7 Effective Methods To Solve Fortnite Error Code 20

Fortnite Error Code 20 is related to party lobby issues. Here are 7 methods that will fix it once and for all!

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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7 Effective Methods To Solve Fortnite Error Code 20

Every game has its bugs and errors. Epic Games’ Fortnite isn’t anything different, meeting its players with Fortnite error codes, be it on the PC or Nintendo Switch.

One of these Fortnite error codes is Fortnite Error Code 20. So if you’ve encountered this error code, don’t worry because here you’ll learn why you’re getting it and how to fix Error Code 20 Fortnite, to start winning again!


The Reasons behind Fortnite Error Code 20

You’ll be met with Fortnite Error Code 20 when you try to join a party lobby to play with your friends. There’ll be an error message along the lines of “Failed to join party”, like Error Code 93. Whatever the error message, Fortnite Error Code 20 appears because of issues regarding the party lobby. Here’s why the party lobby may mess up causing you Fortnite error codes like Error Code 20:

  • The Fortnite game hasn’t loaded properly
  • Your VPN is intervening with the Fortnite game
  • A problem due to Epic Games’ friends' list
  • The party mode’s set on Private
  • Issues with the Internet connection or Epic Games’ server

Knowing why you’re getting Fortnite Error Code 20 is key because next, you’ll learn exactly how to fix it to start playing with the rarest pickaxes out there!

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 20

Restart Fortnite and Device

The first solution you can try to fix Fortnite Error Code 20 is to restart the game and your device (PC/Xbox/Nintendo Switch). The game knows to mess up with the program files and game files when you try to join a party, so the best solution is to restart it alongside your PC.

To restart the Fortnite game on your PC, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then select the Processes tab above and locate any Epic Games and Fortnite-related processes, such as the game or the Epic Games launcher. When you find them, select them and click on End Task.


After this, launch Fortnite through the Epic Games launcher, and try to join a party to see if you can play with the best Marvel skins. If the error code still persists, then you’ll have to take more drastic measures to fix this issue out of all the Fortnite error codes.

Disable VPN

The second solution you can try to fix Fortnite Error Code 20 is to disable your VPN if you’re using one that is. The VPN’s proxy servers may be interfering with the party lobby which can cause you a plethora of Fortnite error codes such as Error Code 20.

Disabling your VPN depends on what app you use for VPN. You can disable it directly through the app, or through the System Tray option. The System Tray is the little arrow located on the Task Bar below. Click the arrow, find your VPN’s icon, right-click it and select Disable/Exit.


This can also increase your Internet connection speed for faster Fortnite gameplay and to prevent other issues with game files or error codes. Though you’ll have to do something else if you’re suffering from packet loss. Nevertheless, if Fortnite Error Code 20 still persists, follow the solutions below as the problem may be more serious.

Join Lobby through Epic Games Account

The third solution you can try to fix Fortnite Error Code 20 is to add your friend through their Epic Games account and join their lobby from there. This can help you out fixing several error codes such as Error Code 93 and Error Code 91. Here’s how to join your friend’s party by adding them through their Epic account:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher
  2. Find the friends’ list option which is the circle on the top right with 2 people
  3. Select the Add Friend on the Epic launcher and add your friends here
  4. Open Fortnite and open the friends’ list on the left
  5. Scroll below until you reach the Epic Games friends list
  6. Find the friend you’ve just added and join their lobby here


This issue is mostly caused because of corrupted Epic Games files, but this should’ve fixed the issue preventing other Fortnite error codes for you to enjoy the best SMGs. Though if you’re still being hit with Fortnite Error Code 20, don’t worry as there are still solutions left you can try.

Change Party Type to Public

This next solution is more for the party leader who’s hosting the party rather than yourself. What he has to do is change the party mode to Public. This should be standard practice to prevent error codes regarding Fortnite parties. Here’s how to change the party type to Public:

  1. Open Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher
  2. Select the option on the top left with the little people icon
  3. Click on the Gear icon to open Settings
  4. Click on the Party Privacy option
  5. Select the Public option to change the party mode


This will change the party type to Public within the game files, ensuring you and your friends can safely prevent Fortnite Error Code 20 and play with the best bows freely. Though if the error code still isn’t fixed, there are 2 more solutions you can try.

Restart the Router and PC

Sometimes bad Internet connection and slow Internet speed can cause error codes, including Fortnite Error Code 20. If a player’s Internet is bad, then the game prevents them from entering a party, so what you can try is to restart your router and PC/device.

It’ll clear the cache that’s been building up between the router and PC for a very long time, making the player’s Internet service status much better. To restart your router, just unplug it from its power cord, wait 1-5 minutes, then plug it back in.


Restart your PC too, then wait for a bit. Once your router and PC boot up and are fully connected online, try to open Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher and see if you’re still getting hit with Fortnite Error Code 20. If the error persists, then there’s one more solution you can try out before you get the wins with the best anime skins.

Check Fortnite Server Status

Fortnite depends on its online connectivity through servers. So if the Epic Games server is down and has a server issue, there’s a chance you’ll get Fortnite Error Code 20. So what you can do is check the Fortnite server status. You can do this either on the Epic Games website for server status or on the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter.


If there’s an Epic Games server issue, all you can do is wait until the issue is resolved. But what if the Fortnite servers aren’t down? Then you should:

Contact Epic Games Support

The Epic Games support team exists to help out the Fortnite players with any error codes they may suffer. So if your Fortnite Error Code 20 still persists, you can contact the support team here.

Fortnite launcher errors, problems with the game files, issues with the party type, it seems like there’s no stop to these errors. But once you fix them, it feels like a blessing. So be prepared with the best back blings in Fortnite before you drop off the bus!

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