Businesses That Will Make You Rich In GTA Online

The most profitable businesses in GTA Online are the ones offering different ways to make passive income with an initial capital investment.

Updated on Sep 01, 2023
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Businesses That Will Make You Rich In GTA Online

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Vehicle Warehouse

One of the best ways to make more money on GTA online is getting the vehicle warehouse, which is one of the most profitable businesses in GTA online compared to all the other businesses, especially if you're a solo player.

Vehicle Warehouse

In order to get this going, you will first need to become a CEO, which can be done by getting a CEO office. You should opt for the cheapest office, which will cost you a million dollars. There really is no point in getting the more expensive offices unless you already have the money to do so.

Once you've registered as a CEO, the next step is to purchase a vehicle warehouse, which you can do by using the PC in your office. Again, you should purchase the cheapest vehicle warehouse there is, as it is located at a decent spot on the map and will cost you about 1.5 million dollars.

Let's begin the process of making this into a profitable business in GTA online. The next step is to go to the PC in your CEO's office and click on source vehicle. Shortly after, you'll get a call from your assistant, who will give you an idea of where the vehicle might be located. Each of these vehicles comes in 3 ranges, the Top range, Mid-range, and Standard range, the Top giving you the most amount of money and the Standard the least. Keep in mind, that the better the car, the harder it is to source. Also keep in mind, that the better the car, the more money you make as well.

  • Top Range – $80,000

  • Mid Range – $50,000

  • Standard Range – $30,000

How to make money through Vehicle Warehouse GTA Online

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Bunker Business

One of the most popular sources of passive income in GTA online is the Bunker. This business might be hard to run for beginners, so if you are interested, be sure to check out Shark Card prices, as well as the best places to buy Shark Cards for cheap prices, because you might need them to start.  

Unlike most other properties, the cheapest Bunker is not a good option. It is the furthest away from everything else, which means that if you're a solo player or something happens during your sale, you will not have time to recover and complete your sale, losing money in the process.

Bunker Business

So, the first thing is to make sure you purchase one which is closest to the main city, even if it means you have to spend a lot more.

After you've made your purchase and registered as a CEO, it's time to make some money! When you enter your bunker you'll see three bars at the bottom right of your screen Stock, Research Progress and Supplies. If you're solely focused on making more profit on GTA Online then ignore Research for now and focus more on the Stock and Supplies.


Next, you have to focus on upgrading your staff and equipment in order to get the best out of the Bunker business in GTA online. Without the upgrades, you make around $40,000/ hour and with the upgrades, you get a whopping $79000/ hour. You can choose to either steal supplies or buy supplies. If you don't have the money yet for the upgrades, then focus on stealing supplies, as buying supplies does not give you profit unless you have the necessary upgrades. 

However, especially if you're a solo player and have the staff and equipment upgrades, it's best to buy supplies. You can then focus on doing other missions or taking care of your other businesses while making passive income every hour through the bunker in GTA online.

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Motorcycle Club

The next best business in GTA Online is the Motorcycle club. It is also super exciting to run, especially if you want to record your GTA gameplay for highlights.

First, what you need to do is go to Maze Bank Foreclosures and buy a Motorcycle club, after which you will become the President of that club.

Motorcycle Club

If you want to make over a million dollars quick in Grand Theft Auto Online, the best way is to use the dynamic nature of this business. It works kinda the same way as the Bunker but here you have a variety of illegal items you can sell one at a time such as Cocaine, Counterfeit Cash, Weed, and so on. The only downside that comes with the MC businesses in GTA Online is the amount of initial capital you need to buy and upgrade the businesses in order to get the maximum profit.

This is the best for solo grinders as this is a completely passive income business and if you own multiple businesses, such as a Cocaine and Weed business for example, then you can do sell missions while the other business is stocking up. Again, for such passive businesses, make sure to save money by buying, for example, the cheapest cocaine business and upgrade them before spending your money on resupplying in order to make the most money.

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Auto Shop

The Auto shop is a new addition added to GTA Online and can be considered one of the profitable businesses out there. Honestly, this one might be even harder to run than a Bunker, so you might want to look into the best ways to get Shark Cards for free, as you might want to spend some cash here. 

Auto Shop GTA Online

To start, visit Maze Bank foreclosures and select the Auto shop of your choice. Now it really doesn't matter which location you choose as it does not make a huge difference in any way. After you've purchased your Auto shop, feel free to skip spending a lot of money on the upgrades, as it does not help you to make the most money.

How to make money in Auto Shop GTA Online

The main reason players buy this property in GTA Online compared to other profitable businesses is either they're really into cars or for the mini heists introduced by Rockstar called Contract Missions. Head on over to your planning board in your Auto shop and select which one out of the six missions you want to do. Each mission comes with two setup missions and a finale. 

You can choose to do the missions solo or with your friends with a payout of $180,000 and an additional $75,000 as a first-time completion bonus! The Setup missions will pay you $10,000 each so totally you're earning around $200,000 in 20 minutes which is a good payout.

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