What's the average CS:GO rank?

One standard answer we hear from people when asked about their skills in CS:GO is “I'm average.” But what does that actually mean?

average CSGO Rank

This time, we'll take a look at the largest community of players — the average ones. What rank does an average player have, what skills do they possess, and what makes them different from above-average players? 

What is an average CS:GO rank?

The average rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Gold Nova III. Having this rank means representing approximately the top 50% of all players. That said, you are favored to win 50 out of 100 CS:GO duels — and that's actually a pretty average result. While this may seem counter-intuitive, if you have a rank higher than Gold Nova III, you are classified as an above-average level player!

What skills does the Gold Nova 3 player represent?

Anyone who has tried their hand at CS:GO knows how high the skill-cap is. So, what skills in such a complex game must a player possess to be called “average”? 

We are talking about a significant portion of players here, and many of them have different problems. Generally, Gold Nova III players should have no problem with the basics of the game. They should know how the game works, what the map objectives are, how to buy weapons, etc. These things may seem obvious to many, but keep in mind that the entire Silver division (Silver I — Silver Elite Master) consists of players who have trouble with this. 

To summarize, besides knowing the general gameplay rules, Gold Nova III players usually:

  • Know the basics of in-game economics (When to play an eco round, when to buy, when to force
  • Warm up in some way before the game
  • Have a good idea where certain places on the map are
  • Know CS:GO slang at a relatively good level
  • Have other in-game settings than the standard ones (crosshair, resolution, Viewmodel)
  • Know some basic grenade lineups
  • Are aware of how much playing in a premade squad gives

However, many of these players treat the game as entertainment, and the skills represented by them are far different from what we can see at the major tournaments. Usually, the gameplay itself is far from perfect, and you could spot many fundamental mistakes, but still — most average players don’t consider it a problem.

What divides a Gold Nova III player from a pro?

Well, the thing that plays an important (if not the most important) role here is the time commitment. Most gamers treat CS:GO as a from break their daily routine, where for these pros, it's virtually a full-time job. For example, one of the Counter-Strike pro scene’s most prominent veterans, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, has over 10,000 hours played on his Steam account, which gives a total of 416 days. Moreover, it wasn’t just thousands of hours spent playing ranked games, but training, analyzing, and working out the weak points.

If you want to get from the average to the pro level, be ready for a lot of work and sacrifices, just like in any other sport. Now you know precisely what the term “average player” means in CS:GO. However, if you have a rank lower than Gold Nova III and are worried about being below average — easy, it takes time. Consider checking out our other articles that may help you become a better CS:GO player.