[Gender Reveal] Find out if Ash is a girl or boy!

Is Ash a girl? Or maybe a boy? Let's find out!

Updated on Jan 23, 2023
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[Gender Reveal] Find out if Ash is a girl or boy!

Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royal, Apex Legends has a diverse cast of playable LGBTQ Legends in its ever-evolving roster, where a new Legend is revealed along with a compelling backstory every season. While some of the characters like Bloodhound who is non-binary, do not expose a specific gender, players are often curious to figure it out by what has been officially confirmed by Apex Legends writers. One of the characters whose sexual orientation is nonconforming is Ash, made her way into Apex Legends during Season 11, Escape.

Same as the other Apex Legends LGBTQ characters, Ash's Lore provides enough clues to determine her sexuality alongside the personality, interests, traits and abilities reflected in the gameplay. However, discover how your perception corresponds to the reality of Ash's gender in this article.

Is Ash a girl or boy?

Ash is either girl nor boy in Apex Legends, but a simulacrum, meaning a robotic soldier who has a consciousness similar to a human. Having said that, Ash is not the first character who reflects this personality among the rest of other Apex Legends LGBTQ characters while the Revenant is in the same plight. Of course, Ash's past has reshaped her identity, emphasizing humanized traits to reflect her human life in her tragic backstory from Outlands.

It comes as no surprise that the Respawn Entertainment is constantly in an attempt to creating characters whose figures are inspired by their past stories interconnected with the rest of the Legends. Similarly, Ash, once used to be a human who's known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid clearly signifies an unsympathetic and calculating personality along with the power-greedy attitude of Dr.Reid. After being transferred into a mechanical body with her human mind, the Respawn Entertainment has explicitly stated that Ash is a simulacrum who was added as one of the playable characters in Apex Legends.

Who is Ash in Apex Legends?

Though you noticed Ash's debut in the launch trailer of season 11, Escape, surprisingly it was not her first emergence in the game of Apex Legends. For many players who do not know much about Ash, she may be just another one of the queer characters and apparently a iniquitous simulcrum having a sidekick rat, visible in some of trailers and her finishers.

If you love the Arenas in Apex Legends, you'd probably identify Ash's monotone voice as a default announcer in the mode. But the Respawn Entertainment made her teased in Apex Legends season 5, appearing in the story of the event "Broken Ghost". Since then her addition as a playable character to the Legends' roster in the game was fans' hope in the upcoming seasons. Finally Ash made her way to Apex Legends as an Offensive Legend, widening its diverse cast.

Ash's Lore

You can notice how the story of Ash's lore is remarkably connected to the Apex Legends briefing her history in the past seasons. The Respawn Entertainment revealed in season 7's Stories from the Outlands - Promise that Horizon (also known as Dr. Mary Somers) was betrayed by Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the real name of Ash who was born in Frontier in Titanfall Universe. She was an apprentice of Dr.Mary Somers for the Project Iris. Both were on a mission in the search for a shard of Branthium to prove its existence and Dr.Reid was responsible for the tragic incident where she left Dr.Mary to die in the black hole and claimed for the Branthium.

Later, Dr.Reid was hired by a group, the creators of Pathfinder, who was looking to improve the Branthium into a powerful resource which could solve the energy crisis afflicting the Outlands. However, Dr.Reid was plotting different plans and was stabbed and wounded nearly to death by Dr.Amelie Paquette leaving her to die in an attempt of a betrayal and stealing the Branthium.

Eventually, Respawn Entertainment brought Ash back as a new Legend, in Apex Legends season 11, Escape, launch trailer, which shows that apparently Kuben Blisk’s men rescued Dr.Reid and then transformed into a simulacrum at her request. At the first glimpse her sexuality looks like non specified, same as some of Apex Legends LGBTQ characters but her lore is super important to tell more on how she is affected by her female character of the human portion, Dr.Reid.

It's known that Ash became one of the mercenary pilots of the group of Apex predators who run Apex Games. She was also entrusted by Blisk to run the Arenas of Apex Games which was introduced to the Apex Legends during season 9.

Is Ash good?

It's worth mentioned that Ash makes herself a versatile character in Apex Legends and fun to play with. Though it's expressed through one of Ash's voice lines, "I will crush everything stands in my way. Everything. ", how villainous her feelings are, none of her abilities are specifically geared to cause a great amount of damage. Having said that, her abilities truly outsmart the enemies while you play as a team or solo in Apex Legends. However, she is not a good pick for Arenas, as her pbuttive ability, Phase Breach, is not ideal for the confined maps.

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