The Complete Gudie about the Rocket League Pass

The Rocket Pass is a time-limited progression system that players can buy into. Buying the Rocket Pass for Rocket League will let you earn new content in the game which can only be earned in the game if you've paid for the Rocket Pass. However, there are still some items you can find in the game without buying the most recent season pass.

How does the Rocket Pass Works

Rocket Pass runs alongside the progression system in Rocket League. It uses that system to reward you with a new Rocket Pass tier each time you level up. Going up the tiers will unlock special new items for you which are unique to this season of Rocket League. Everyone starts at Tier 1 regardless of their overall Rocket League level. To move up through the Tiers, you need to reach a new Rocket League account level. This means going from Level 30 to Level 31 or improving from Level 95 to Level 96 instead.

You can Buy Rocket Pass Tiers

Buying tiers is also an option. They can be bought as singles or in a bundle but there are some limits currently in place. You can buy Tiers at most Rocket Pass levels but this slowly decreases as you move up the ladder.

  • Tiers 1 - 40 can purchase any Tier bundle amount while in this range
  • Tiers 41-58 can purchase up to 12 Tiers
  • Tiers 59-64 are limited to only being able to purchase up to 6 Tiers
  • Tiers 65-69 can only purchase one Tier at a time
  • Tiers 70 or above can no longer buy Tiers, they must earn them via in-game progression

While those who are Tier 59 or above can purchase Rocket Pass Premium, they cannot purchase the Premium +12 Tiers bundle. Tier 70 is the final Tier on the pass with a new reward but you can still level it up higher to the Pro Tiers.

What are Pro Tiers?

Anything past Tier 70 is called a “Pro Tier” and reaching these will still reward you. There are no new rewards here but you will be rewarded with a painted and/or certified version of a previous Rocket Pass reward instead. These rewards are given out from Tier 71.

Not all of the Rocket Pass rewards from that season will be eligible for the Pro Tiers. The eligible items can change every season but there are no duplicate rewards here. Only once you've obtained the full sets of each Paint Color and Certification available in the Rocket Pass will you see duplicate rewards. Most of these rewards can also be traded with other players.

The Free Rocket Pass will give you access to the Pro Tiers as well. You don't need the Premium Rocket Pass to reach the Pro Tiers.


All Rocket League players have the chance to complete different challenges as part of the Rocket Pass. There are Weekly and Season challenges attached to the type of Rocket Pass you have access to.
With a free Rocket Pass, you will get three new Weekly Challenges every week to complete however, the Premium Rocket Pass gives you an additional three each week. Buying the Rocket Pass will also give you twice as many Season Challenges as the free version. Completing these challenges will give you rewards such as items, XP and other drops.
Each new Season of Rocket League comes with a brand new Rocket Pass and new Season Challenges too. Completing 22 or more of these Free challenges will also give you a Challenges Season Reward giving you the chance of getting a Rare, Very Rare or Import rated Drop Item.

What's the Difference between the Free and the Premium Rocket Pass?

There is only one Rocket Pass; however, players can pay an additional fee for a chance to unlock more rewards. Staying with the Free Rocket Pass will still let you level up Tiers and unlock new rewards as you do.
The Premium Pass is an upgrade to the existing free Rocket Pass. It uses the same tier system as explained above however, it comes with some bonuses. Buying into this allows you to earn the normal free rewards for each Tier gained but it also gives you the premium rewards for the Tiers. You will also start at Tier 1 like everyone on the Free Rocket Pass.

In short: The Premium Rocket Pass is an upgraded version of the Free base version that gives you additional rewards.

Rocket Pass Seasons

Psyonix will announce the start and end date of the new season but the duration can vary between seasons. For example, Season 2 started in December 2020 and ended in March 2021 but Season 3 started in March 2021 and ended in August 2021. Seasons can be much shorter or longer than the previous season. However, they usually average around 3 – 5 months per season.

Rocket League will have several Rocket Pass seasons per year. Psyonix estimates that it will take around 60 hours to complete the free version ( but it could be faster with Double XP weekends and other in-game events. With the additional Premium Rocket Pass content, it could take around 100 hours to complete with Double XP boosts and other boosters.

How much does the Premium Rocket Pass Cost?

The Premium Rocket Pass can be bought for $9.99 USD. Alternatively, 1000 Credits can also be used to unlock the additional content for the Rocket Pass. These Credits can be bought for real money or earned in the game giving players the option to unlock the Premium Rocket Pass for free. It's also possible to buy a Premium Rocket Pass Season Bundle that also unlocks the first 12 Tiers for 2000 Credits.

You can buy the Rocket Pass once with real money and use it to gain Credits in the game that can then be used to buy each new season of the Rocket Pass. So no need to spend money every season. If you decide to use your Credits for the Rocket Pass then you'll need to keep saving them and avoid spending them on items in the game.