50 Best Green Skins in Minecraft

Like the color green? Enjoy showcasing the large range of the color? No? Then this list will show you just how fantastic these skins can be! From incredibly simple to exceedingly complex, these skins showcase the skin maker’s skills in creating the various designs or recreating an already established character in MinecraftRecommended: convert photo to a minecraft skin

Green Ninja

The Green Ninja is a very simple design that is primarily a very bright green color with two darker green lines across the entire body with the black eyes holes for when the player has to look through them. The lines connect in the back of the suit at a red junction.

Green 76

Is that a creeper wearing clothes? Wait, does that creeper have a mic, is that creeper STREAMING!? Yes, this creeper is a content creator and I’m sure his setup features a large amount of the color green. The 76 on the back of the jacket, shows the ending part to his twitch channel.

Monster Wearing a Sweat Suit

This monster is going for a jog and trying to get fit, good for him… wait why is it running after me?! Oh god, he’s training to get me! I gotta go, this monster features a total of six eyes which means that I might never escape his sight no matter what angle I try to go to.

A Better Zombie

Looking to get your scare on but want to stay within the Minecraft Universe? Then the better zombie skin is perfect. I highly detailed skin which features some fantastic shading throughout the face and the shirt makes this zombie perfect for roaming around your minecraft world!

Zombie Girl Skin

This Zombie Girls skin features a discolored skin, showing this zombie girl skin is closer to a decomposing corpse when looking closer to the previous skin. The details shown in the skin is perfect. The black and white clothes makes this skin perfect for a simplistic design while still offering a lot more flexibility with the rest of the design overall.

Green Hoodie Steve

Not a fan of zombies? I don’t blame you at all! This skin features a light green color throughout all the clothes that skin is wearing. Steve got a really big clothes upgrade rather than his blue shirt, he now has a light green creeper hoodie and light green sneakers.

Green Monkey

That isn’t a color that monkeys come in?! The light green fur and the very green eyes look very odd. This monkey also features a darker green coloring in the tail as well. The light tan skin is a great contrast to the green fur and the exceedingly light green eyes. This Money may not be looking for bananas but may be planning to go bananas against some Zombies!


This skin is a green cat boy and predominantly features the color green. The green sweater and the green ear and even the light green cat tail. The dark green sneakers are a perfect choice for this skin!

Meme Boy (Green)

Are you an internet memer? Then this skin is a perfect choice for any comedy king. The light green hoodie and the white goggles look fantastic in this skin. The light white pants are a perfect choice!

Envy (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Envy is a deadly sin, but this Envy skin looks amazing! The color green is littered throughout the skin. The plaid skin, the color green shirt and even the darker green shoes are the perfect choice. Envy is commonly associated with the color green and this skin does the sin of Envy a lot of justice!

Camo Duck Penguin Army Green

Sargent Quack, Reporting for Duty! Quack! How did a duck get to the position of sargent? It's better not to ask questions. This skin has a large amount of detail in the army clothes and the gold buttons and the gold shoulder ornaments.

Peter Pan Float

This skin is part of BeaverDonut00’s Disney Food Series, this is a series where he brings the light green coloring in the hair and the green shoes are a perfect choice. The light green eyes match the green hair and the green shoes. The detail in this skin is perfect for any Minecraft player who loves the Peter Pan Float.

Green Panda

This Panda is ready for a fight! The Red eyes and the metal suit which the panda is wearing to augment its fantastic strength. The green lines of the metallic suit are a perfect addition, this shows how the metal suit is able to move with the panda’s motion.

Green Knight

The Green Knight fights for honor and glory! The green coloring is fantastic and the eyes of the knight also features a solid green coloring. The green gem is located on the center of the metal plate which protects him. The green cloth that the rest of this suit is made up of features a large amount of shading and detail work, which is always great to see!

Back to Nature

This version of mother nature looks not only adorable but also features a grass green dress with a flower on the hip. The green coloring in the dress matches the same green coloring of the eyes and looks fantastic. The dress features some shading which shows where the dress rests on mother nature’s body.

Green Nature Dress

The second mother nature dress features a very different coloring and design when compared to the first one.The darker green coloring and the darker hair coloring makes this version of Mother Nature very different. The hair is a reddish coloring and the dress is significantly darker with no flowers

Green Eyes

or ornaments to speak of.This skin may be called Green Eyes but this skin features a lot more than just green eyes, it has a green turtle skin which has a solid brown shell. That is perfect for hiding in if she feels threatened under any circumstance or situation! The brown hair is a perfect contrast to the large amount of green features on this skin.


