Can You Voice Chat and Text When Playing Genshin Impact?

Who types in chat to play with friends nowadays? Here is what you need to voice chat when playing Genshin Impact Co Op with your party!

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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Can You Voice Chat and Text When Playing Genshin Impact?

Chatting With Your Genshin Impact In-Game Party Members

Genshin Impact's Co Op mode has certainly been a fun game mode in which many players have made unforgettable moments and added exciting online friends on their friends list! When playing popular games that are multiplayer like Genshin Impact, it's nice having a function to communicate with the people you play.


Once you reach Adventure Rank 16, the game chat system in Co Op mode is available for you to use!

Can You Text with Your Co Op Party Members?

Yes, you definitely can! On top of texting with your Co Op members, you can also send Genshin Impact character emotes to show your emotions. They are all very funny and cute to use!

Texting in Genshin Impact allows your Co Op experience to be smoother and more coordinated. As different enemies in Genshin Impact have weaknesses and strengths, it is nicer to have an organized team to deal with the mobs and bosses in Genshin Impact. This requires you to chat with friends to discuss just what characters to bring into the domains.


However, with real-time voice chatting, any gaming experience is enhanced. At this point, you might be wondering - can you voice chat when playing Genshin Impact with your friends?

Does Genshin Impact Support Built In Voice Chat Features?


Unfortunately, Genshin Impact currently does not support a built in voice chat feature for their players. Although Genshin Impact supports cross save across different mobile devices, they do not provide a voice chat feature for in game play.

Due to this limitation, Genshin Impact players would have to rely on a third party software if they would like to enjoy a voice chat function with other players online!


How to Voice Chat While Playing Genshin Impact?

These days, most mobile devices and PCs support voice chat, so it is very easy for Genshin Impact to talk with their party or friends. To access these third party software, one would require a browser.

Here are a few third party software that Genshin Impact players can use to voice chat on their Co Op adventures!

  • Discord

  • Skype

  • PlayStation Party

  • Google Meet

Use Discord while playing Genshin


Discord is a free to use voice chat, video chat and texting app that many gamers these days use. It is used to host voice calls with a group of friends or players. It is also capable of establishing reliable voice and video calls for users all around the world, making Discord one of the most popular picks for communication.

To call together with your party, you can create a server, or join a server along with your party members to join a voice call. To join a voice call, you will just need to click on a voice channel to participate and start voice calling with your friends.


Discord voice channels can hold up to 99 people at once, making it an excellent choice for multiplayer games like Genshin Impact, and other party games. It also does require much CPU performance, so it allows your gameplay to remain enjoyable and smooth.

Aside from voice calls, Discord also provides the traditional text chat system, which can also include pictures, GIFs, and videos to personalize and elaborate one's messages.

Discord is available for users on both web browsers and software applications. You can go to this link to either use it on your browser, or to download the application.

Skype while playing Genshin


Similar to Discord, Skype is a free video and voice chat application that allows users to communicate with each other.

Skype can be simultaneously used when playing Genshin Impact, making it convenient for gamers to use for voice calling.

PlayStation Party while playing Genshin


PlayStation users rejoice! As Genshin Impact is available on the PlayStation console, you can now utilize PlayStation parties to enjoy a Co Op session with your buddies.

What's nice about PlayStation Party is that you are not required to be on a certain server to observe all available parties or channels to join. Instead, PlayStation shows all 'Joinable' parties. There are two types of parties, 'Open' and 'Closed', where the first type of parties you can freely join, and the second type requires an invite to join the party.

So, if you thought modding the gamechanging servers or linking your Genshin Impact accounts would magically help give you voice chat features in game, now you know! We hope that you can wish for your favorite characters - perhaps streaming can give the luck you need for wishing!

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