Best Halo Maps of All Time

Ever wanted to know which maps in Halo are the best for multiplayer? We have put together the best Halo maps of all time to help you!
Best Halo Maps of All Time

Halo multiplayer maps have been generated since the well-known Halo: CE in 2001. Hitting at 100 different maps from the entire Halo multiplayer series, there is a handful that we have picked and reviewed to be the best for multiplayer. There is also a handful of the worst for multiplayer. Take a look at our Worst Halo Maps of All Time.

Here we have a list of the newest to oldest of the best Halo maps since Halo Combat Evolved.


Highpower (Halo: Infinite)

Highpower is definitely an amazing Halo map and one of Halo’s finest when it comes to design and gameplay options. Highpower is a huge battlefield with vehicles and numerous weapons to choose from for large battles. There are small indoor spaces to bring close contact fights into the subject, which makes this map more versatile for objective-based game modes.

Highpower is mainly picked for Big Team Battle. Specific modes such as Slayer, Capture the Flag, Total Control, or Stockpile. This is a great map to stream or record gameplay clips for its beauty and overall fun layout.


Haven (Halo 4)

One of the most played Halo maps in Halo 4, Haven was a favorite for many different game modes. Haven had a circular layout with two different levels, with an arena type look in the center. This map was a monster when it came to SWAT multiplayer mode. The map is also fun in a few other game modes as well such as Flood, Slayer (4vs4 is best for this Halo map), CTF, King of the Hill and Oddball.

In SWAT, Haven is not forgiving if you are not quick to the trigger. Once someone turns around the circle in an opposite direction, a head shot is immediate. Although, you might have a chance of sneaking up behind enemy players to assassinate from no warning.


Exile (Halo 4)

Exile is definitely one of Halo’s best competitive fps multiplayer maps of all time. This map has everything that anyone could ask for in a team battle. Tons of vehicles not to mention access to a Mantis or Scorpion. Along with a fantastic map layout with underground trenches to transport across the map quicker.

Exile is most definitely a favorite Halo map among players, and you will see it frequently chosen for Slayer, CTF and Dominion.


Sword Base (Halo: Reach)

Although this map you will either absolutely hate or absolutely love, Sword Base will be drilled into your memory forever for how infamous it is. Sword base, up to three levels of rooms, brings a lot of confusion for new players. While this is true, this Halo map is one of the most iconic maps known to exist.

This specific map takes skill and has a lot of open spaces that won’t let you camp for too long, but with a sniper rifle in hand, ground level has no chances. Sword base is great for Infection, Slayer or SWAT game modes.


Valhalla (Halo 3)

With the inspiration from Blood Gulch, Valhalla is another great selection for one of the best Halo maps. Valhalla is known by all Halo fans since Halo 3. From the tall mountain views to the grassy riversides, Valhalla is one of the most addictive maps for large team battles.

The function of this map is fantastic, with the access to powerful vehicles to lethal weapons, there's nothing that does not scream fun about this map. Since it is really large, the game modes playable here are Territories, Slayer and Capture the Flag.

Valhalla was also remade in Halo 4 as Ragnarok, which also has been known to be a favorite.


Sandtrap (Halo 3)

Sandtrap, a very common theme in Halo with their desert style maps. Sandtrap is known to be one of the best Halo multiplayer maps for custom games or Team Battles. The map is massive with ancient structures to run through to have some short range combat

Sandtrap is also amazing for objective game modes such as CTF, Territories or Assault. The map also has a few secrets to it, which can keep you wanting to play this map for hours. Only downside to this map is it can become confusing for those who are new to it.


Ivory Tower (Halo 2)

A map that is packed full of variety, Ivory Tower is a Halo multiplayer map that has three levels and is full of different weapons. There is no doubt we had to make room for this iconic Halo map as one of the best for all time Halo.

Ivory Tower is typically good for Slayer and Capture the Flag. In Slayer it would be a race to the third floor for some good shots to the enemy below. Especially if you are able to grab the sniper rifle that is available for anyone's use.


Midship (Halo 2)

The most forgotten original from new Halo fans, and most talked about since the remake in Halo Reach. Midship is probably one of the most talked about maps among players. Its nostalgia is heavy for all players of Halo for how many times it has been remade for newer Halo games.

Midship is one of the best for its unique structure and strategic layout for gameplay. This map is a great location for SWAT, Slayer and most importantly… Oddball. Overall this map has been the greatest most evolved map until its rename of Truth in Halo 5, which is still one of the most popular maps in Halo.


Blood Gulch (Halo: CE)

Maybe the best Halo map ever, or close to it, Blood Gulch has had its name spread across the entire Halo franchise since Halo Combat Evolved. Blood Gulch is the original Valhalla, and the Halo 4 remake of Ragnarok. With a large map and rocky terrain for some Big Team Battles.

A deal breaker for your enemies in Blood Gulch is the Banshee. The Banshee, which gives you attack options with the Fuel Rod Cannon, Plasma Cannons or Ram, is a death sentence for any of your foes. The fun and thrill of vehicle use and large objective modes make this map the most addicting.


Battle Creek (Halo: CE)

Battle Creek has been showing itself as definitely a competitor with Blood Gulch. With a few remakes after its original form in Halo Combat Evolved, the original Battle Creek Halo multiplayer map is most definitely one of the best all time Halo maps created.

Battle Creek is a straightforward map that makes competition very simple. Both bases are practically identical with a creek in the middle to separate both. The map gives players free rein of heavy assault weapons and Sniper Rifle opportunities.

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