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Best Scary Maps & Servers in Minecraft

Minecraft may not be inherently scary, but there are ways for you to make it so with scary maps.

Updated on Dec 01, 2022
Best Scary Maps & Servers in Minecraft

Scary Minecraft maps have always been very sought-after, especially during Halloween or the weeks leading up to it. Scary themes are something that most Minecraft players love and subsequently search for online. Minecraft is great for scary themes, as it has many scary mobs and in-game features that scare people. That is why we're going to be covering some of the scariest Minecraft maps that you can find online, and servers that were built around a scary theme.

Best Scary Maps in Minecraft

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The Mental Hospital

This map's name is exactly what you'll be getting by downloading it. It's set in a mental hospital where your only option is to escape, and that's if you manage to survive everything it throws at you. The entire setting is more than scary, and looks to be straight out of a horror movie. The author of this mod made sure to make it compatible with Minecraft Java Version 1.19, which is always a good thing.

Mental Hospital Map

A fair warning though, there is blood on this map. So, if you can't handle the sight of blood, then you should maybe reconsider this map entirely. You're going to wish you were back in your cozy Minecraft home once you've experienced everything this mental hospital has to offer.


2 /8

Escaping Michael Myers

The last thing you'd want is to be chased by Michael Myers in Minecraft, yet that is exactly what you're going to experience in this Minecraft horror map. Your goal is to repair the van with 3 parts that are located throughout the entire map. But, Michael is always on the lookout, and will chase you if you're not careful enough. You have to then repair the van without being caught by him.

Michael Myers in Minecraft

You can get too tired if you run long enough though, and staying too close to Michael will impact your sanity. However, you can hide in the van if you want him to temporarily go away. This makes for an absolute blast of a map, and we'd recommend downloading this as soon as possible.


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Survive the Backrooms

The Backrooms is a void dimension of never-ending rooms that you can't escape out of. Many wanted to replicate this famous myth in games, and someone did actually make it into Minecraft horror maps. "Survive the Backrooms" is a horror map that has you trapped in an endless corridor of rooms, and you're tasked to find a way to survive or escape it.

Survive the Backrooms

Not only is the idea that you could be stuck here forever scary, but there are also entities that can spawn, and they're not exactly thrilled about your presence. There are numerous floors that you can explore, artifacts that you can uncover, and new mobs to run away from. This map has it all. It's one of the best scary maps in recent years, and we'd recommend playing this with a couple of people in the room.


4 /8

Secret Laboratory of the USSR

This is a challenge-horror puzzle map that has you learn about an old soviet project that studied genetically modified life forms. The puzzles on this map are very difficult, and you're going to have to solve them to learn about what went down in this laboratory. There's going to be a lot of pressure on you to complete these puzzles, and your intelligence is going to be tested like never before.

Laboratory Map

Not only will you explore the laboratory this project took place in, but there are also other eerie locations to visit. All of this encompasses 9 very detailed quests that you will also have to complete in order to unravel what went down with this top-secret project.


5 /8


Based on the Alien franchise, this map is in the horror adventure/challenge genre. You don't need to know anything about the Alien movies or games. Everything needed is stated, and the entire point of the map is simple. You have to accomplish tasks whilst surviving, and eventually escaping.

Alien Stalker Map

This map is completely mod free, so you can run it with a vanilla Minecraft version. It also runs on a custom texture pack and data pack, making it much more immersive as a whole.


Best Scary Servers in Minecraft

Now that we've covered some of the best scary maps in Minecraft, it's time to showcase the best scary servers in Minecraft that you can play right now. Not many servers have a scary theme, but there are a couple of servers that are worth mentioning. 

6 /8

Dead MC


Dead MC is a Minecraft server that focuses on zombie survival, and it pulls it off perfectly. No other server has managed to replicate the feeling that this server invokes. Minecraft zombies are tough as is, but this server throws custom zombies that are ruthless into the mix.

DeadMC Server Spawn

This server is among the best, if not the best zombie survival servers out there right now.

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Murder Mystery - Hypixel


Hypixel is known for being the most populated Minecraft server in the world. Not only does it have the most concurrent players, but it also has some of the best horror game modes for people to play.

Murder Mystery Game

Murder Mystery is one of those. It involves 16 players, but 2 of those are a murderer and detective. The remaining 14 are innocent, but the murderer is tasked with killing them. As for the detective, his job is to stop the murderer.

8 /8

Purple Prison


Purple prison is another very popular server in the horror servers genre that hundreds of players enjoy. The entire premise of the server is that it's being overthrown by aliens. You can complete quests, earn money, and traverse the hostile environment in a bid to survive the alien invasion.

Purple Prison Server

Your main goal is to survive long enough to where you have the needed resource to escape the doomed planet that you're on. It's definitely a unique concept that not many Minecraft servers have had since.

That is our list of the best scary maps & servers in Minecraft. There are definitely more on the internet, but we felt as if these were the most engaging ones that we could find. There's a lot more to learn about Minecraft, make sure to check out our guides on the best medieval maps & servers in Minecraft, and the best house ideas in Minecraft.

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