The Best PVP Pokemon for Pokemon Go PVP Battle League

With so much choice it can be hard to decide which Pokemon to use for PVP. It's even tougher when you can't just use Zacian! Fortunately, we've got you covered.

Updated on Oct 27, 2023
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The Best PVP Pokemon for Pokemon Go PVP Battle League

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Master League

In Master League, anything goes. Literally any Pokemon available in Pokemon Go can be used in this Battle League, so it can be really hard to choose. PVP battles are tough anyway, but this a whole other level!


Garchomp is a great choice of Pokemon in this Battle League. It's strong, has access to great moves, and can go toe to toe with the best with a max CP of 4479. A Ground and Dragon type Pokemon, Garchomp is one of the best for Battle League PVP.


Some good moves to consider for your Garchomp are:

Dragon Tail / Earth Power / Outrage

These moves make good use of Garchomp's strengths as it has same type attack bonus for all three. Other choices could include Sand Tomb or Mud Shot. Earth Power is good against Steel type Pokemon.

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Meloetta (Aria)

With a max CP of 4490, Meloetta is a powerful and stylish choice. This Legendary Pokemon can dish out hits in Master League and gets a nice spread of moves for it to use.

Meloetta Aria

Master League Moveset for Meloetta (Aria):

Quick Attack / Psyshock / Thunderbolt

Aria Meloetta is a Normal and Psychic type Pokemon, so it's a good idea to make use of its same type attack bonus for these types.


Dialga is a popular Pokemon in any part of the franchise, but in the Master League it's a real beast, easily deserving of a spot on anyone's team. This powerful Pokémon needs good IVs to really dominate, but with that, it's one of the best Pokemon to use.


Dialga Master League moveset:

Dragon Breath / Iron Head / Draco Meteor

Dragon Breath gives good, consistent damage. Iron Head isn't a great move on its own but it provides good coverage for Fairy types and is cheap. Draco Meteor is an attack best held in reserve, but using it once is a good option to destroy the opposition.

Thunder could be a good option instead of Draco Meteor.

Zacian (Hero Form)

Zacian is a popular and powerful Pokemon, and it's dominated in every competitive format. It's also a beast in Pokemon Go Battle League at the Master League level.

Zacian Hero Form

Zacian moveset:

Snarl / Close Combat / Play Rough

Snarl is a good choice to counter Pokemon like Metagross and Giratina. Close Combat is a powerful attack especially useful against Fighting types, and Play Rough gets STAB and can be used to counter Giratina.


Ho-Oh is a popular Pokemon in any format it appears in, and this Legendary Pokemon is a great choice for Master League. With a max CP of 4367 Ho-Oh is a powerful Pokemon!


In terms of its moveset, Ho-Oh is great with these attacks:

Incinerate / Sacred Fire / Brave Bird

Brave Bird as it gets STAB and it's its cheapest Charge move. Sacred Fire is a great choice because it's a powerful move with a chance to debuff the opponent's Attack stat.

Ho-Oh even got itself a spot on this list of the best bird Pokemon!

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Ultra League

There are more restrictions on your Pokemon in Ultra League versus Master League, so here's where it pays to make strategic choices. Since there's a CP cap many excellent Pokemon can't compete - save them for Master League instead!

Galarian Stunfisk

With a max CP of 2445, Galarian Stunfisk is one of the best Pokemon for Ultra League as when it's your Best Buddy it's just under CP cap for Ultra League. This is a big deal as Galarian Stunfisk is a fantastic choice in this league. With fast energy generation, good coverage moves, and great resistances thanks to being a Steel type Pokemon, Galarian Stunfisk is an easy choice.

Galarian Stunfisk

Ultra League moveset for G-Stunfisk:

Mud Shot / Rock Slide / Earthquake

G-Stunfisk needs Mud Shot for fast energy gen to use its Charge moves. Rock Slide is good for coverage. Earthquake is a powerful attack with a cost to match.


Jellicent is a good choice in Ultra League. A Water and Ghost type Pokemon, it gets STAB for both types, and has a nice movepool.


For its Ultra League moveset, this can be a good choice:

Hex / Surf / Shadow Ball

Hex is a great quick attack and offers good coverage for Ghost type, while Surf is Jellicent's cheapest Charge attack. Ice Beam could be used instead of Shadow Ball.


Registeel is a pure Steel type Legendary Pokemon. This Pokemon offers great energy generation, good resistances, and a tanky bulk. This Pokemon is a solid choice in Ultra League.


Registeel Ultra League moveset:

Lock-on / Focus Blast / Flash Cannon

Lock-on is necessary for its amazing energy gen, since both Focus Blast and Flash Cannon are very expensive attacks. If you've got it, Zap Cannon is a good choice instead of Flash Cannon.

Giratina (Altered Forme)

Giratina-A is a serious threat in Ultra League and an easy choice for any team. It gets good neutral coverage against a range of types thanks to its Ghost typing, and has access to some fantastic Charge Moves.

Giratina Altered

Giratina (Altered Forme) moveset:

Shadow Claw / Dragon Claw / Shadow Sneak

Shadow Claw is a good choice of Fast Move, while Dragon Claw is a great Charge Move. Shadow Sneak offers good Ghost type coverage.

Ancient Power can also be used instead of Shadow Sneak for some good coverage for Flying types.

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Great League

Pokemon Go is a game of ups and downs. Due to the structure of its battle league system, many Pokemon are completely unusable in certain Battle Leagues. But while this does mean that some Pokemon don't get a look in, it does add a bit of diversity to teams.

Galarian Stunfisk

G-Stunfisk is every bit as good in Great League as it is in Ultra League, and for the same reasons! It even sports the same moveset.

Galarian Stunfisk

G-Stunfisk Great League moveset:

Mud Shot / Rock Slide / Earthquake

G-Stunfisk needs Mud Shot charge up its Charge moves. Rock Slide is good for coverage, especially against Flying types, and Earthquake is a powerful attack.


Medicham is easily one of the best competitive Pokemon for Great League. Its flexible movepool offers good coverage, and it's a great Pokemon to pair with Steel type Pokemon like G-Stunfisk.


Medicham Great League moveset:

Counter / Psychic / Power-Up Punch


Counter / Psychic / Ice Punch

Psychic is a powerful move and Medicham gets STAB for it. Ice Punch is useful for coverage especially against Flying type Pokémon, but either it or Power-Up Punch can be replaced by Dynamic Punch if more Fighting type moves are needed.

An alternative choice is swapping out Counter for Psycho Cut, but this works better for strategies which rely heavily on Charge attacks.


Trevenant is a good choice of Pokemon for Great League. It has a varied movepool and a nice dual typing of Grass and Ghost.


Trevenant Great League moveset:

Shadow Claw / Seed Bomb / Shadow Ball

Shadow Claw is a brilliant Fast Move and is better for energy than Sucker Punch, while Shadow Ball is a powerful move that also gets STAB. Foul Play could be considered, but its lack of STAB for Trevenant means Shadow Ball is better.

Trevenant is a good choice but may struggle against Normal and Dark type Pokemon, so be aware!


Swampert is a good choice for Great League. Just watch out for Razor Leaf! Swampert is a popular choice and even made it onto this list of the best Ground type Pokemon!


Swampert Great League moveset:

Mud Shot / Hydro Cannon / Sludge Wave

Mud Shot gives good energy gen, while Hydro Cannon is a fantastic and powerful move that blows other Water moves out of the water. Sludge Wave is a good choice against Fairy types, too.

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