10 Delicious Friends For Foodies: Best Food Pokemon [Ranked]

The Pokemon design philosophy comes out with some weird and wonderful things, including some tasty designs. Number 1 is the perfect sweet treat!

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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10 Delicious Friends For Foodies: Best Food Pokemon [Ranked]

1 /10


Dachsbun is one of the best dog Pokemon, but it's also a two-way food pun - it's both a sausage dog and bread. So it's an excellent food Pokemon as well! This pure Fairy type Pokemon is entirely themed around food, from its name, its design, and even its Signature Ability, Well-Baked Body.


Dachsbun is a really fun Pokemon based around the real life Dachshund dog breed. It's not necessarily the strongest Pokemon, but its Attack stat isn't awful and it has good Defense.

I like Dachsbun because it's really everything a food based Pokemon needs to be - you can see the tight theming coming all the way through its design from its name to its looks, lore, and even its Ability.

Although it does need to watch out for Steel types!

Still, for me, it's easily the best of the Pokemon based on foods!

2 /10


Tatsugiri is a cute little fish that's also a bit of living nigiri. Coming with both the Dragon and water types, Tatsugiri is a surprisingly useful Pokemon in a whole lot of contexts, especially in the realm of competitive double battling - where it's one of the best competitive Pokemon.

Tatsugiri is a really fun design, being literally a fish sat on what looks like a cute bed of rice. Usually paired with Dondozo, Tatsugiri is a pint sized powerhouse with a seriously unique design.

Tatsugiri Curly Form

Great in battle, Tatsugiri is even one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's fearsome Titan Pokemon! With Tatsugiri's Signature Ability and Dondozo's Signature Move, Tatsugiri is a menace in a fight.

This is a really cool touch, since no one expects it to be any good, but it has a great Special Attack stat to go with its unique partnership.

3 /10


Alcremie is a weird little Pokemon seemingly made out of sweet cream. There are nine different types of Alcremie, each one decorated in a different way.


Alcremie has one of the weirdest evolution methods yet to be featured in the Pokemon games, requiring the player character to spin around in the overworld for different amounts of time, in different directions, and at different times of the day. Each form is referred to as a flavor, and they can be further customized using special food items.

Other Pokemon wish they had as much attention as Alcremie!

But Alcremie is cute, and its lore says it's a firm favorite for bakers around the world as it's a great way to decorate cakes. Alcremie even has one of the best Gigantamax forms, as its Gigantamax form is a gigantic, exquisitely decorated, cake.

Gigantamax Alcremie

I like Alcremie because it's just so weird you have to smile.

4 /10

Flapple, Appletun & Dipplin

Three of a surprising number of fruit Pokemon, this trio of dragon Pokemon hidden inside apples has to be some of the weirder food based Pokemon to be found in the Pokemon world. Flapple and Appletun even have the same Gigantamax form, although Dipplin doesn't.

Gigantamax Flapple Appletun

But all three evolve from Applin when exposed to different kinds of apple, and each has its own Signature Move. And all three work well against Water types!


Flapple is a dragon hidden inside an apple skin, and I'm here for it. This is a weird design, no doubt, but it's a cute little thing, and I can really get behind the idea. Flapple evolves from Applin using a Tart Apple.



Appletun's Pokedex entry states that its skin is tasty and that it used to be eaten by children. And since it looks like a draconic apple pie, I can totally see it. Appletun is an unusual Pokémon that just looks tasty. And it evolves using a Sweet Apple, too. Literally everything about this Pokemon is tasty!


And with its impressive bulk it's great for using Leech Seed strategies!


The newest entry to the family, Dipplin evolves from Applin when exposed to a Syrupy Apple. And Dipplin really does look just like a candy apple.


5 /10


Another fruit Pokemon, Cherubi is an adorable little cherry with a face. Fortunately for fans of Cherubi, the smaller ball is edible and sweet! This sweet little Grbutt type Pokémon is everything anyone with a sweet tooth needs.


Just looking at Cherubi makes me wonder how it would taste in a pie. Cherubi evolves into Cherrim, which is arguably much cuter, but for me, Cherubi is a much better example of a clbuttic fruit based Pokémon so it edges its evolution out for a spot on this list.

6 /10


Scovillain has a super interesting design theme based around hot peppers, but where it really shines is that it features a unique type combination never before seen in game.


Scovillain is the first ever Grbutt and Fire dual type Pokémon to be featured in the games.

Its two headed design and fiery type suggests its taste is maybe a little spicier than many would enjoy, but this is a great evolution for little Capsakid.

7 /10


The body of this Pokemon is an olive. An olive with a face. And that's part of what made Smoliv an immediate success upon its introduction to fans ahead of the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Not as sweet as apples, and with a more complex flavor, Smoliv is based on olives.


And it's a fantastic little Pokemon, from its design to its strong theme and the pun in its name. Because it's a smol olive. Great word play!

Smoliv's evolution Arboliva is pretty fun to use in game, being a Grbutt and Normal type Pokemon.

8 /10


Evolving from the Cotton Candy Pokemon Swirlix when traded while holding a Whipped Dream item, Slurpuff is a delicious little Pokemon. A pure Fairy type Pokémon, Slurpuff isn't based around fruit or more natural foods, but is apparently based on meringue instead.


Before Gen VII, Slurpuff and Swirlix were the only Pokemon to have the Sweet Veil Ability, although the Ability was given to other Pokémon since. But Slurpuff is a fantastic Pokemon even if its evolution method is one of the more annoying ones.

Its Pokedex entries say it's got an amazing sense of smell, perfect for helping pastry chefs cook up the best desserts or the tastiest pie.

9 /10


The entire Vanilluxe line is themed around being literally ice cream. Or not exactly, since Vanillish's Pokedex entry says it's made of ice rather than ice cream. But the inspiration is ice cream, and Vanilluxe pulls it off really well.


Some fans of the games don't like these Pokemon at all, but I think Vanilluxe is a sweet design that shows off the more absurdist elements of the Pokemon world. Vanilluxe isn't the best in battle, but it does a really great job of looking edible.

Which is perfect for a spot on the list of best food Pokemon!

10 /10


Exeggcute has a super simple design, being just a group of eggs. This is one of the weirder designs to come out of Gen I, but viewed alongside Pokemon like Magnemite and Voltorb, makes perfect sense.

This little group of eggs is pretty adorable actually.


Although rather than actually being eggs, Exeggcute is apparently closer to plant seeds. And they're telepathic. 

So maybe don't eat them.

Exeggcute evolves into Exeggutor, being Exeggutor's heads. Exeggutor's heads resemble a delicious coconut.

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