Another skin which features a girl in a costume, this skin has the girl wearing a very bright green dinosaur costume. The costume is so bright that the rest of the skin doesn’t feature any shading and is very bright overall. This skin features a light brown hair and a light blue eye color.

Not My Skin

This skin features a light green hoodie alongside the light green horn on the right side while on the left side of the horn is colored black. The hair features the reverse color to the horn. The green hoodie is a perfect addition to this Minecraft skin. The hoodie features black strings and has the hood lowered so you can see his hair.

Sad Times

This girl has seen some sad times, overall. The gradient green hair and green eyes tell a tale of sadness. The eyes are crying with the right eye being full of tears and the left eye is closed while the tears are falling down the cheeks. The gradient green colors in the hair range from a dull green near the top of the head to a radiant green near the ends of the hair.

Treeville Merch: Girl’s Sweater

This skin is designed to be used by DiggyDigler’s staff in MCGTA’s creative Treeville. True to its name this skin features a Tree and a predominantly green color scheme to accentuate the tree located on the front of the sweater. The green jeans feature rips on the front and the back of the jeans features no rips.

Like the Swaying Grass

Mother nature incarnate, The Green dress looks as if this dress was created using grass and trees when compared to other clothes on this skin. This skin features a flower crown and there are also flowers littered throughout mother nature’s hair. The hair features a lot of textures and shading in it, but aren’t overshadowed by the shading found in the dress.


Do you want a mother nature skin that features the largest amount of the detail when compared to the other skins, the dress features a rip in the front which showcases the legs of this fantastic mother nature. The back of this skin features a braid and the flowers being a red and the green flowers.


Mint showcases the green hair and the green shirt. The green hair is vibrantly green while the green shirt features a gradient with the light green colors near the girls face and the bottom of the shirt features a much darker green coloring. The light green shoes are just a solid green coloring.

Chocolate Zombie Anyone?

Everyone loves chocolate! Everyone loves Z...Zombi….. Zombies? I don’t think that the top section is mint..Umm, I’m not sure that anyone should eat this chocolate. This chocolate is either old or so old that it has become a zombie. The face features a simple design having just two closed eyes and a simple mouth.

Lighter Mother Nature

Last mother nature skin on this list! I promise! It’s just that these skins are all fantastic and this mother nature skin is the same. The lighter green dress features a darker green outline while the dull green eyes. This skin also features blue flowers throughout the entire skin, this includes the blue flowers littered throughout the hair.

Green Cow

Moo, Moo, Moo!No that isn’t a mooshroom, this cow is green not red. The eyes of the skin are just two small black dots on the face. The green cow features some gray litter throughout the skin and offers some fantastic different shadings. Do you think that this cow would give you a mint milkshake when milked?

Green Girl

This skin is ideal for a girl that just so happens to really enjoy the color green. The Green hair is put into a ponytail and has a dark green shirt that offers a fantastic contrast in colors while all still being the same color. The medium green eyes look as if she is looking deep into your soul.


Need to hide out? This skin features a camo hoodie and that offers a lot of brown and even more greens when comparing the two main colors. The red hair and the very bright green eyes are a contrast that nearly any players should enjoy.

Half Zombie Half Human Girl

Not ready to set a full Zombie skin? But you want to set your skin to something at least partly undead. This split skin features of having the left side being fully zombified with blue eyes and green skin and green hair. The clothes on each side area also features an inverted color scheme.

Green Bear Bear

Are you a gummy bear, oh I’m a gummy bear, oh I’m a gummy bear!That viral video inspired this fantastic skin which has a very good amount of detail in the face and the arms and legs. The shading looks amazing and while the bear doesn’t look happy, he seems like he’s a bit angry overall.


A fantastically personal skin? Then Shizu is a perfect choice, the energy green coloring as shown throughout all the clothes that the skin is wearing. The Light green lining is an ideal choice for coloring. The light green sash is a perfect choice for this skin.

Green School Girl

Senpai? Where is Senpai?This skin is the classic school girl skin and is perfect if you are recreating an anime or want to feel as if you are in the anime. I think green is her favorite color, as shown in the shirt, skirt and the socks that she is wearing.

Green Akatsuki Slime

Do you want to capture all the nine-tailed beasts ranging from the single tail raccoon to the nine-tailed fox. These monsters can be harnessed to create a perfectly peaceful world! The slime face keeps this skin grounded in the Minecraft Universe. The red cloak is contrasted by the green slime is a perfect choice, this skin even features a ninja headband.

