What Is Thrifty In Valorant? [Explained]

A thrifty in Valorant refers to a save round, but you’ll have to know more than that to implement thrifty rounds correctly.

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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What Is Thrifty In Valorant? [Explained]

What Does “Thrifty” Mean In Valorant?

In the game Valorant, “thrifty” refers to a type of round outcome in which the round winning team won by spending significantly fewer credits than the opposing team. In other first-person shooter games, a thrifty round is very similar to an “eco” or “save” round.

To be considered a thrifty round, the team must spend less than 2,500 credits on each member for the round.

If a team wins with a significantly lesser buy, a “thrifty” message appears at the end of the round. You will see these thrifty messages attached with product placements in VCT matches, as it’s one of the ways Valorant makes money.

Thrifty Message After Successful Win

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