Should You Block Video Games For Your Children with GamStop?

Updated on Oct 17, 2022
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Should You Block Video Games For Your Children with GamStop?

If you are not a “Karen”, you probably know that video games today aren’t that bad. There are some which are not suitable for children, and there are some that is perfectly fine for children, and there are some you should play when you have the chance.

There are, however, several problems that might make you want to block some of the games:

  • the issues of microtransactions

  • content inappropriate for children

  • a possibility of developing an addiction

Here, we are going to take a quick look on why should you get a video game blocking software for you PC or phone.

Three Main Reasons To Install Video Game Blocking Software Like GamStop

To protect your child against the potential issue that video games at sites not on GamStop can bring, you should know more about what you are dealing with. Some of the modern video games – even shooters or quests – incorporate gambling elements so obviously that one should ask, “Why are they not on GamStop yet?”

Let’s analyze some of the most obvious problems stemming from video games, and see what you can do to alleviate them.

Microtransactions: Spending money for virtual goods

It’s quite common today that games, whether they are MMOs or just co-op games, feature microtransactions, which are a good way to go broke when it’s not controlled properly. But why are these transactions so bad, you might ask?

One of the most common conceptions is that the lootboxes bought with such transactions can be a kind of gambling – pretty much similar to what happens on casino websites. Now, gambling is bad, you see, because players (whether they are adults or children) might end up buying boxes all over again, jus to get their hands on a virtual item they desire. In real life, there is no value added, although some claim that a piece of equipment, an emote or whatever could improve the players’ psychological state, giving them a feeling of achievement and gain a social status in the world of the given game.

However, as you might have guessed, this might get out of hand quickly, especially with children.

As a parent and as a player, it’s your duty to protect your child and yourself from spending too much. For this, however, there are no GamStop analogs in the UK. Google offers a parental lock option for the Play Store, so on the smartphone front, a battle can be won. For the Windows operating system, there is no way to block payments in games for now.

Content Inappropriate For Children

There are games you don’t want your child to get hooked on, especially because there are some violent games or games with sex and inappropriate language. And you don’t have Captain America in there to say “Language!” whenever a curse leaves the mouth of a character.

It’s somewhat easier now to block games using the ESRB ratings on PC, and the ratings in Google Play. On Windows, the best would be to create a separate account for your child, and set up the parental controls, to tell the Windows Store to show only the proper ESRB rated games. You don’t want your six years old to play on GTA V or Dead by Daylight, do you? In case you have an XBox, then you can also set up a parental lock for the account.

Developing an Addiction

Some games can be addictive. In fact, any game could cause symptoms of addiction, not just for children, but for adults too. What are these symptomps? Here are the most common ones:

  • You always think about gaming (etc. I need to finish the quest when I get home.)

  • You feel bad, in severe cases you feel sick when you can’t play (enough).

  • You play a lot, and you a play a lot more just to have a feel well.

  • You can’t force yourself to stop gaming or lower the time spent in games.

  • You leave your hobbies, your studies, or even develop problems at your workplace because you just want to play.

  • You continue playing, even if you notice all the above on yourself (or you can’t make your child to stop).

  • You lie about your gaming, even though you know you spend a lot more time in the games than what you tell your family and friends.

  • You play to feel a bit happier, even if you end up frustrated for a loss.

These symptoms have to be considered, and you have to look out for them. Addictions are dangerous, and it might later become more serious, or you (or your child, spouse, etc.) might end up developing other addictions as well. Some say it runs in the families, but it’s not, you have to set up your mind to control your feelings and emotions.

Craving for video games is a serius problem, if you notice any of these symptoms, you should get in touch with a professional and start quitting. There are actually websites and support groups for this.


We have to come to a verdict here, and to answer the question in the title: Yes, you should at least try to block video games, and restrict your and your loved ones’ access to games that are not suitable for you.

Of course, one can earn money by playing video games when on GamStop, but one can also easily lose them. Since there are no GamStop websites for games so far, you should also keep your credit and debit card, you banking info and online payment accounts in check so no one else has access to them. You shouldn’t even save the pbuttword for them.

What’s more important is that you should just get up, take your children outside and play, or go for a walk, or as a clbuttic method: read a book together! Gaming is good within reasonable limits, and it’s always up to you to set those limits.

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