Melon Creeper Boy

The Melon Creeper boy features the black dots throughout all the skin and in addition to the dots, this skin features a creeper face on both the front and the back of the skin. This skin has black coloring on the bottom of the arms and the bottom section of the skin.


Robotic life is significantly different when compared to normal life, the She-Bot features green tubes throughout the skin and the light green eyes notify anyone surrounding this skin. The light green eyes power down and the metal body is perfect for combat or just general motion.

Radioactive Glowing Gamer Boy

The radioactive nature of this boy may just make it a better gamer, this allows for faster reflexes when compared to non-radioactive people. This downside of this radioactive nature does cause this boy to glow randomly which makes falling asleep very tough, overall. The microphone might pick up a little bit of interference from the glowing radioactive nature of the boy.

Turtle Boi

A boy that may or may not have bought this turtle suit, which features not only the standard green skin but also the turtle shell which is located on the back of the costume. The boy isn’t wearing the hood or the top of the costume instead deciding to show the boy’s face. This skin also has the left foot by a rubber duck instead of a shoe.

Green Camp Gal

The green camp gal is wearing a perfect green jacket and green hat. She has her hat turned around to show that she is incredibly serious. The green jacket has the top half being a darker green and the bottom half are completely black with a white line separating the two sections.

Dress Green

This dress is looking fantastic and fancy, the brown hair and the vibrantly green dress has an emerald green coloring. This green dress features a gold lining throughout the top and the middle of the dress. This accentuated a fantastic color scheme and the heterochromia eye colors with one eye being brown and the other eye is light blue.Themed Skins Ranging from YouTubers to Cartoon characters

Sad Dream

Most likely Dream after a failed video idea, sad and defeated… for now. Dream’s normally smiling face has been converted into a crying and frowning face that anyone that just had a very inventive idea fails because of a simple oversight or a friend’s intervention. Dream’s face features crying green tears instead of the standard clear tear streams.

Poison Ivy

Ever wanted to feel like Poison Ivy from batman the animated series? Then this skin is perfect! The details, the shading, and the textures all look fantastic, but sadly this skin won’t give you any power over plants. The Red hair fantastically recreated the design of the Poison Ivy in a simple Minecraft skin.


This is Toph, the first metal bender who created the act of metal bending. The design features a young toph who travelled around the world with the Aang and taught him earth bending in her own tough love style of teaching. The design offers fantastic shading throughout the hair and the clothes of the Toph.

Green Akatsuki Robe (Hidan)

Hidan is one of the Akatsuki which has been hunting down the various tailed beasts. Hidan defected from Yugakure and later joined the Akatsuki. There, he was partnered with Kakuzu, despite the two's somewhat mutual dislike of each other. Kisame Hoshigaki laughingly referred to Hidan and Kakuzu as the Zombie Combo.


Tsuyu’s hero name is the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. Her quirk is called Frog, which is a mutation-type quirk. This quirk gives Tsuyu frog-like anatomy, great leg strength, wall clinging, powerful extending tongue, and even fast swimming. Tsuyu also upgrades her quirk to include the ability to camouflage herself.

Green Skeppy

Want to feel like the famous YouTuber, Skeppy? This version of Skeppy changed from his standard blue diamond skin color to a green emerald design. The simple device and the shining parts of his body is a perfect copy when compared to the diamond version.


Kermit is a muppet character which was not only originally performed by Jim Henson but also created by the fantastic Jim Henson. Mrs.Piggy has stated that she and Kermit are actually married while Kermit disagrees stating that they aren’t even dating, just co-workers. Kermit's most well-known catchphrase is "Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here!".

Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro is from the anime Demon Slayer where he fights countless demons to get enough experience to be able to change Nezuko back into a human. During this time, Tanjiro gains not only a fantastic array of skills but also a fantastic array of friends. The green showcased on this skin is from Tanjiro’s checkered overcoat.

Anaak Zahard Jr

She is one of Zahard’s princesses and the daughter of the real Anak Zahard, from the Tower of God Anime. She also uses the Green April, which is able to extend and contact a lot. This skin is a perfect representation of the Anaak Zahard Jr.

Green Mando Armor

Are you a fan of star wars? Did you enjoy the recent Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. Where a Mandalorian soldier protects a baby yoda from various bounty hunters. This is the mandalorian who enjoys the color green throughout the entire skin. The design is perfect for any Star Wars lover.These skins all feature the color green from being just a simple texture to having an extensive amount of shading and details. If you find any of these skins as fantastic as I did, then go check them out with the links provided!