Average Cost of Getting C6 on Characters in Genshin Impact

How much money do you usually have to spend on getting C6? Let's find out!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Average Cost of Getting C6 on Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games in the world right now. With the reputation of being a gacha game, it has attracted many different kinds of players. Many players have spent countless hours grinding and saving resources in order to wish for their favorite characters.

This means there are also those who cannot put in all that effort and pull out the strongest weapon in their arsenal - the credit card. Joke’s aside; players defined as dolphins and whales sometimes spend obscene amounts of money in order to reach constellation six on their favorite banner characters.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the average Cost of achieving c6 on a 5-star character.

Note: We will be using a lot of wishing-related terminologies, so be sure to check our Genshin Impact glossary if you’re feeling confused.

Dollars to Primogems

Aside from free ways of getting primogems, Genshin Impact does not directly allow you to purchase them. You have to first buy a currency called Genesis crystals from the Crystal Top-Up section of the shop.


  • To access these, simply press the ESC key in-game
  • Navigate to the shop buttonin the menu that pops up
  • Navigate to the Crystal Top-Up tab

Over here, you will see a variety of deals with some bonus crystals available for first-time purchases. The rates of these bargains without the bonus crystals are as follows:

Cost in US Dollars $

Total Genesis Crystals

$0.99 USD

60 Crystals

$4.99 USD

300 Crystals

$14.99 USD

980 Crystals

$29.99 USD

1980 Crystals

$49.99 USD

3280 Crystals

$99.99 USD

6480 Crystals

The first-time bonuses are quite generous as they will double your crystals at every single tier. The crystal per dollar efficiency also seems to rise as you purchase the more expensive packages.

The point of crystals is quite simple, really. Genesis Crystals convert directly to Primogems at a ratio of 1:1. For example, 300 Genesis Crystals can be converted into 300 Primogems, and so on.

Constellation Tier 6

Simply put, a c6 or constellation tier 6 character is a character who you have unlocked once and then manage to get copies of them for upgrades. These upgrades can be performed a total of 6 times and unlock powerful new talents and upgrades to elemental skill and elemental burst levels.


These skill upgrades and the powerful boosts they provide make these constellation levels quite lucrative, especially to players who play the game at the highest tiers of efficiency and make some of the most interesting content.

The Cost of wishing for characters

A standard single pull costs you 160 primogems. Converting this to Genesis Crystals means a cost of somewhere around $2.75 per wish.

For multipulls or ten pulls, this Cost goes up to 1600 primogems which means roughly around $20 USD worth of Genesis Crystals. But there are ways to get free Genshin Impact characters.

The probability of getting 4-star characters

First, we will be ignoring the standard banner and focusing on the featured banner in this section. The featured banner will generally have three different 4-star characters on rate up, each with an equal probability of being selected.

The probability of getting a 4-star item is 13% if we count the guaranteed four-star for every ten pulls feature. This, however, includes weapons as well, so the real probability of getting a character is slightly lower.

Additionally, for your first 4-star pull, you will receive a guaranteed featured 4-star item, but the subsequent pulls will operate on the 50-50 system. This means not getting a featured 4 star guarantees a featured four-star on your next successful pull.


Final Cost of C6 on a 4-star Character

Ultimately, after doing a bit of math and running the probability through multiple simulators, the final number of average pulls to get c6 for a 4-star character comes down to 180 wishes.

This means around 28,800 primogems. Buying the most expensive packages without the first-time purchase bonus means buying the $100 USD package four times and then buying the $50 USD package once. This comes to a whopping total of $450 for a c6 on any one of the featured 4-star units.

Note: This refers to getting a c6 on any one of the three featured four-star units. It does not refer to getting a specific unit c6. That one will potentially cost you a lot more.

The probability of getting 5-star characters

Again, we will be ignoring the standard banner and focusing on the featured banner in this section. The featured banner will generally have just a single 5-star character on the rate up with a fairly low probability of going along with it.

The probability of getting a 5-star item is 0.6% for every wish you make. The guaranteed pity for 5-star characters works differently as well. You get a 5-star item drop guarantee at 90 wishes only. This is what players call “Hard Pity”. Generally, your probability of getting a 5-star character will increase once you hit around 75 wishes. This is known as “Soft Pity”.

The chance of getting the featured 5-star character on your first successful 5-star pull is 50%. The 50/50 system guarantees that if a player is unlucky and did not get the featured unit on their first 5-star pull, the next 5-star they pull is guaranteed to be the featured unit.


Final Cost of C6 on a 5-star Character

Once again, running the math and accounting for the new hard pity and soft pity rules, we can figure out the Cost of C6 on featured 5-star characters. However, we also need to account for winning or losing the 50-50 into our total costs.

Average Case Scenario

So, on average, a player will need 732 wishes in order to c6 a featured 5-star character. This means 118,000 primogems which can be translated to a massive $1450 USD price tag on average.

Best Case Scenario

If you somehow end up being one of the luckiest players and win on all your 50-50’s you will have to spend around $900 to c6 a 5-star using good pity rolls.

Worst Case Scenario

Conversely, if you’re one of the many unlucky players and lose out on every single 50-50, you will have to pay the hefty price tag of $2145 USD. Assume that for every 50-50 you lose, you will have to pay around $200 USD more.

Standard banner characters

As stated before, we will not be taking a look at the rates of the standard banner character c6 costs. This is because the standard banner always has an increasing pool of characters to choose from.

This makes getting your desired character very unlikely, and in extreme cases, you will be spending more on getting a reliable c6 4-star character from the standard banner than trying to get a c6 5-star character on the featured banners.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you wait for a character banner before spending your precious primos to pull for specific characters.

If these costs have shocked you and you can’t afford to pay these prices, worry not, we have some of the best methods of saving up primogems in Genshin available for you. You may also be interested in learning about more F2P-friendly methods of primogem farming as well. For the rest of our readers who would like to test their luck at the unforgiving gacha, we wish you the best of luck to you.

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