2The Top 10 Worst Call Of Duty Campaign Missions Ever Made

Almost every game has a mission or segment that isn't quite the best, but these are truly awful. Here are the worst COD missions ever put to screen.
2The Top 10 Worst Call Of Duty Campaign Missions Ever Made

Every Call of Duty game has a mission or two that isn't quite as fun as the rest of the game, and some COD campaigns certainly have more than others.

From the golden child of the Call of Duty games in the Modern Warfare campaign trilogy, to the other standalones such as Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare, every game has a bad mission.

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Whether it's made by Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer games, these are our picks for the worst Call of Duty missions from Call of Duty campaigns across the entire franchise, in descending order.


Takedown (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)

Call of Duty Takedown Gameplay

Starting off our list is the infamous Favela mission from Modern Warfare 2, which many players actually enjoyed. The mission starts showing the dangers of modern conflict, with the player facing an ambush while exploring the favelas.

The real issue with this mission is how tedious and annoying much of the gameplay is. Enemies can essentially appear from any corner or rooftop, even after a player has cleared that area.

This means even when the player thinks they are safe, they are almost always a sitting duck for a hidden enemy. This mission's story, character development, and ability to move the plot forward saves it from falling further down the list


Strike Force Missions (Call of Duty Black Ops II)

Call of Duty Strike Force gameplay

In these missions, the player must take control and command a group of other soldiers and drones, adding an element of RTS gameplay.

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Unfortunately, this RTS feels extremely unpolished, and although having it affect the last mission and the end of the campaign is a nice way to tie these missions in smoothly, it really isn't fun to play.

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Death From Above (Call of Duty Modern Warfare)

Call of Duty Death From Above gameplay

From the Modern Warfare game that started it all, this mission puts the player is the first mission that puts the player in the cockpit of an AC130. 

Unfortunately, this is a relatively boring mission, lacking any real challenge or variation. One of those Call of Duty missions that is fun to experience once, but has almost zero replay value, with your only challenge being to avoid committing any war crimes.

Although it does not take away from the overall campaign story too much, this is one mission players may wish to skip through if replaying the game.


Old Wounds (Call of Duty Black Ops II)

Call of Duty Old Wounds gameplay

Taking the main characters of Woods and David Mason to the Middle East, Call of Duty Black Ops II fails to deliver on what starts off as an interesting mission. 

Although this mission pushes the story forward well, it is not very fun to play, with an extremely botched and unsatisfying attempt at gameplay riding camels, with little rest from struggling with the God-awful controls.

This, combined with a distinct lack of fun combat, or any combat at all, is enough to make it one of the least played missions in the Black Ops series.


No Russian (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)

Call of Duty No Russian gameplay

This mission starts with the infamous line "no Russian" from Makarov, arguably COD's most hated villain.

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The player must then complete a terrorist attack in an airport, using civilians as a shooting gallery. Aside from the obvious moral dilemma with a terrorist attack, the fact is that this mission is extremely boring, once you get over the initial shock.

There is no challenge, and nothing particularly interesting in this Modern Warfare mission from Infinity Ward, and aside from moving the plot forward, this mission can gleefully be skipped upon replay.


Blood & Iron (Call of Duty World at War)

Call of Duty Blood & Iron gameplay

Set during World War 2, this mission starts with the player in control of T-34 Tank, taking on the Germans.

Although it does move the campaign story forward, much like the Modern Warfare mission "death from above", this mission loses its thrill very quickly.

After a few minutes of tearing through German soldiers with your flamethrower, the excitement of the fighting wears off, leaving nothing but a pretty boring mission of mowing down enemies ahead.


S.O.G / Crash Site (Call of Duty Black Ops)

Call of Duty Crash Site gameplay

The soundtrack for these missions is excellent, but the gameplay? Not so much. The inclusion of classic war tracks such as "Fortunate Son" and "Sympathy for the Devil" really gives the illusion of some epic fight about to break out.

Unfortunately, these Call of Duty Black Ops missions sees the player spend most of the damn game sitting around in the back of a jeep, or in the second mission piloting a boat, with nothing interesting going on.

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Atlas (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)

Call of Duty Atlas gameplay

The second mission of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare begins as something pretty fun, as the player must rescue the president from Camp David.

About five minutes in, everything slows, and it's revealed the whole mission is actually a training simulation, with the battle losing all meaning.

Once the training simulation twist is revealed, you essentially redo everything you just played through, but with new weapons and equipment. It's an extremely boring mission, and definitely something most players will want to forget.


Loki (Call of Duty Ghosts)

Call of Duty Loki gameplay

Long before Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare and the futuristic gameplay of those games, this Call of Duty Ghosts mission takes place on a space station, which sounds extremely cool.

Loki takes an interesting twist on the Call of Duty series, and makes it extremely boring and tedious. 

Not only is this mission one of the most boring of an already lacking campaign, but the amazing set piece makes this fumble even more frustrating.


Birds of Prey (Call of Duty Ghosts)

Call of Duty Birds of Prey gameplay

Here it is. By far the worst COD mission from all of the Call of Duty games. The player is put inside an Apache helicopter, which on the surface sounds like it could be exciting. It's not.

A relatively short mission (thank God), Call of Duty Ghosts delivers the blandest and most annoying level design, seeing the player fly around and shoot down some enemy aircraft before landing.

Unsurprisingly, Call of Duty Ghosts tops the list, and we recommend avoiding Call of Duty Ghosts' campaign in general, especially the Birds of Prey mission. Unless, of course, you enjoy pure pain.

And that's our list! Make sure to try out some of the games above to see for yourself - entries such as Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops have generally good campaigns, so their poor missions shouldn't harm your enjoyment too much.

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