Best Controller Settings Apex Legends [Updated]

The best controller settings in Apex Legends ultimately depend on your personal comfort, but here are recommended settings for optimal results.

Updated on Dec 22, 2023
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Best Controller Settings Apex Legends [Updated]

The Best Button Layout / Controller Preset

Before we can even get into the nitty gritty, we absolutely have to discuss the burning question that's on everyone's mind. What are the best Apex controller binds?

Controller Preset

Is it the Default layout? Is it the Evolved Layout? Maybe the Button Jumper or Button Puncher Layout? Could it be the Grenadier? Ladies and gentlemen, the best Controller Binds in Apex Legends are drum roll... The one you feel the most comfortable playing with. I know, anticlimactic. Let me explain.

Everybody's hands are built differently. What you find comfortable may not be what your buddy finds comfortable. The best Apex controller players know this, that's why they focus on honing their skills, rather than debating about what the best playout is. Personally, I find Evolved to be the most comfortable. Most of your movement is on the left side, with the action buttons on the right. Perfect for my play style.

The Best Controller Settings For Optimal Results

Now we come to the meat and potatoes of this whole discussion. The best controller settings for Apex, are they a real thing or just a myth? Let's find out.

Controller Settings

For me, the following settings usually give the best results:

Button Layout
Stick Layout
Interact/Reload Button
Tap to Use and Reload
Crouch Button
Aim Button
Survival Slot Button
Trigger Deadzones
Menu Cursor Speed
50-60% of the Way

My reasoning for this is as follows. The Button and Stick Layout are just what I find comfortable. You have to keep the Interact/Reload button on "Tap to Use" as opposed to "Hold" as it may result in you getting killed in clutch situations.

Now, for the Crouch and Aim buttons, I tend to keep them on Hold, as It simply feels the most comfortable that way. For the Survival Slot button, it's unnegotiable. You absolutely have to keep it On. It's too useful not to have. Trigger Deadzones should ideally be kept off, as it just feels weird when there's even a slight bit of resistance because of them.

The Ideal Movement / Aiming Settings

Here's where it gets tricky again. Just as with the bindings, you really want to use what feels good. However, there are some noteworthy things that we have to discuss.

Aim Settings

When setting up your Apex Legends controller settings, it's important to get your aim buttist settings down just right. You want the aim buttist to feel "floaty" while not being completely uncontrollable. Once you've set up your aim buttist settings, here's what you should use for your movement and aiming settings.

Look Sensitivity
Look Sensitivity (ADS)
Per Optic Settings
Response Curve
Look Deadzone
Movement Deadzone
Invert Look
Advanced Look Controls

Here's the thing. Your Apex Legends settings might need to change depending on the controller you have. If you have a high-end controller, use Linear as your response curve, as that tends to be the closest you can get to raw input with controllers in Apex. Funnily enough, it's one of the easiest ways to get better in Apex. If however, you have a low-end controller. Just stick to the Default layout and it'll do the job.

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