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Everything You Need to Know About An Ocelot [Ultimate Ocelot Guide]

Having an Ocelot in Minecraft is cute. There is more to know than its appearance! This guide shows all you need to know
Everything You Need to Know About An Ocelot [Ultimate Ocelot Guide]

Minecraft Ocelots have been around for quite some time in Minecraft, as the original cat of the Minecraft world, and represented as an endangered species in reality. Ocelots are dangerous to baby turtles and chickens. Along with being an expert stalker before performing their attack. Below we have covered everything you need to know about the Ocelot.

When Were Ocelots Added to Minecraft?

Ocelots are one of the oldest passive mobs in Minecraft. They were added in Minecraft version 1.2.1 released in 2012. Since then, they have been a fun mob to discover when adventuring in the depths of a jungle biome. 

Ocelots Minecraft

Ocelots are still in Minecraft and considered difficult to catch but an absolute reward to find in the 1.19.2 version! If you are looking to play in any of the versions between 1.2.1 to 1.19.2, expect to find a Minecraft Ocelot at some point. 

What Does an Ocelot Look Like?

Ocelots have cat-like features, as they are also seen in the wild of reality. Ocelots are a bit larger than an average cat but have all of the behaviors of a domesticated cat. Usually, you can define an Ocelot by its orange and brown appearance, with leopard print spots all over their bodies. 

Ocelots Minecraft

The Minecraft version is very similar to the real one. Along with this, you can easily sport an Ocelot with its contract from the green trees to its bright orange fur. It can be confusing if there are cats that are also in the area. Cats and Ocelots have the same noises in Minecraft. 

What Does an Ocelot do?

An adult Ocelot can be useful if you gain the Ocelot's trust. Ocelots attack any unwanted aggressive mobs away, making them a kind of watchdog. Having more than one around can also be useful, as they fight mobs in groups, which can be extremely effective.

Ocelots Minecraft

Besides being a sort of protection, Ocelots are great pets and fun to keep around or follow you as you do your daily tasks. Along with this, any kind of Minecraft cat makes creepers stay away and give you a piece of mind while being out early morning or during the night.

Where to Find an Ocelot in Minecraft

Ocelots can only be found within jungle biomes. Jungle biomes are typically found in any Minecraft map and are extremely popular. The jungle biome though is hard to navigate and takes a lot of tree clearing and navigating skills to find an ocelot. 

Ocelots Minecraft

Typically, Ocelots spawn right at sea level above grass blocks, equivalent to Y=63 by the standard. Usually, two adult Ocelots will spawn together, or in rare cases, a baby Ocelot will also appear either by itself or with another adult or baby ocelot. The chance of an adult having baby ocelots spawn nearby is 14% chance (1/3 chance).

Are Ocelots Rare in Minecraft?

Considering they can only be found in the jungle biome at a specific level (Y=63), Ocelots can be extremely rare and difficult to find. They usually only spawn as one or two, and the bigger the jungle, the harder it will be to spot them. 

Ocelots Minecraft

In some cases, you may need to spend a few Minecraft nights in the jungle to end up finding some Ocelots. The best tip is to build a survival base in the jungle biome to have a safe space to be in while spending the night. Why are they so hard to find? We are not quite sure, but our best assumption is to emphasize their rarity in the real world, and how, as an endangered species, they are becoming rarer and rarer to discover in the wild. 

Can You Still Tame an Ocelot?

No, you cannot tame an Ocelot in Minecraft. Since the 1.8 updates, you can no longer leash them. You can only gain trust from an Ocelot (meaning they will follow you if you feed them fish). There are also many new spawns of cats that resemble similarly to an ocelot, that are tamable for players. 

Ocelots Minecraft

To tame Ocelots, you must first have either raw cod or raw salmon. You can find cod or salmon in the rivers and lakes of any Minecraft world. Salmon though is typically more common. If you are in Bedrock Edition, or in an older Minecraft version, to tame an Ocelot, you must:

  1. Catch any wild salmon or cod fish
  2. Be within 10 blocks of an Ocelot and right click 
  3. Hearts should appear around the Ocelot, and they should not be frightened of you

What to Feed an Ocelot in Minecraft

As mentioned above, Ocelots can only eat raw cod or raw salmon. Make sure to not cook the salmon or cod once caught, as Ocelots are only attracted to the raw fish form. It is best to keep these saved when you are searching for an Ocelot while you are searching, so you can be prepared to tame the Ocelot. 

Ocelots Minecraft

You can catch fish by using a fishing rod or simply killing them using a sword. The fastest and most efficient though would be with a fishing rod. 

What is an Ocelot Egg in Minecraft

The Ocelot egg is the creative mode option to activate an Ocelot into creative mode. It can be found just like any other mod in creative within an egg form. The Ocelot egg is orange with black dots, making it specifically unique to the Ocelot pattern and identity. This also only produces adult, not baby ocelots. 

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