The 10 Pokemon That Are Best Against Fire Type Pokemon

A common offensive type, Fire is great in battle. Which Pokemon is best to use against pesky Fire type Pokemon, and why isn't it Gastrodon?

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The 10 Pokemon That Are Best Against Fire Type Pokemon

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Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre is to put it simply the best choice of Pokemon to use against Fire type Pokémon. With more power than Kyogre in its regular form, and a signature Ability that completely prevents Fire type attacks from working.

Primal Kyogre

The Primordial Sea Ability really is a fantastic aid in battle against Fire type Pokemon, being the strongest anti-Fire-type Ability that exists in the franchise. As it creates the heavy rain effect it also powers up Water type Pokemon too, making for a powerful double whammy.

A seriously powerful Pokemon, Primal Kyogre has a super cool design and a lot of great attacks that are super effective against Fire type Pokémon!

With its powerful attacks like Hydro Pump, Water Spout, and its signature move Origin Pulse, Primal Kyogre is the bane of any Fire type Pokemon.

As a pure Water type Pokemon Primal Kyogre takes half damage from Fire type attacks, making it a solid choice in Pokemon battles against Fire type Pokémon.

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Not quite as a good a choice as its Primal Reversion, Kyogre is still one of the best Pokemon to use against Fire type Pokemon. This is because it gets the Drizzle Ability in addition to being a pure Water type Pokemon.

Although not as powerful as Primordial Sea, the Drizzle Ability creates a rain effect in battles that cuts the power of Fire type attacks while boosting the power of Water type attacks.


Although weaker than Primal Kyogre, Kyogre is a super powerful Legendary Pokemon with an absolutely massive Attack and Special Attack stat, meaning it's well placed to douse the ambitions of any Fire type Pokémon!

Kyogre is also one of the best Water type Pokemon! Its simple and iconic design is a big bonus, too!

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A Water and Dragon type Pokemon, Palkia is the mascot Pokemon for Pokémon Pearl. This is a great type combination as both Water and Dragon type are resistant to Fire type.


As a Legendary Pokemon Palkia has great stats, and its movepool is flexible enough to provide a real headache for Fire type Pokémon!

With some good Ground, Rock, Water type moves, Palkia has a lot of options for putting out Fire type Pokémon! Widely available even in other Pokémon games, Palkia is a popular choice with a sleek look.

4 /10


Swampert is a great choice of Pokemon to use against Fire type Pokemon as it's a dual type Pokemon whose two types are super effective against Fire types.

Water and Ground type Pokemon are a real menace to Fire type Pokemon as they take only half the damage from Fire type attacks. Swampert is a popular choice as it's the fully evolved form of Mudkip, a popular starter Pokemon.

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Being able to resist Fire type attacks while dishing out super effective damage is a winning strategy when fighting Fire type Pokemon, so it's easy to see why Swampert excels here.

Pure Fire type Pokémon had better watch out as Swampert has great options for STAB and super effective moves!

And with its Mega Evolution into Mega Swampert, Swampert can hit even harder!

Mega Swampert

5 /10


Seismitoad is a fantastic choice of Pokemon to use against Fire types. Another Water and Ground type Pokemon, Seismitoad boasts a resistance to Fire attacks and two options for super effective moves.

In addition to its great dual typing, Seismitoad has decent stats and an immunity to Electric type moves.

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It has a flexible and versatile movepool with access to good coverage moves and plenty of moves that do double damage to Fire types!

Seismitoad also has an Ability that makes it faster in rain, a great choice to pair with the Rain Dance move or a partner Pokémon with Drizzle! Seismitoad also features on this list of the best frog Pokémon!

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Another Water and Ground type Pokemon, Gastrodon is a great choice for use in battles against Fire type Pokemon.

With many of the same benefits as Swampert, Gastrodon has a Hidden Ability called Sand Force which powers up its Ground type moves during a sandstorm! Great news, especially when Gastrodon gets access to the Sandstorm move to create them!


Although not the most powerful Pokemon, Gastrodon has good utility, a nice anti-Fire type Pokémon movepool, and a winning type combination.

7 /10


Pelipper is a brilliant choice of Pokémon to create the core of a Rain Team. It gets the Drizzle Ability and a whole lot of utility moves which are useful in double battles.


As a dual type Pokemon with both the Water and Flying types it provides some useful STAB for powerful Fire/Fighting type Pokemon like Infernape or Blaziken, while being great at providing utility.

Pelipper is a really good option to counter Fire types, especially as part of a doubles team. 

And it's got a cute dopey look on its face that never fails to charm!

8 /10


A Rock and Water type Pokemon, Drednaw is a massive snapping turtle with a powerful Attack stat! Drednaw benefits from its dual types as both Water type and Rock type are resistant to Fire, meaning Drednaw takes only a quarter of the damage from Fire type moves!


With access to powerful super effective Rock type moves like Head Smash and Water type moves like Liquidation, Drednaw puts a dampener on any Fire type Pokémon it encounters!

With its Swift Swim Hidden Ability it even gets a boost in rain, so can form part of a team too!

9 /10


A Ground/Rock type Pokemon, Golem is a rock solid choice to use against Fire types! Both its types give super effective damage to Fire types, while only taking half the damage from Fire type moves.

Introduced in the very first Pokémon games, Golem is a trade exclusive evolution meaning many players don't get to use one.


But Golem is a great option for people looking for an edge over Fire types, capable of using powerful attacks like Earthquake and Rock Slide!

Ground/Rock is a great defensive choice for use against Fire type Pokémon, and Golem is probably its best ambassador. With all the best parts of Ground and Rock types, Golem is a good option with an intriguing look.

10 /10


A pure Water type Pokemon, Politoed has access to the Drizzle Ability which creates a persist rain effect in battle - powering up Water type Pokemon and powering down Fire types!

This cute little frog has a good movepool with access to some powerful moves, so it makes sense to use it against a whole lot of Fire type Pokemon!


And its happy go lucky charms surely can't fail to put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest of trainers!

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