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How to Change Your Name in Valorant

Have you ever thought of finally changing your name in Valorant? Follow this steps for you to change your Valorant name!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
How to Change Your Name in Valorant

You may have grown tired of your Valorant username after playing months of games with it. Fortunately, Riot Games has provided you with an opportunity to change your Valorant display name on its official Riot account settings website. When a friend wants to add you on Valorant and other Riot games, they need to know your Riot ID, which is a combination of your name and a hashtag consisting of three to five digits or characters, similar to a clan tag in League of Legends.

Rules when Choosing a New Valorant Name

Before changing your Valorant name, Riot Games have added strict policies for when you create or change your Valorant username. This is to avoid hate speech and abuse that could affect other players and to avoid your Valorant account being suspended; who could not get sad when their account gets banned, right?

These policies are as follows:

  • Names that, either expressly or implicitly, imply hate speech, slurs or profanity
  • Most names that have historical, moral, or political connotations
  • Names with insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity

How to Change Your Valorant Name

You can change your current Riot ID if you don't like the name you decided on when you first started playing the game or if you've changed your mind about your Valorant account.

To change your Riot ID, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Riot account settings website
  2. Then log in with your Riot accounts that you would want to change your Riot ID
  3. After logging in, go to the left side of the account box, then select Riot ID from the options
    Account management
  4. You will now be redirected to the Riot ID tab, and you can now change your Valorant display name and tagline to whatever you desire
    Riot ID change
  5. Remember to press save changes for it to be applied
    Save changes
  6. After saving your new Riot ID, make sure to check it in the Valorant client

How frequently Can you Change your Valorant Name

Changing your Valorant username cannot always be done, as you can only do this once every thirty days. So think carefully about your new name!

Does Changing your Valorant Name have a Price

Although another game of Riot Games which is League of Legends, requires you to pay to change your username, in Valorant, it is completely free but can only be done once every thirty days.

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