League of Legends Champions With The Longest Range

There are two types of lane bullies. the ones with powerful base stats, such as Tryndamere, and those with long range. The latter is far more annoying.

Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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League of Legends Champions With The Longest Range

League of Legends champions come in all shapes and sizes. Some have an extended lore, and others don’t. And in-game, their stats try to be as balanced as possible, with some champions focused on their auto-attack range, whereas the melee champions, for example, focus on tankiness.

Here is the answer to the question of who has the longest attack range League of Legends champion pool can offer, currently, as more League of Legends champions get released constantly.

What is Auto Attack Range in League of Legends?

Range in LoL is a value that defines how far a basic attack, ability, summoner spell, and item active can reach. In this case, we are focusing on the auto attack range, as there are multiple abilities in the game that can reach across the entire map, so categorizing abilities is a moot point.

The unit of measurement in League of Legends is an arbitrary one, with no real name, and is interchangeable with the unit for movement speed as well, and is constant across all champions.

How to See your Auto Attack Range in LoL?

Whether you’re learning to play League of Legends, or checking out new champions to play, it’s always useful to know how comfortable you can be in going close to your enemies for a trade.


There are two ways to see your auto attack range in LoL:

  • Holding down A key
  • Holding down C key


The first option shows you your auto attack range until you click on an enemy, champion, or minion, to auto attack them, and then it disappears. The other option, shows you all of your champion’s stats, including their auto attack range, and doesn’t disappear upon auto attacking someone.

Who Has the Longest Auto Attack Range in LoL?

As we’ve said previously, there are quite a few abilities in League of Legends, that can reach across the entire map. Categorizing them is a moot point.

However, if you have a long range of basic attacks is another matter. After all, it costs no mana, and is extremely useful in bullying your enemies in lane, whether it’s the top lane or the bot lane.

1 /5

Ashe | 600

Ashe is, to put simply, the most archetypical ADC in League of Legends, and yet one whose kit is as annoying as that of new champions. There is a reason she is one of the registered trademarks of Riot Games since League of Legends was released.


Ashe’s auto attack range is 600 units, but where she shines is her W ability which, once stacked, grants her attack speed, in addition to the slow effect her every basic attack applies.


Ashe is the perfect champion when you wish to learn the most basic things of the ADC role, and a constant presence in the meta, one way or another.

2 /5

Anivia | 600

Interestingly enough, the next champion with the longest auto attack range on our list is not an ADC, but instead, is a mid-lane mage.


Just like Ashe, Anivia also has a 600 units auto attack range, but where Ashe uses those offensively, Anivia uses them defensively.


As a mid-lane mage, Anivia has extremely slow CC, no escape abilities, and even less health than the others in her class.

So, her auto attack range is high, to allow her to get some early game farm before she gets enough mana regen to be able to use her abilities to farm safely.

3 /5

Annie | 625

Once again, we have a mid-lane mage on our list. When it comes to Annie, the range of her auto attacks is not the most interesting thing about her.


Actually, it’s rarely ever mentioned, as she uses her Q ability for farming services, instead of basic attacks.


This is due to the fact that Annie’s Q ability returns the mana spent, if it kills its target, no matter if it is a minion or a champion. Due to this fact, she is one of the best beginner champions in the game to be played when learning the game.

Her auto attacks, for this reason, fall to the wayside, and remain unchanged since she was released, as they have no impact on her win rate, though they look like they should.

4 /5

Caitlyn | 650

Caitlyn is the League of Legends champion with the longest range of basic attacks. When players think of an annoying range champion in the top lane they think of Vayne, but when they think of ranged champions in general, Caitlyn comes to mind.


This is due to the fact that she has a longer range than any other champion in the game, and can bully any other melee or ranged champions they are playing against.


It’s also one of the rare instances where League of Legends lore coincides with the in-game state, as Caitlin uses a sniper rifle, and thus has the ability to hit enemies across a great distance, either with her auto attacks, or her Headshot ultimate.

5 /5

Senna | 600

And last, but definitely not the least, we have Senna. Now, you may be wondering why Senna is the final entry on our list, even behind Caitlyn herself. That would, of course, be due to her potential.


Senna is one of the few stacking champions in League of Legends, and her stacks enhance her and give her bonus range on her attacks. As such, at max stacks, she can gain her maximum range of 2300 units, which is also the maximum range in the game itself.


Of course, this is a theoretical long range that is possible to accomplish, and will never happen to you in a game of League of Legends. You will, however, be rewarded for your effort of collecting souls, and outrange all other champions in the game, with enough stacks, and if you know how to play Senna well to not get stomped in the laning phase.

The last few champions League of Legends released have been either melee champions, or those that have a short range, even as a ranged champion. The most recently released champion on our list is Senna, who came out almost 4 years ago, and the rest are all old champions regardless.

perhaps it’s time Riot Games started giving range more attention when designing champions. Though with the meta as it currently is, those would just get destroyed by a bruiser.

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