How to add special symbols to your name in COD Mobile?

We'll show you how to add special symbols for your COD mobile username, which works perfectly well for android devices and iOS devices.
How to add special symbols to your name in COD Mobile?

Call of Duty mobile is a game that offers a wide variety of skins, not only for guns but for their soldiers as well. However, you won't have 100% exclusivity in that, but you can have a totally unique name that other players won't.

How to add symbols and cool fonts to your username in Call of Duty Mobile?

If you want to customize for you a new nickname when you play Call of Duty mobile, then you have to be aware that to create them and have a stylish name, you need to use certain websites where you can copy special characters and write stylish names for your Call of Duty mobile player profile. Follow these steps to add symbols for your Call of Duty mobile name.

  1. Search for a website where you can copy any symbols to write stylish names.
  2. An example of a website with different symbols to create a stylish name would be
  3. Create your new nickname with various symbols to show off to your friends when you play.
  4. Press copy to save your new name with different symbols on the clipboard.
  5. Once you've obtained Call of duty mobile from the Google Play Store launch the game.
  6. On the player profile, search for the change name icon.Change_Name
  7. Paste in your new stylish name with special symbols.

Know that to achieve this, you need a 'Rename Card' which is only available for CP, the currency of the game. From now, when you're playing whether on Android or iOS, your new name with special symbols will be the one displayed in your character profile.

How to purchase a 'Rename Card'?

To change COD mobile names you need a 'Rename Card', as mentioned before, these are only available for 350 CP in the store, and to buy one of these you have to follow these steps.

  1. In the COD mobile menu tap on 'Store'.Main_menu
  2. Select the 'Item' tab.
  3. Tap on 'Rename Card'.Rename_Card
  4. Press 'Buy' and confirm your purchase.

Although having a new stylish name and add special symbols in COD mobile does cost money due to the 'Rename Card', if you want to take the game more seriously, you might want to change it. Gaming in COD mobile is all about being remembered and recognized, so make sure to choose a name that has a lot of style so everyone fears your character.

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