artifacts are just one component of a well-built character. Make sure to avoid the worst weapons in Genshin Impact in order to unleash your character's fullest potential!

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