How To Make Blackstone Slab In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to make a Blackstone slab in Minecraft? This article will help you find out how to craft it within a few minutes with very quick easy steps!
How To Make Blackstone Slab In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Blackstone Slab

In Nether, Blackstone can be used as an alternative for Cobblestone to craft stone tools,furnaces and brewing stands. You can also use it to repair stone tools using an anvil. Additionally, it can also be crafted to Polished Blackstone.

In order to craft Blackstone slab in Minecraft, you need this following items: 

  • Crafting Table
  • 3x Blackstone Slab

How to craft Blackstone Slab in Minecraft

#1 Collect 3 Blocks of Blackstone

First you need to acquire 3 Blackstone, you will be needing a wooden pick to mine it.

Blackstone can be naturally found in Nether; you can find it under the lava ocean, in veins near the bottom of the world, bastion remnants and all over the basalt deltas biomes.

#2 Craft Blackstone Block using Crafting Table

Open your crafting table first, upon opening it you should be able to see the crafting area with a 3x3 crafting grid on your screen. The Minecraft recipe for a blackstone slab would be 3 blackstones placed on the second row of the crafting area. Take note that it is important to place the blackstone blocks in the exact pattern as the image shown below.

When you are done filling the exact pattern on the crafting area, a blackstone slab will appear on the right side of the crafting area.

#3 Add the crafted Blackstone Slab on Inventory

Once you are done crafting the blackstone slab, you need to transfer it to your inventory.

You successfully crafted a Blackstone slab!

What is the give command to get a Blackstone Slab?

The command to give yourself a Blackstone slab in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16,1.17,1.18 and 1.13.1 on PC and MAC is: /give @p blackstone_slab 1

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