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What does Valorant mean?

Valorant is our favorite FPS here at The Global Gaming. But why is it called Valorant, and what does Valorant mean? Find out here!
What does Valorant mean?

Valorant is not the first game Riot Games created, that title goes to League of Legends - arguably the most successful Esports game in the industry. League of Legends lore is like no other, meaning that as an owner, Riot Games had to be very meticulous about what name they would create for their first person shooter.

What does Valorant Mean?

To know what Valorant means as a title of the FPS, we must first learn where the word derives from. The answer to this is that the word Valorant is a play on words of “Valor” meaning, “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle”.

When coming up with the title Valorant, they needed to make sure that the name worked in any language. For example, in Spanish, Valorant is the verb form of the word “Valorar”, which means “to value”.

Was Valorant always called Valorant?

This is pretty fitting for what you do when playing Valorant. Run into battle, fighting opponents. In the closed beta, Valorant had the codename Project A. Was this because Riot had not thought of a word or title for their newest game, or was the game once called something else?

The answer to this is, probably. As a free Esports game, Valorant had to have a catchy title, and whilst Project A is catchy, it doesn’t exactly stand out. The game title also needs to epitomise what happens when you play. As you now know, if you didn’t already, when playing Valorant, you do exactly what it says on the tin!

The meaning of Valorant in-game

Inside Valorant, the word is actually the name of the earth’s defenders - The VALORANT Protocol. Most of the agents you can play are part of the VALORANT Protocol. The name of the game being tied in with events that occur within is a very clever continuity aspect Riot implemented.

Sage has a voice line of “Stand Tall. We are Valorant. We are fighters!”. This occurs when a round starts occasionally, which backs up the continuity of the game. Or … what if this a sign that the agents know they are in a game?

Either way, fan theories would go crazy, whatever word was used to title the free FPS. All we can say for sure is that love or hate the game, the title sure is perfect!

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