The Global Elite

The Global Elite (also known as Global/GE) is the highest rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system. Most players at this rank are professionals contracted with e-sports teams.

Is The Global Elite good?

The Global Elite is the absolute best rank in the game, and only 0.75% of all players have it. Having this rank demonstrates a player's truly exceptional and breathtaking skills.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become The Global Elite?

Most players need a minimum of 1000 hours (41 days total) to reach the rank of The Global Elite. CS:GO is a game with an incredibly high skill bar, and the ranking system is designed so that achieving a top rank requires a lot of dedication and effort.

Ways to stay in The Global Elite

Even if you have already reached the highest rank, not playing will just drop you from it. Here are some things you can implement to maintain The Global Elite:

  • Play the maps you have mastered to perfection. Playing maps where you feel more confident in your game will make your chances of winning much higher.

  • Educate yourself all the time and keep up with the latest updates. Follow the world of CS:GO, and don't ignore even the most minor patch notes. Keep thinking about how you can gain an advantage over other players.

  • Play FACEIT, ESEA and online tournaments. Playing online leagues is a great option to meet new players and stay in shape. Besides, it is at such tournaments that e-sports teams look for fresh talents.

  • Keep in touch with your CS:GO team. Very often, grind for this rank is not a one-time adventure. Take care of the relationships with the people with whom you have achieved The Global Elite.

  • Invent new strategies. Launch any map and look for new smoke lineups and flashbangs. Who knows, you might come up with something that wins your team a few rounds.

Take care of your muscle memory. It doesn't matter how good you are; you need to keep practicing if you want to stay on that level.