Top 8 Fortnite Soccer Map Codes

One of the biggest sports in the world, people from all around the globe love soccer, and what better way to play than in Fortnite?

Updated on Jan 11, 2024
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Top 8 Fortnite Soccer Map Codes

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PAVKE | 9532-9780-6429

P21 Soccer Fortnite Gameplay

A cosy soccer pitch inside a barn, this map has all the stands and atmosphere you could want for a chill game of soccer.

Simply boot the soccer ball around and see who can score the most goals!

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SarangPlays - 1453-8357-3193

Football in Fortnite map gameplay

It can host up to 8 players, allowing you to play fun, tight 4v4 team matches. With no consumables, guns, or anything else gimmicky, this is the best Fortnite soccer map for those wanting to just play traditional soccer.

And if you're really hardcore, you could even wear some Fortnite soccer skins! You can find the best ones in our article on the best Fortnite soccer skins.

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CHAOTIX-KEZIO - 9469-3355-9195

FOOTBALL/SOCCER 2-12 PLAYERS Fortnite map overview

With a full stadium including grandstands and a fenced border, this map is easily one of the best Fortnite soccer maps for larger friend groups, supporting between 2 to 12 players.

This means you can have exciting and dynamic 6vs6 matches, or have fewer players and some spectators in the stands - whichever you prefer!

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Apfel - 0787-5236-4765

Soccer Sword Battle Fortnite map cover image

Putting a slight twist on a normal game of soccer, map creator Apfel brings melee weapons into the mix. Every player is given a sword, allowing you to smash the ball as if you were generally a pro soccer player or American Football player (check out the best Fortnite football map codes for more on that).

Although still soccer, this new twist creates almost an entirely new sport - and if you'd like to try other fun sports maps, check out the best Fortnite Baseball map codes as well!

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Nontext - 0106-2881-4417

Car Soccer Fortnite map overview

With speed boosts across the concrete pitch and 3 cars on each side for a total of 6 players in the map, trying to ram the ball into the opposition's net on this map is so much fun, making it one of the best Fortnite soccer maps.

Trying to push the ball past three cars is almost as difficult as dunking on someone taller than you in basketball (read our article on the best Fortnite basketball maps if you want more of that), but once you do it's so satisfying.

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BURTJETSU - 1269-1279-5503

Soccer mini-game Fortnite map

With nothing but a regular football pitch, two goals, and up to eight players on the map, you can easily spend hours just messing around and playing a standard soccer game on this map.

There is one feature that pushes this map into the list of the best: if you score a hattrick (3 points) you can collect your golden boot award from inside your goal, which is an awesome feeling for anyone who watches soccer in real life.

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Mr.Creative2.0 - 9679-0055-9418

Rocketball Soccer Fortnite map gameplay

Another twist on the traditional idea of soccer, this map brings it up a notch when it comes to car soccer, managing to import actual Rocket League cars with boost ability into the Fortnite soccer pitch.

If you like fast cars and flying footballs, this is undeniably the map for you. What makes this map even better is the randomized day/night cycle, meaning you can play during golden hour or in the moonlight, adding to the atmosphere of the map and making it one of the best.

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Jag - 0963-4066-7831

Soccer Showdown Fortnite map overview

If you want to play in something similar to Wembley Stadium or any other massive stadium, this is the place to be. Supporting up to 8 players for 4v4 soccer matches, this map has everything you need.

From the massive grandstands, colour-themed VIP boxes, automatic score counter and other stadium features, this map is the perfect roleplaying map for a game of soccer. 

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