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When Do You Get Rank Buddies in Valorant?

If you want to flex your highest rank, you should use the rank buddies you get from previous rounds. Here's when you should get them after every act.
When Do You Get Rank Buddies in Valorant?

Aside from getting unique skins, another way of customizing your guns in Valorant is by putting a gun buddy or that little weapon charm attached to your firearm on the side.

There are more than two hundred gun buddies available in Valorant, but if you want to flex your highest rank, you should definitely use your rank buddies.

Getting Act Rank Gun Buddy in Valorant

Regardless of your rank, getting a rank gun buddy in Valorant is very easy since it will be automatically added to your collection after every episode.

Episodes are the biggest competitive time frame in Riot Games' first-person shooting game. One episode contains three Acts, meaning that each episode is usually 6 months long since an act ends every two months.

Before the start of a new episode, you will receive a rank gun buddy based on the highest act rank you achieved during the previous episode. This means you will receive a rank gun buddy on the first day of a new episode.

Rank Gun Buddies in Valorant

If you're having a hard time, here's a table for an easier understanding of which rank gun buddy you will receive per episode.

Act Number

Highest Rank Achieved

Act 1


Act 2


Act 3


Although you finish for example act 3 and the episode as a silver player, you will still receive a gold gun buddy since that is your highest rank achieved in the entire three-act episode. Always remember that it doesn't matter which act you achieve your highest rank, as long as you achieve it, you will still get that rank gun buddy.

If you are trying to beat your highest act rank in an episode, you can still go to the Act Rank tab to see how many days are left since act rank locks before the official end of the act.

Can I purchase rank gun buddies in the store?

The answer is no, you cannot. Like an act rank border and act rank badge, there is no other way to get rank gun buddies than to play ranked games and grind. After all, Riot Games want Valorant players to be proud of their proven skill.

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