Vandal vs Phantom | Which is one better

Vandal vs Phantom, which one is better for Valorant? Discover all details and statistics about Vandal and Phantom weapons. Be the best player today! 
Vandal vs Phantom | Which is one better

Since Riot Games' shooter, Valorant, came into our lives a year ago, there have been two rifles that have undoubtedly ranked high among gamers. Both Vandal and Phantom are the two weapons that we see the most in any of our games, and both have positive points to get us in our rounds. Even so, we bring you the strengths of each of them so that you know what you should do according to your style of play. Let's see vandal vs phantom which one better Valorant!

Imagine this scenario in VALORANT: You go into the buy phase with just the right amount of credits for heavy armor, a couple of skills, and most importantly, a rifle. But which weapon do you choose: Phantom or Vandal? Here's how the two weapons compare to each other.

All you need to know about the Phantom

vandal vs phantom which one better valorant

Phantom Weapon Statistics

Fire ModeFully Automatic
Headshot Damage156, 140, 124
Body Damage39, 35, 31
Leg Damage33, 29, 26
Range15/30/50 meters
Magazine Size30
Fire rate11

Pros of the Phantom

  • Fast fire rate, which helps you to deal more damage.
  • Silenced, to be unheard by enemies most of the time. 
  • Thrives in close to mid range encounters.
  • Controllable spray pattern, which can help you to improve your precision.
  • Big charger, so help you shoot more bullets before reloading.
  • Better spray transfer and better recoil, which helps you miss fewer shots.

Phantom Cons

  • Damage drops at the 15 to 30m mark, so try to use it closer. 
  • Reduced damage again at 30 to 50m range. In short, if you are very far away from your target you will not deal much damage.

All you need to know about Vandal

vandal vs phantom which one better valorant

Vandal Weapon Statistics

COST 2,900
Fire ModeFully Automatic
Headshot Damage160
Body Damage40
Leg Damage34
Range50 meters
Magazine Size25
Rate of Fire9.75
Wall penetrationMedium

Pros of the Vandal

  • The better of the two weapons in terms of range.
  • One shot, one kill at the 50m mark. This makes it perfect if you like to shoot from far away.
  • Perfect for playing in almost all of the maps.

Vandal Cons

  • Slow rate of fire, usually you need to click once to shoot a bullet and then do it again.
  • Erratic spray and recoil pattern, It means that you have to be careful not to hold the click down too long when shooting, because you will miss a lot of shots.
  • Small charger, so you have less bullets to shoot before reloading. 
  • Worst spray transfer, so you should better control your aim after each shot.

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Vandal is the best option for headshots

It all depends on your Valorant player style and aim. For example, for players who are used to Valve's shooter CS:GO, the right choice seems to be Vandal because of its resemblance to the AK-47 assault rifle. This rifle is capable of one-shot kills to the head, either from close or long range. Still, it's really hard to control because of the gust. If we fail (and we are inexperienced with this type of game), our burst of shots will be imprecise, and controlling the spray without stopping shooting becomes almost impossible.

vandal vs phantom which one better valorant

On the other hand, players who are just starting out or who do not trust their AIM as much, usually go for Phantom. Although its damage is lower in the head, it is a much easier weapon to control if we make bursts. Also, one of the reasons pros choose this option is because their magazine is larger, and they can spend more time not thinking about reloading throughout a round.

Phantom is the best option for beginners

Despite the clear advantage that Vandal rifle has over Phantom rifle, you must take into account your skills and experience in shooter games. For example, Phantom can be an awesome option if you're a new player in the game who doesn't yet know the difference between maps and agent abilities.

vandal vs phantom which one better in valorant

Also, Phantom is a perfect choice if you're looking for a weapon that can work properly on almost any map (although there are exceptions) and suits your player's gameplay.

Finally, Vandal is not an easy weapon to wield and master compared to Phantom, but Vandal's damage pays off nicely when you manage to properly wield this powerful weapon. On the other hand, you may be interested in how to get free skins Valorant and get the best skin for your weapon easily, check the article!

How do I choose between Vandal and Phantom?

In terms of stats, Vandal slightly outclasses Phantom. Its one-shot, good recoil, good gun recovery time, one-kill potential means it's a reliable weapon when touched. In a long corridor or on an open site, the Vandal is sure to be the best choice when it comes to rifles.

But due to the nature of VALORANT's tight quarters maps, the Phantom shouldn't be underestimated. In a long-range firefight on a map like Breeze, Vandal comes out on top. But up close and personal somewhere like Icebox, Phantom is king.

vandal vs phantom which one better valorant

The Phantom's fast fire rate and five extra bullets add up to a huge amount of damage. It may not be the best tapping gun, but spraying is a whole different story. It is easy to control and its spray pattern is much more consistent than the Vandal.

The Phantom's lack of bullet tracers also gives it a distinct advantage. Easily win by spraying through fumes or by running and shooting.

Vandal is better option than Phantom for most of the maps 

The Vandal struggles with its erratic spray control and is inconsistent in close-range fights. But a well-timed blow to the head will still average a kill. Our recommendation, use Vandal most of the time to have a good chance of winning the round when attacking, but be careful, in short range maps you should use Phantom to attack and defend efficiently

In other words, the choice is yours. Phantom and Vandal have their strengths and weaknesses, benefiting from different scenarios. Map, site, position, and play style all need to be considered when choosing between the two weapons, but many players prefer Vandal because of its utility and damage in almost all cases.

vandal vs phantom which one better valorant

Do you prefer to get up close range with your enemy? Choose the Phantom. Do you prefer to sit in one place and wait for your moment? Consider choosing the Vandal specially if you need to defend your spike!

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