How to Use a Voice Changer on Xbox [Easier Than You Think]

Using an Xbox voice changer isn't that hard to do if You have a PC. All you'll need to do is remotely connect the Xbox to the PC and stream the microphone!

Updated on Jan 10, 2024
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How to Use a Voice Changer on Xbox [Easier Than You Think]

Requirements to Use a Voice Changer on Xbox

Unless you don't have a good PC and a microphone or headset with a microphone connected to it, this method of using a voice changer on Xbox won't work. That's because we'll be using the PC's microphone and an app to change your voice! So here are the apps you'll need to use an Xbox voice changer:

There are other voice changers you can use, but I've found Voicemod to be the best voice changer out there. If you have a Windows PC, the Xbox app should come preinstalled so check if you already have it.

When I was young, we'd joke with my friends about how hard it was to voice change and look at how many helpful apps there are now! With this in mind now here's how to use a voice changer on Xbox!

How to Set and use Voicemod on an Xbox Console 

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Set up the Voicemod App on the PC

After you've downloaded Voicemod or any other one from the rest of the voice changers you'll need to set it up. And by this I mean open up the voice changer app and set up what microphone you're using on it.

When you open up the Voicemod app for the first time, it will ask you to pick your microphone and speaker to test it out and see whether it works. It should give you the option to speak and hear yourself back for testing purposes which is why I personally like using Voicemod!

Xbox Voice Change Voicemod App Setup

Now you can pick any voice you want from the Voicemod app, albeit I'd suggest you first connect the voice changer for Xbox. Out of the other voice changers, this app can even be used to voice change on a PlayStation!

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Set Up the Xbox App on your PC

You've probably already done this previously, but it's best to check again. What you'll have to do now is open up the Xbox app and log in with your Microsoft account with which you're logged into your console if you haven't already done so. One time for no reason my PC logged me out of the Xbox app, so if that's the case for you, log back in with your desired account.

Xbox Voice Change PC Xbox App Setup

Previously, this app was known as the Xbox console companion app, but it was changed into the only app we have today. When you open it, the main menu for the game pass should appear which you won't need. 

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Turn on Remote Features on the Xbox Console

Now we'll have to go to the console and turn on its remote features which can be used to stream Xbox to your PC! There are many cool features I absolutely love like streaming the Xbox to your PC, but right now we'll be using it only to activate the voice changer for Xbox. So here's how to turn on remote features on an Xbox to use voice changers:

  1. Open up the Xbox and go to the Settings
  2. On the left side select the "Devices & connections" section
  3. Select the "Remote features" option on the right side
  4. Check the "Enable remote features" option
  5. Wait a bit for the setup, and click on "Next" or "Close"

Xbox How to Turn On Remote Features

These aren't the only features Xbox gives the players as you can even connect your Xbox controller with Steam! But for right now we'll be connecting the console to your PC through the Xbox app. 

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Connect the Console To Your PC Through the Xbox App

At the top left corner of the PC Xbox app, there's a asson for adding consoles. If you hover your mouse above the asson it says "Consoles". Click on the asson here and select your Xbox console and a cool animation of a rocketship will play before your console starts getting streamed on your PC!

Xbox Stream Console to PC From App

This started streaming the Xbox console to my PC instantly, and it will do so on your PC as well. You can start streaming the console to play games on your PC from the Xbox game streaming app right then and there instead of enjoying the best Steam games. But we're here to simply add an Xbox voice changer.

Open the Game Bar App on your PC and Set Up Microphone

Finally, what we'll be doing right now is making the voice changer virtual device we set up earlier to act as a microphone for your Xbox. And to do that we'll need the Game Bar app on your Windows PC where you can set up any Xbox voice changer.

Since we're using Voicemod, we'll be setting up that app to act as a microphone! So here's how to set up the Voicemod virtual audio device on the Game Bar app:

  1. Launch the Game Bar app
  2. Click on the speaker asson at the top
  3. In the Audio tab that appears, select "Voice"
  4. Select the "Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM))" option
  5. If you're using a different Xbox voice changer virtual device, make sure to select that one

Xbox Game Bar Set Voicemod as Microphone Voice Changer

Now you should be able to test out the real-time voice changer for Xbox on the console. I'd recommend you test the voice changer on Xbox in a party chat with a friend, though it should be working without a problem!

That wraps it up on Xbox for how to voice change. Xbox has this feature only because of the remote play, so make sure you stay close to your PC while talking. Just make sure to use it properly if you're streaming your Xbox to Discord to your friends! You can also try using different voice changers, another one I can recommend is the Clownfish voice changer for Xbox. 

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