The Best Dog Pokemon: 10 Good Boys [Ranked]

Like dogs, dog like Pokémon are fantastic friends and beloved by many. But the all-time best dog Pokemon has to be...

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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The Best Dog Pokemon: 10 Good Boys [Ranked]

1 /10

Zacian & Zamazenta

Zacian and Zamazenta have to go down in history as the absolute best dog Pokemon. These guys are powerful Legendary dog Pokemon with a major role in the story of Pokemon Sword and Shield and the history of the Galar region.


Zacian was so good in battle it's been nerfed, and it's still awesome. As the mascot Pokemon for Pokemon Sword, Zacian was absolutely fantastic. Two great designs and amazing utility, especially in its Crowned Sword form, when holding a Rusted Sword item.

Zacian Crowned Sword


I love Zamazenta's design. As the mascot Pokemon for Pokemon Shield, Zamazenta hit every note. He's not as useful as Zacian, but the design is absolutely on point, and he's a very powerful Legendary Pokemon. Definitely worth using on any team, especially in its Crowned Shield form holding a Rusted Shield.

Zamazenta Crowned Shield

This pair is tied for strongest dog Pokemon, although Zacian is much more useful competitively. Zacian is one of the best Fairy type Pokemon, while Zamazenta is one of the best Fighting type Pokemon.

These two Pokémon have absolutely top tier designs, being the very best of what the Pokemon world can offer in terms of dog like Pokemon, which is why they share the top spot as the best dog Pokemon.

2 /10


Known as the Legendary Pokemon despite not being an actual Legendary dog Pokemon, Arcanine has a timeless, simple, and iconic design beloved by fans the world over. This makes sense, as Arcanine is the quintessential dog Pokemon.

The evolved form of Fire type puppy Pokemon Growlithe often used by Officer Jenny in the Pokemon anime, Arcanine evolves when shown a Fire Stone.


Arcanine is fun to use and has some really powerful attacks like Flare Blitz. In Pokemon Legends Arceus Arcanine received a brand new regional variant, Hisuian Arcanine, which is also one of the best Hisuian variant Pokemon.

Hisuian Arcanine

Arcanine is a super popular Pokemon and it's one of my personal favorite dog Pokemon too. It's a truly clbuttic Pokémon in every sense of the word, one of the original 151 with an enduring favorite design. Definitely worthy of the second spot in this listing!

3 /10


A Dark and Fire type Pokemon, Houndoom is just great. Looking like a cross between real life dog breeds and the grim reaper, Houndoom has a super evocative design. This is a great Pokemon, easily one of the most popular dog Pokemon, and it's easy to see why.


Houndoom saw a bit of extra love when it got a super awesome Mega Evolution into the powerful and frightening Mega Houndoom.

Mega Houndoom

Houndoom has great Special Attack and Speed stats, both of which are made even better in its Mega Evolution Mega Houndoom. Held back a little by its relatively shallow movepool, Houndoom is still a really good boy and a dangerous opponent in battle!

For me, it's great, and easily one of the best dog Pokemon.

4 /10


Stoutland in many ways represents normal dogs, but in the Pokémon universe. And that's okay, because it does that job really well and is one of the best dog Pokemon because of it. Stoutland has been featured in the Pokemon anime, and in the games as a ride Pokemon too.

A pure Normal type Pokemon, Stoutland has a flexible and varied movepool.


It's also the only dog Pokemon to have three evolutionary stages, which gives it something a bit extra compared with other Pokemon on this list.

Its thick fur apparently helps it survive in cold regions where it's used for rescuing people who get lost on mountains. This is a nice nod to real life animals used for exactly the same purpose, making Stoutland one of the very best dog Pokemon.

5 /10


Dachsbun is also one of the best food Pokemon, as it's based around both the real life sausage dogs and bread. An unusual choice, but one that works!

I like Dachsbun because it takes the pun in its name and really carries it through in everything else about the Pokemon, from its design even to its Signature Ability, Well-Baked Body.


Dachsbun is great because it blends dogs with bread in a design that brings out of the best of both worlds, while still looking like a dog.

6 /10


New kid on the block, Mabosstiff is a brand new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It's the companion Pokemon for Arven, a friend to the player character, and is a really good boy. Based around mastiff dogs, Mabosstiff is a pure Dark type Pokemon featured in the story of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


This chunky dog Pokémon is fun to use in battle and has a great design, looking like a dog that's also a shaggy old man. This is a great choice for Mabosstiff.

Mabosstiff has a great Attack stat and immunity to the Psychic type, too, which can be pretty useful. I like Mabosstiff and it's a personal favorite new Pokémon for me. I've always liked mastiff dogs, so it was nice to see one arrive into the Pokemon franchise!

7 /10


Rockruff is the pure Rock type first stage evolution for super popular wolf Pokemon Lycanroc. Lycanroc is also one of the best wolf Pokemon, but little Rockruff has much stronger dog Pokemon energy.

I like Rockruff because it's cute and adorable, but has a bit of edge too (literally, as a Rock type Pokemon!). It has a keen sense of smell and boundless energy!


Other Pokémon might be stronger, but Rockruff is super cute and just has that little bit of charm some other dog like Pokemon lack.

Rockruff can evolve into three different types of Lycanroc, from the fearsome Midnight Form Lycanroc to the elegant Dusk Form Lycanroc, which gives Rockruff just that little bit of something more. Definitely one of the best dogs!

8 /10


Furfrou is an entire Pokemon based around the real life phenomenon of fashionable dog grooming. Furfrou has a bunch of different haircuts it can use that are all counted as a different form in game.

This is kind of a ridiculous mechanic, but I also sort of love it, because it gives major personality and charm to a Pokemon that would otherwise be totally forgotten about. All Normal type, Furfrou isn't the best in battle, but it's the perfect companion anyway!

Normal form Furfrou

For me it's great, because it shows that people in the Pokemon world behave exactly like people in real life when it comes to their companions. Furfrou is a dog Pokemon with its own style, and I can respect that.

9 /10


Other Pokémon are much stronger than little Yamper, but Yamper is so incredibly charming that it gets a spot on this list over its evolved form Boltund (which looks kind of like Scooby Doo!).

Yamper is a Pokemon world take on the Welsh corgi, which is known around the world as royal corgis thanks to Queen Elizabeth's long infatuation with this dog breed. And Yamper is just great. A pure Electric type Pokemon, Yamper is cute, charming, and adorably derpy.


With all these advantages it's easy to see why its so loved by Pokémon trainers everywhere.

10 /10


One of only a handful of dogs that can Mega Evolve, Manectric is a pure Electric type introduced in Generation III's Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.


Manectric is a great little Pokemon. It has an intriguing design and a nice type with only one weakness. It's relatively weak for a fully evolved Pokémon. Its Mega Evolution does help a bit, though.

Mega Manectric

But for me, its Mega Evolved form, Mega Manectric, would have worked better as a standard evolved form. It kind of feels like a wasted opportunity, especially since Mega Evolution has yet to return to the mainline Pokemon games. Still, Manectric absolutely deserves its spot on this dog Pokemon list.

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