Everything You need to Know About Beaming In Roblox

What is beaming in Roblox and what does beaming Roblox items mean? Read this guide to find out everything you need to know.

Updated on Dec 30, 2022
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Everything You need to Know About Beaming In Roblox

Whether it's the real world or in games, scammers will never let you catch a break. At the same time, you may be aware of most of the methods they use to get your bank account emptied, but their methods for looting your Roblox account totally differ. It's best that you are aware of all the tricks they have up their sleeves, so you can spot a shady deal when you see one.

So what exactly is beaming? What are some common beaming methods, and what can you do to avoid them? Let's find out.

What Do Beaming Roblox Items Mean?

Beaming is a slang used in the Roblox community to denote the unlawful and illegitimate selling of Limited items. A scammer steals limited items from rich users and sells them in underground marketplaces. These Limiteds are among the most expensive items in Roblox, and each has an exclusive serial number that further adds to their prestige and value.

But the original user is able to identify their items if they stumble upon them in the said marketplace due to the serial number, which is a plus, but hardly helps in getting the item back.

Roblox Beaming Items

Usually, these marketplaces are discord servers, where the buyer knows that the person they're buying the limited items from has stolen them from somebody else. As sad as this is, the stats prove that beamers can make quite a sum of money through these trades. So it's better to accept that these scammers won't go anywhere and to make yourself aware of their tricks, so you don't fall victim to their games.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Beaming Methods?

Beamers have quite a few fool-proof ways with which they can bait people, especially children, into their traps. Some of these occur in-game, while others methods make the use of suspicious Roblox links that can collect your Roblox account data. All of these methods were leaked by beamers themselves on discord servers.

Roblox Beaming Methods

JavaScript Methods

These methods make use of a script that can extract your data while you browse. The code in these scripts works to spy on your browser activity, and whenever you put your browser on Roblox, a cookie is directly sent to the beamer. Another instance of this method in action is when a suspicious bookmark gets added to your browser. When the user opens the link, a cookie will be sent to the beamer through the use of a discord server webhook.

Inspect Element

This is also called Rolimon's Method. This method depends on a website that goes by the name of Rolimons, and it makes use of the inspect element feature that is part of almost every browser. A beamer will locate the item they want to hunt on this website and then use the inspect method to track down the specific users that are in possession of that limited.

Once they have the username for that person, they can simply stalk their victim and wait for the right time for a confrontation or approach them directly. This is a widely popular method as almost every beam start from here.

UUC Method

The UUC method is one of the most effective and unanimously hated beaming methods in Roblox. The beamer will activate trading on their account and will then bait the users for this method to work. Essentially, they first locate a victim and follow them around. They then make a stupid bet with the said user that they're bound to lose and put a limited skin on the line. Basically, they make the victim believe that they will win something out of this.

Roblox UUC Method

This is followed by them refusing their victim's trade offer, and in return, the beamers say that it must have glitched out from their end. The beamer will then ask their victim to send a trade offer from their end. Doing this will spell demise for the user. Instead of accepting their victim's trade offer, they will run a few API links, which will allow them to successfully beam your limiteds. It's best to turn off random trades in your account, and don't accept any, even if you receive an offer.

How To Avoid Getting Beamed?

If you are aware of the more common methods of beaming, then you're already safer than most of the people out there. Nevertheless, beamers have a way of always getting through your defenses. There are several things that you should remember in order to avoid falling victim to an attack.

Click Suspicious Roblox Links

The most important thing is to never click suspicious Roblox links. You may find suspicious Roblox links in your emails, on social media, and even through direct messages into your Roblox account.

If you click suspicious Roblox links, the beamer will be able to get your account data through Roblox phishing methods. These links may offer you free Robux or even seem like an offer to play Roblox together.

Roblox Phising Links

There are no websites that give free Robux. The few legitimate websites that do give free Robux will never ask random people to go into other players' message boxes and advertise their links. So whenever you receive a link promising free Robux from a random person or account, it should be an instant sign of phishing.

Install Suspicious Applications

Many times, beamers will get you to install suspicious applications onto your computers. These may get onto your computer if you accept the free Robux offer. It can also be downloaded by clicking free Robux advertisements on any website.

This application can effectively extract your Roblox account information and send it directly to the beamer, making them aware of your own Roblox items. It's always a good rule of thumb to stay away from websites that show too many suspicious Roblox links or ads and install an ad-blocker on your browser if necessary to stay protected.

Try to remove any suspicious applications that you find on your computer as well. You can also join some of the best Robux giveaways if you’re looking to earn some free Robux.

Beware Of Friendly Randoms

Games like the Pet simulator are usually where scam occurs. Most of the players in this game are rich and have many Roblox items, making them a perfect fishing ground for beams. In order to beam people, the scammer will seemingly act as a good guy to their victim and will later message and try to befriend them.

Eventually, the same person may try to extract sensitive information from them, like a pbuttword or login information. If you have bought an expensive skin, and are afraid that it may get beamed, then you can just refund the item in Roblox.

Roblox friends

It should go without saying that even if you have known someone for a long time on Roblox, you should never share your login information with anyone, least of all your pbuttword. A beamer can get into your account even with little information.

To explain it better, if they get your email, they can brute force your account until they log on. This basically makes use of one guess after another in short succession to figure out the actual pbuttword of your account. Yes, there are beamers who are this determined to get to your limit. So it's best practice to stay alert around randoms and away from games and links that are notorious for phishing your information.

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