Can You Get Banned for Using A Skin Swapper In Fortnite

We all love to have the best gear possible when playing our favourite games. It shows that we are experienced players, that we have style and taste and for some, it is a means of flexing on their friends and opponents. However, its easier said than done. In Fortnite, to earn the best skins you will either have to inject a lot of cash into the game to purchase V-bucks for rare skins or alternatively, you’ll have to donate a lot of time to the game to climb the tiers, earn v-bucks the hard way and get your hands on some desirable loot.For this reason, a trend has become popular within the PC community and this is, of course, the act of using a skin swapper. This works very similarly to the Bakkesmod plugin for Rocket league where you can play in any skin that you like, with any other cosmetic items included and they will show up as if you own them when playing. Meanwhile, other players will only see the actual owned items that you have equipped. Its a fun way to get to use the more rare and expensive skins in the game without the expense or time spent to earn them.However, you may be wondering if it is safe to use this software as you are tampering with game files after all. Well, we are here to clear everything up and make sure that you are fully educated on the topic. So here is our rundown on skin swappers and if they are allowed when playing Fortnite.

Can I get Banned For Using A Skin Swapper?

The simple answer is: yes you can.Epic Games view this act as an act of theft on what is their property. These skins are essentially being marketed as items only available by purchase. So you being able to steal these skins and use them for your own personal gain, whether that be for your own personal amusement or for streaming or Youtube content, is deemed unacceptable by the developer and it is likely that you will receive a ban.While you may be panicking right now, there isn’t a massive cause for alarm. If you are going to receive a ban for using these skin swapper applications, you will likely only receive a two day ban. This is the ban that has been reported by a number of players who have been using skin swappers in the past. So if you have been using one extensively, expect to have a two day ban coming your way real soon.

What Can I do To Prevent A Ban?

So like millions of other players you gave into temptation and used a skin swapper. Hey, there is no judgement here, only at Epic Games HQ. So if you want to avoid a ban you’ll want to delete and uninstall the skin swapper and then verify your game files. This acts as a factory reset and makes it look brand new with the files completely untampered with. This way when Epic Games comes to inspect for any wrongdoing, there will be no evidence to prove you were using a skin swapper. Just be sure to act fast before they slap a ban on you.Also, when you restart your game and for any reason, the game crashes, be sure not to log a report. If you do then your advertising to Epic Games that you were messing around with their files and wearing illegal skins. So do yourself a favour and keep the crash to yourself if you want to avoid a ban.Also, these skin swappers can do more than just harm your Fortnite account. They often come with harmful adware, malware and viruses that will infect your computer and do real damage to your system. So a two day ban may not seem like too bad of a prospect and worth the risk but risking your whole gaming setup is a bigger deal.

Love The Skin You're In

While it may be tempting to use these skin swappers and use the most lucrative and desirable skins in the Fortnite item library on a whim, there are massive consequences that come with these applications. You will almost definitely receive a ban if you use these swappers and if you repeatedly use them you can only expect the bans to become more severe. Plus, they are usually quite harmful to your PC. So overall, it’s not worth the stress to use these skin swappers. There are a number of great skins on offer that you can earn through genuine means. So do yourself a favour and earn your skins the old fashioned way!