Can You Gift Valorant Skins

Valorant skins are the bread and butter of customisation within the game. Click here to read and find out whether you can gift them and how you do it!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Can You Gift Valorant Skins

If you like to stand out whilst playing video games, then skins are the way to go. At the moment in Valorant, there are a few ways to customise your profile and character. These include gunbuddies, sprays and player cards. The main way however, is of course weapon skins.

Is it possible to send skins as gifts to other players in Valorant?


Whether you want to give a friend a wholesome birthday present, or whether you just feel like spreading the love, gifting a weapon skin would be the best way to do this right? Wrong. The short answer to the question of can you gift skins in Valorant is no.

Now this just stinks, but fear not, This feature is hopefully coming! Riot Games initially said they were aiming to release the feature of gifting weapon skins to another player at the end of 2020 but it is currently early 2023, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t on it’s way!

In an Ask Valorant (#3 to be exact) released July 2020, Riot Usury claimed that Valorant will have a gifting system like League of Legends has in response to a community question sent in by someone just as willing as you to send weapon skins to their friends!


How you can still give weapon skins to a player in Valorant

If you are still persistent with a grand gesture of gifting someone a skin and the answer disappoints you, there is a way around this problem!

The way to do this is through a prepaid Riot gift card. You can purchase a gift card physically and give your lucky recipient the actual prepaid gift card or just the code. Or you can purchase a digital version of the prepaid gift card and then just send them the code- which is a lot easier.

Prepaid Riot gift cards come in a variety of prices, which means you can give a gift of any level to someone, depending on how generous you’re feeling!

  • €5 for 475 Valorant Points
  • €10 for 950 Valorant Points
  • €20 for 1950 Valorant Points
  • €25 for 2450 Valorant Points
  • €35 for 3325 Valorant Points
  • €50 for 5025 Valorant Points
  • €100 for 10500 Valorant Points

This is the closest way to gifting weapon skins to one another that is available at the moment in the game, but it is being heavily pushed by the Valorant community that direct weapon skin gifting should be introduced.


An alternative to direct skin gifting would be Riot Games introducing the ability to directly gift Valorant Points to someone. This skips the step of having to buy the prepaid gift card and give them the code and instead allows you to directly provide someone else’s account with Valorant Points for them to hopefully buy weapon skins with!

Do old League of Legends gift cards work with Valorant?

Riot Games renewed the look of their gift cards, making them look less League of Legends centralised. This means that some will have Valorant agents, such as Jett, Phoenix and Sova, on the front.

Riot Games stated that these previous League of Legends prepaid gift cards can still be redeemed for Valorant Points.

Below the Valorant agents, the new prepaid gift cards also say “Redeemable in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and VALORANT”. This means that even if you get one of the new ones with League of Legends champions on the front instead of Valorant agents, you can still get the valuable Valorant Points!


Why we might never get skin gifting in Valorant

Now I know the future is bright in terms of gifting weapon skins to a friend, especially because this is a feature in League of Legends- Riot Games’ largest game to date. However, League of Legends and Valorant cosmetics work rather differently.

In Valorant you have daily offers, bundles and the Night Market, which means you do not have anything and everything available for you to purchase at once. This is the complete opposite with League of Legends. You can buy as many skins as you want and whenever you want.

For Riot Games to implement the ability to gift weapon skins to another player or account, this would essentially provide an account with multiple daily offers each day.


Don’t forget, although you and a lot of the community might have pure intentions when trying to gift a friend a skin, there is always the problem of some players buying a skin on an alternate account and gifting it to their main account.

A way around this would be for players to only be able to essentially purchase another player a weapon skin from that player’s daily offers, bundles or Night Market and not their own. This then becomes less about gifting and more about purchasing a weapon skin for someone- but it is the best we could think of!

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