RuneScape File Size For Each Platform [Latest Patch]

Discover the latest download size of RuneScape for both PC and mobile versions!

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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RuneScape File Size For Each Platform [Latest Patch]

For those of you who may not know, the storage size listed in any game's requirements is always higher than the game's download size. That's because the download size is compressed, and once the game installs, its size increases. The same applies to RuneScape, which requires 8 gigabytes of storage space, much larger than its actual download size. Besides, each new update can change the download size, so it's pretty challenging to find this information unless you download the game and discover it yourself. Just for our readers, we'll reveal the actual and most up-to-date download size of RuneScape, along with other fascinating particulars about this game, so keep scrolling if you're interested in (re)playing this game.

Where Can I Play RuneScape?

You can play RuneScape on PC (Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux), Android, and iOS. Additionally, RuneScape is available on GeForce Now cloud gaming service. If you're a Nintendo Switch owner, you'd be delighted to know that Jagex developers have mentioned the possibility of a Switch version, which is realistic considering how they managed to make a mobile version.

What Is The Download Size Of RuneScape?

The download size of RuneScape is 3.6 gigabytes for PC and 4.1 gigabytes for mobile devices. Check out how many gigabytes RuneScape depending on the platform here:

Surprisingly, the download size of a mobile version is larger than a PC version, which we don't see that often. Also, remember that you'll need to download around 200 MB for the Steam client if you're playing on a PC.

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Where Can I Download RuneScape?

You can download RuneScape on Steam and the official website (PC), Google Play or third-party websites (Android), and App Store (iOS).

Time-hallowed MMORPG Sensation

RuneScape, AKA RuneScape 3, first appeared in 2001. There weren't that many MMORPG games to choose from back then, other than EverQuest, Lineage, and such, so RuneScape was the number one choice of many gamers. More than 20 years later, RuneScape remains beloved by gamers worldwide. Jagex's determination to release RuneScape on Steam and the mobile version in 2018 allowed this company to cash in on RuneScape like never before, making over $156 million in 2020. So what's so impressive about RuneScape, and how did it manage to keep the player base for more than two decades?


When you look at this game, you'll realize that it doesn't stand out as one of the best-looking MMORPG titles; quite contrary, its graphics are nothing to get excited about. It can be pretty grindy, and PvP is almost non-existent. And yet, there are over 200 million accounts created in total, with over 150 000 players per day.

One of the main reasons for these numbers is that RuneScape is a nostalgia-driven game that takes many players back into their youth or childhood. And for all RuneScape veterans, Jagex Games Studio has released an Old School Runescape on PC and mobile devices, which takes nostalgia to the next level.

Both RuneScape versions are now so widely available, so anyone can go back to the past, even while on the go. RuneScape is meant to be played in the long run, and it's designed as a slow burner by giving the players a sense of accomplishment and progression. The quests featured in this game take plenty of effort and usually consist of puzzles, riddles, harrowing battles versus epic bosses, etc. Furthermore, a stable player count literally attracts new players and prevents the game from "dying."


Without a doubt, RuneScape has a huge potential to celebrate its 30th birthday, especially when you consider how Steam's release and mobile versions have greatly increased its popularity. And if for nothing else, this game deserves all the respect for its age, so let's hope that RuneScape will remain active for many more years. So if you'd like to try out RuneScape for the first time, keep in mind that you'll be immersed in exploring this vast MMORPG world full of lovable companions, deceitful villains, and memorable NPC characters. 

Whether you prefer playing solo or in groups, you can expect thousands of hours of non-stop entertainment in RuneScape.

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