How Tall Is an Average Roblox Character? Answered

An average Roblox character is taller than anyone could have guessed, reaching the height of real-life celebrities such as Selena Gomez.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
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How Tall Is an Average Roblox Character? Answered

When playing Roblox, the gaming platform developed by Roblox Corporations, some of the more curious players might have wondered just how tall Roblox characters are. If the Roblox character they have been playing as for so long could stand side by side with humans in real life, or if they'd just be a pocket-sized partner.

To finally solve this question, we scoured the internet and went through every blog post we could find. While many Roblox Youtubers have come up with their own conclusions, we used in-depth physics and the confirmed size of one stud to find out the height of an average Robloxian, all to see what a real-life Robloxian would look like in our world.

What is The Size of One Stud?

It was widely accepted that an average Roblox character was between 25cm (9.84inch)and 30cm(11.81inch) tall  and 5-6 studs tall. The reason for this is that it was previously believed that one stud equaled roughly 5 centimeters, and it would take 20 studs to equal one real-world meter, a conclusion that many players had come to using a potato canon. 

However, back in 2019, Roblox made some changes to the game settings, allowing players to change gravity and other related settings as they saw fit. The world panel update as Roblox players called it. Using the freedom this update gave when it came to Roblox's creator studio, the Roblox devforum member xaxa deduced that one stud equaled 0.28 meters or 28cms (11.02inch).

As expected, this research was carried out in full-screen mode to make it easier. If you don’t know how to do that for yourself, then here are three easy methods to make Roblox full-screen

What is The Height of An Average Robloxian?

Using the newfound information xaxa brought to the table, along with using the previous information of a Roblox character being 5-6 studs tall as a measurement system, users such as the YouTuber Fave were able to find the true answer to the question "How tall is a Roblox character?"

The answer is, surprisingly, that one average Robloxian is 140-168 centimeters tall, which equals an astonishing height of anywhere between 4 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 5 inches in real life! This means that your life-sized sidekick, in the real world, would be around the same height as celebrities like Selena Gomez and Lil Wayne

Of course, there hasn't been any official confirmation from Roblox's side yet, but until we get that (or should we say if we do get that), this method is the closest anyone has gotten to accurately measuring the height of a Roblox character. 

If you want to try your own hand at measuring your Roblox buddy’s height, then you’ll have to first ensure your resolution is high enough that your estimates are as close to the actual answer as possible. If you don’t know how to change your resolution in Roblox then you’re in luck as we have a guide for that already.

Can the Height of a Roblox Character be Changed?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the actual height of a custom Roblox character. For starters, equipping any headgear or another character’s body parts, such as the infamous pink unicorn headband, will make it so your Roblox character will be made up of extra studs.

Similarly, changing your body type will affect your character's width, head size, proportions, and, most importantly, height. If you want to play around with this, or if you just want to make your character a little fatter, then we already have a guide ready for you titled how to make your body fat in Roblox.

Finally, because Roblox can have a new update that makes it easier to measure an average Roblox character's height at any time, the approximate height we gave you might be narrowed down and become more specific in the future.

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